Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ENDGAME 2009 - So it Begins

Greetings Cavers. It has become crystal clear to me as I pace back and forth across the cave, that the ENDGAME has begun in earnest. Think about the culmination of events here in 2009. One facet which immediately comes to mind is the programmed economic depression currently in effect. The middle class is being sytematically destroyed by design. Add to that the initiation and implementation of Codex Alimentarius, which began this year and is also scheduled to be increasingly accelerated in the coming months. What IS Codex? Google it for an in depth description. In a nutshell Codex Alimentarius is that particular facet of the new world order's ENDGAME which is designed to break down immune systems of the middle and lower economic classes, so that they will be primed and suseptible to state-sponsored germ warfare attack. Which brings up the next facet of the ENDGAME: Pandemic release. Rockefeller controlled labs have resurrected the deadly 1918 Spanish Flu, and combined it with Swine-flu and a common flu. Don't believe it? Then google "Baxter labs caught mixing deadly Flu virus". These eugenicists have top scientists working for them. They have released a monster upon the people. Stage I was the initial introduction of the hybrid virus. Only the plan was set back a bit because Baxter got caught sending out the deadly germ warfare cocktail to other labs. They did not let that stop them though. They successfully released the germ in Mexico where Stage I of the attack began. Then they staged a train-wreck in Switzerland as well, to spread the Swine-flu in Europe. Google "Traincar explodes in Switzerland Spilling Swine-flu". The new world order then manipulated the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), which by the way is also a Rockefeller controlled entity, into redefining Pandemic Level - 6, so that a mass vaccination campaign could be used to jam Phases II and III of the ENDGAME right in our buttocks. Google "Swine flu vaccines being readied". They are preparing 700 million doses for the USA alone. Billions more for the rest of the globe. These shots will contain the missing piece of the new world order puzzle. Then the pandemic will begin on levels unimaginable. Another facet of the big picture is the bringing in of a pro-globalization, socialist president. Obama's science czar wrote in the 1970's that overpopulation needs to be met with forced abortions and "culling" of the population. The Rockefeller backed and Rothschild funded new world order has stated that 80% of the people on this planet must be killed off. In some freak twisted way, these scumbags think they are doing good. At least that is what they tell themselves. When in reality they are on an egomaniacal powergrab. Because they are powermad. And they feel the need to control every last part of each one of our lives. They have admitted to spraying us with chemicals using commercial jet-fuel additives. This is not theory anymore. They ADMIT it! They want you dead. They want your children dead. Rockefeller controls the AMA. So do not trust doctors for anything more than getting stitches of setting a broken bone. It is their agenda to kill us off, dumb us down, and turn us men into feminized idiots who would never even CONSIDER resisting tyranny. This Fall the Swine flu hybrid virus will get much worse. People will trip over each other to get to the front of the vaccination line. I read other bloggers talking about mandatory vaccinations. It won't NEED to be mandatory. Once mass death begins, people will DEMAND a vaccine. And once the street gangs begin to rule our streets in force, raping middle class women, killing middle-class men, stealing rich people's daughters and wives, THEN, people will DEMAND martial law. Stop falling for what the mainstream media tells you. The new world order owns the mainstream media. They use it to brainwash you. In a nutshell people, overpopulation IS A LIE. Global warming IS A LIE. And vaccinations WILL KILL YOU. Take it or leave it people, I just have to let it out.


NatSilver said...

I agree with you Joel. But why is overpopulation a lie?

Joel the K said...

You see Nat? The media has pounded that lie into our minds so efficiently, so often, and so well, that it has become a given. Only it is NOT true Nat. It is what THEY want us to think. Have you ever flown in a passenger jet? I have. Three times. And I know countless others who have flown hundreds or dozens of times. When you fly, look out the window. What do you see? Vast stretches of land. Land that people could use but dont, because the wealthy HOARD it. Occasionally you see a city. A packed, crowded city. Why is the city crowded? Because the people have been lured into the packed city by want of money and trinkets. There is plenty of land for us all. There is plenty of lakes and oceans and streams for us all. Only the greedy ones dump their bi-products and waste into the waters. They buy up the land. Governments create "zones" where people are not allowed to live. "BIO" zones and bullspit like that. Now the governments are making it illegal to farm, to garden, to grow your own food. They made it illegal to dig a well or collect rain water. RAIN WATER! Why? So they can convince us that there is not enough to go around, and convince us that eugenics is "ok". Then they "cull" the population, in a death sacrifice to their demon or their god or whatever that freakin thing is. Oh it is a lie Nat. But when you tell a lie often enough, people believe it.