Monday, July 6, 2009

The Cave Consults The Oracle Regarding Great Tribulation

Greetings ladies and chupacabras. Since we are at the 3 day mark on the countdown to the Tribulation, The Cave is consulting the Oracle. I have not consulted the Oracle yet. I will present 3 questions. Question #1- Will the Great Tribulation begin in 3 days? #2- What will happen in the next 90 days? #3- What will happen between 7/9/09 and 12/21/12 ? +++ I will consult the Oracle now, and come back in a bit to report the results of the inquiry. +++++++ Okay, I am back. The Oracle has spoken. Now I will tell you the results for questions #1,2 and 3. +++++++ Question #1- Will the Great Tribulation begin in 3 days? Answer: It is beneficial to have somewhere to go. Return to confusion. There will be disastrous trouble. If it motivates a military expedition, there will be a tremendous defeat, boding ill for the leaders. Even in 10 years there will be no victory for the powers. +++ Question #2- What will happen in the next 90 days? Answer: Fire in the sky. Struggle on and be blameless. +++ Question #3- What will happen between 7/9/09 - 12/21/2012 ? Answer: Cross over the great river. Follow the brilliant path, from higher to lower. Wind and thunder. Mistakes must be corrected. +++ And their we have it, the Oracle has spoken. According to the Oracle, the Great Tribulation will begin in 3 days. We may see fire in the sky in the next 3 months. Of course we see fire in the sky everyday when we look at our local star. But it is likely that the fire in the sky refers to something else. A comet? Asteroid? Atomic mushroom blast? Hopefully not. So we will see. If the DOW Jones Industrial average drops around 700 points this coming Thursday (July 9th), several volcanos erupt, a tsunami slams into the Pacific Northwest, Israel invades Iran, North Korea attacks Japan, and the W.H.O. announces that Swine Flu has become more virulent than the ebola virus, if some or all of these things happen Thursday, then strap yourself in, because it is ON.

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