Thursday, July 2, 2009

Global Warming My ASS!

Good day ladies and baboons. Welcome to Patriots Cave. 7 days to go until the start of The Great Tribulation. If you are a first time Patriots Cave visitor, scroll down and read yesterday's post to see what we're talking about. Monday the U.S. senate will vote on the "climate" bill. The bill, if passed, will make it so that teams of chicken-neck spineless traitors are authorized to enter your house and inspect every part of your life. They will write it all down and order you to change this, get rid of that, fix this, go to the store and buy one of these. They will install monitors in your house. If you refuse to let them in, they will fine you $2,000 for each incident. Then you will receive a court date. Then if you still refuse, they will come back, escorted by armed police or deputized mercenaries. They will then attempt to take you by force. If they succeed in taking you by force, they will then enter your house and conduct their snooping, pantie-sniffing inspection of your home. This climate bill is in total and complete violation of the Bill of Rights. It is illegal. It is wrong. It is another way for the globalists to tear down our country and create more strife and tension. We don't need this. We don't want this. Global warming is caused by our local star, the sun. Snooping through people's private homes WILL NOT "save" the mother-F-ing polar bears. If the govt. wants to save the planet, how about lets start with stop dumping billions of tons of trash and toxic waste into our oceans every day. Our govt. dumps toxic waste into our precious oceans ON PURPOSE, every stinking day. But they want to enter YOUR house, and push you around, in order to save the planet. What a load of bullshit. How about lets stop dumping dioxins into our streams and lakes! Maybe we should start there with this "save the world" crusade. Nobody can deny that dumping toxic waste into the water is bad. Right? We can all agree that we need clean water I think. So tell your pantie-raiders to sit the fukc down and go get a real job. I'm telling you right now. Any person who jumps on the bandwagon and thinks they will become a private sub-contractor for the climate bill home inspections, is a traitor. So if the bill passes, and you know a guy who is going to make some "big bucks" as an inspector, raiding homes in your neighborhood, you shun him. You tell everyone to shun him. You tell him he is the scum of the earth. We cannot let this crap go on people. Where does it end? I'll tell you where it ends if we don't put our foot down. We will end up with monitors and microchips IN OUR BODIES. Cameras IN OUR HOMES. Government snitches watching every move your kids make. Eyeballing your wife. Threatening to arrest you. Intimidating your family. Hell man, it's one step away from that already! If the senate passes that bill, vote them out. Then tell everybody in your community that only perverts, scumbags, and traitors would violate the Constitution of the United States of America by entering a citizens private home without a warrant based upon strong evidence and probable cause of a real crime. This climate bill is UN AMERICAN. Anyone who goes along with it is UNAmerican and is in league with the new world order. And THAT my friend, is the TRUTH. Your country is being stolen on your watch. At least tell others about it, if you do nothing else.

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