Sunday, August 2, 2009

Look Around - It's Happening

Greetings ladies and apemen, welcome to the Patriots Cave, the only weblog on the net which uses more memory than the Belgium Beast. There is so much happening right now, I hardly know where to begin. Also, I worked a nightshift last night, and now I must turn around and go in on the day-shift. Ohhh. I am so fortunate to have work though, that I am actually pleased about going back in so soon. America is falling brethren and sistren. It pains me to say it, but it is falling before our eyes. I'm telling you now, if you are still wasting your time listening to mainstream news, just let it go. These freakin liars are actually "reporting" that the U.S. economy has "hit bottom" and that it will now begin it's climb back to prosperity and flag-waving glory. Bold faced freakin lies, every word of it. My freinds, we have not seen the begining of this thing yet, let alone the ending of it. Good gawd. +++ If you and your family are not on full blown emergency spending only protocol, then you had best start right now. America has been slowly chugging up the big roller coaster hill, slowly and steadily, up, up, up, clink-clink-clink-clink-clink....... going higher and higher towards the top of the big drop. And now we have reached that quiet spot when the clinking stops and the roller coaster is in between the climb up, and the free-fall drop to the bottom at full speed. People, for Pete's sake, the NWO is starting the ENDGAME now. Think about it: millions of plastic coffins waiting for bodies. Mass graves being bulldozed open and ready for their purpose, mass burial. Codex Alimentarius goes in to full effect this December. Baxter labs caught red handed shipping out deadly pandemic viral material. THEN, lo and behold, a "pandemic" breaks out, the World Health Organization RE-DEFINES the definition of Phase VI Pandemic Level so that it can impliment draconian United Nations pandemic procedures unhindered. Now we have the US military being moved into position all over the country, ready to enforce mandatory vaccination in a three shot series, FOUR shots for the young and healthy students! And the government has announced that this "Swine" flu shot will contain SQUALENE!!! This squalene is an adjuvant. You will want to know that squalene was in the shots soldiers recieved prior to being shipped to the Persian Gulf. This adjuvant squalene is directly linked to the Gulf war sickness which has killed and crippled tens of thousands of previously healthy young men and women in the prime of their lives! Lab rats given squalene became so crippled that they had to drag their entire lower half around behind them, unable to use their hind legs. AND the freakin eugenicist BASTARDS ARE PUTTING THIS SHIT IN THE SHOT THEY INTEND FOR YOUR KIDS TO RECIEVE!! They will try to force you to hold still and take your deadly shot. After all, it's just a little cut. Hold still now and die like a good citizen should. It would be unAmerican for you to refuse now wouldn't it? +++ There is also something going on again with anthrax virus. I don't know the details, and I can't say exactly what it is, but I know in my gut that they are involving anthrax in this pandemic event, scheduled by the Bilderberger group to commence this Autumn in full force. Just in time for the commercial real estate bubble to burst, sending what is left of the US economy into utter ruin. A perfect combination for the declaration of martial law. Then , the globalists who have hijacked the American government, will be able to round up anyone they want by simply saying that those persons were exhibiting "flu-like" symptoms. Under this martial law, the usurpers would in theory be able to collect all of the guns held by the citizens. Henry Kissinger is said to have stated that by Autumn of 2009, he would have all the guns anyway. I pray that Patriots Cave is totally wrong about all this. But only a crazy man would ignore the writing on the wall at this hour.

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