Monday, July 27, 2009

Pastor James Manning today on Alex Jones - Criticizing Obama, the Long-Legged Mack Daddy!

Tune in to Alex Jones today from noon eastern until 4:00 pm eastern, Alex' special guest Pastor James Manning will be discussing his controversial youtube videos where the Pastor unleashes scathing criticism of Barak Obama and his communist agenda. If you have not heard James Manning yet, Patriots Cave has posted two of his videos. Dusty Dave from Las Vegas turned the Patriots Cave on to Pastor Manning. Patriots Cave sends out a big thank you to Dusty Dave. Pastor Manning also has a daily webcast at noon eastern but I don't listen to it because it comes on at the same time as Alex Jones. So don't forget to tune in to AJ today ladies and savages. You can find Alex Jones at or or go to the Genesis Communications Network. You can see more of Pastor James Manning at , sign up for his daily bulletin. To see Pastor Manning's scathing criticism of Obama, scroll down below the posts area, and click on the video.


DustyDave said...

He is something else isn't he?
Take Care Joel..

Joel the K said...

Yes indeed he is. I really like Pastor Manning. I salute him for his courage and standing upon his God-given principles. This man is in great danger though I feel. I will include him in my daily prayers. We know that the illuminati does not hesitate to commit diabolical acts to further the goal of their lord Lucifer. May the very hammer of God come down upon the heads of those inhuman wraiths who sell out for money and satanic power. Man Dave, I can't believe how fast the NWO is taking our beloved America. This Autumn they will initiate their ENDGAME: the lethal injections a.k.a. "swine flu vaccine", they will try to use it to eliminate the US armed forces, Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard. As well as first responders and police at state and local level. This would clear the path for foreign troops to walk right in and sieze the USA. We must pray like never before. And double the effort to educate the public about the eugenicist plan to kill off 3/4 ths of the worlds population. God help us.