Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BEWARE - It happened to me

Greetings brethren and sistren. Welcome to the Patriots Cave. If you have been into survival and prepping for any length of time, then you have no doubt heard of . They are of course in the business of selling preps and supplies to us preppers and survivalists, obviously. For about 6 months, campingsurvival was my number one place for preps and stuff, but not anymore. Now please realize that I must be extremely thrifty when prepping, as I have a very limited amount of funds available. In spite of that fact, I have managed to do pretty well for our family, slowly and steadily adding to the preps, and systematically and methodically checking off items on the priority list as they are acquired. Well, a few months back I purchased a short-wave radio and a military style folding shovel from campingsurvival. I also bought some other items: hats, silver, flashlight, gasmasks, etc...etc....+++ When the shortwave radio arrived, I built a Faraday cage for it, bought about 40 batteries for it, and put the batteries in a Faraday cage along with the radio. The shovel went into a preps bag. Okay. So later on, after some time passed, I don't remember exactly how much time, but it was no more than 90 days I'm sure, our family took a trip from Ohio where we dwell, out to Kansas where Big John Lipscomb reigns. So I took the shortwave radio, and some other camping supplies along with us. I discovered then that the shortwave radio was a worthless piece of crap. It is a Bell & Howell 13 band World radio. It sounded like a brand name to me. That radio will not even pull in AM stations for more than 30 seconds without losing the frequency. It pulled in 1 or 2 world band channels but will not lock in on them at all. Junk. Plain and simple. And as for the shovel, JUNK. That piece of crap fell apart the very first freakin time I used it to plant potatoes. And it was light duty at that. Junk. +++ So I e-mail campingsupplies and tell them what happened. I get an e-mail back telling me in a polite way, that in the future, I should make my complaint as soon as I receive the product, so that they can make it good. Then they told me they were sending me "some goodies" to make it good for the junk radio and junk e-tool I purchased from them. So I'm thinking: "cool beans man, they'll probably send me one of their better model shortwave radios, EXCELLENT!!" So I begin to watch for the mailman with anticipation. I'm no materialist mind you, but I love my preps, and I know you know what I'm talking about. A few days later I get this big ass package in the mail. "WOW!, that is a BIG package!" I say. "Kids, come here look, my package came from ! I felt like the Dad on "Christmas Story" when he got his "major award". So I whip out my handy-dandy utility knife, and "let's open this bad boy up and see what gives". The anticipation..............hum de hum...........take this tape off............tear that out of the way here.............there we are.......get rid of these packing fliers...(campingsurvival puts in a lot of full page fliers as stuffing).......and here it is at last! It's a.........what is this? Oh it's a .............what the ....... IT'S A PAIR OF plastic water bottles. Two plastic water bottles. Two made in China plastic water bottles. My kids both fell out laughing but I was not at all amused. Hey campingsurvival dot com: " Survivalists don't use bright pastel colored freakin plastic water freakin bottles!". They lost my business. Right there and then. As my beautiful teenage kids laughed hysterically, and I stood there speechless, holding up and gazing with stupefaction at my "major award". One more thing CampingSurvival dot com: "A guy does not always USE items right away which he bought as preps. They are PREPS, to have in case of emergency, or when a certain situation arises." Which is why it is a must to have a dependable supplier. Which is why you lost my business. And you know what? I was writing for the Ohio Preppers Network at the time, and I told the entire American Preppers Network about campingsupplies dot com and the great deal I got on a shortwave radio. "Wow!" they said. "We will have to check them out." But it's all good now that I have two bright neon pastel colored plastic water bottles. Hey! Anyone want to trade a shortwave radio for the pair??


Trini Airguns said...

Sorry to hear about this experience. You have made me re-think about some of my preps. I'll have to go through my stash, using and trying everything before re-building the confidence that my family is truly prepared.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Clearly, prepping is not just 'stashing'.

All the best to you and your family.

Joel the K said...

Thank you Trinni. I pray blessings for your family, and happiness. You are a good man. God bless you.