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666 is a Marker - Doomsday Enigma (pt. IV)

Greetings bold reader. Welcome to the Patriot s Cave, the only blog in the universe existing within matter and antimatter. Thank you for your visit. 666, what does it really mean? There have been many theories put forth, but I have yet to see one which rings true in my heart. And THAT, my siblings, is the true test. Not who else endorses a theory, or if Oxford endorses a theory. What truly matters is whether or not YOUR heart endorses it. Not your mind, your gut. The mind is easily fooled, but not the gut, not the heart. So what is 666? It is many things. One thing 666 is used for is a marker. Now this is where this investigative report becomes difficult to explain. +++ What is a marker? A marker is a number or phrase encoded into ancient writings. The marker can also be an animal, such as a dog. The markers were embedded into the scriptures and myths by the oldest secret society in the world. Don't worry, I am going to prove this to you with specific examples.
Remember back in Part II, Riddles in the Dark? Do you recall the Norse Myth? It was loaded with numerical markers. Here are some of the markers you will see: 12, 30, 54, 72, 108, 360, 432, and 2160. If you recall,
500 doors and 40 there are
I ween, in Valhalla's walls;
800 fighters through each door fare,
When to war with the Wolf they go.
-Ancient Norse Myth
Now, take the 540 and multiply it by 800. The answer is 432,000.
You will see above, that 432 is a marker. 4,320 years is the time that it takes the equinoctical sun to complete a processional shift of 60 degrees. Which means the time that it takes for the sun to pass through two houses of the zodiac.
Another example are the ancient Chinese mythological texts. Consisting of precisely 4,320 volumes. In ancient Babylonia, the historian Berossus from the 3rd century B.C. , recorded in his writings that the total number of years which the great kings of Sumer ruled, were 432,000 years.
Berossus also wrote that the total years from creation until utter destruction will be 2,160,000 years. Do you see the markers? 432? And 2160? \
What about the famous Mayan calender? Which is spoken of so much these days. Will we find the markers there? Let us examine the Mayan system:
1 Katun = 7200 days
1 Tun = 360 days
2 Tuns = 720 days
5 Baktuns = 720,000 days
5 Katuns = 36,000 days
6 Katuns = 43,200 days
6 Tuns = 2160 days
15 Katuns = 2,160,000 days
So, embedded within the Mayan calender, are the same coded numbers we find in ancient Babylonia, ancient China, and ancient Scandinavia. Will we find these numbers in other traditions? Let us see: Have you read about the ancient temple called Angkor Wat, in Cambodia? It is truly one of the wonders of the world. It is immensely older than orthodox scholars say it is. The temple of Angkor Wat has 5 gates with lanes leading in to the temple complex. Each lane has a bridge by which to cross over a moat full of crocodiles. Each lane has 54 statues along each side. Which means there are 108 statues per lane. Each row of statues is holding a massive serpent, well, actually they are pulling, or tugging, on the massive serpent. They are tugging the snake in order to turn a massive, cosmic, mill in the center. There are 540 statues total.
In Java, at the temple of Borobudar, there are 72 massive stupas. These are gigantic bell shaped structures some of which hold hairs from Lord Buddha.
More examples of coded marker numbers can be found in Indian tradition. There are 10,800 bricks in a traditional Indian fire altar. There are 10,800 stanzas in the Rig Veda, the oldest writing in the world. There are EXACTLY 432,000 syllables in the Rig Veda. How would anyone know that? Because that is how precise the ancient Hindus were. They left no stone unturned.
In ancient Vedic cosmology, the world ages are such:
Krita Age = 4800 years
Treta Age = 3600 years
Dvapara Age= 2400 years
Kali Age = 1200 years
These years are divine years. 1 divine year equals 360 mortal years. Incidentally, this 1=360 ratio was used in both ancient Egypt and ancient India. Thus the age of Kali lasts for 432,000 years. Also, one day for Brahma (God the Father) is equal to 4,320,000,000 years. These are not fanciful calculations of Joel the k mind you, you will actually see these immense numbers within the ancient texts.
Enter Osiris. The Egyptian god of death and resurrection. Ancient texts tell how Osiris brought the gift of sciences, art, and civilization to the people of Egypt. Osiris gave Egypt a legal code, and abolished cannibalism and human sacrifice. Osiris then travelled about the globe spreading civilization to all lands. Osiris is said to have spread his teachings by incorporating them into songs, rhymes and hymns, to the sound of marvelous musical instruments. Then Osiris was plotted against by 72 members of the royal court.
What about the Hebrew texts? The Cabala is the esoteric teachings of Jewish mystics. In Cabala, there are 72 angels by which to approach the divine powers.
In China there exists a secret society called the Triads. This secret society continues even to this day. In the ancient days the Triads had an initiation ritual where the neophyte had to pay his dues. He had to pay 360 cash for making clothes. 108 cash for the purse. 72 cash for instruction. And 36 cash for killing the traitorous subject. Today, in modern times, initiates are required to pay $1.08, $3.60, $7.20, and $10.80.

Another Chinese secret society is the Hung League. Members must know the answers to strange questions. Some of the answers are:

"one pot with 36 plants and 72 in the other.......I took home 108 plants........"

Not all markers are numerical. Dogs are a marker. Canines like wolves, fox, jackals and the like. Remember our Norse myth? Remember the 800 fighters? When to war with the wolf they go? The wolf. That is the marker. The Egyptians connect the constellation Orion to Osiris. Osiris is Orion. At Orion's heel, is Sirius, the dog star. In the Old Testament Sampson caught a bunch of foxes, tied their tales together, lit them on fire, and sent them to burn down the town. How many foxes did Sampson catch? 300. A marker number with dogs, all in one sentence. Even today we see it. Have you seen the Harry Potter films? Sirius? Sirius Black. What did he turn into? A dog.

So why do these same numbers appear in ancient texts from separate religious traditions? Why do these numbers appear in tales told on opposite sides of the planet? What are these marker numbers? What do they mean?

There are 360 degrees to the circle of the zodiacal constellations. Each sign or constellation equals 30 degrees. Our earth has a cyclical "wobble" called procession of the equinoxes. This procession is what determines what "age" we are in. We are now leaving the age of Pisces and entering the age of Aquarius. From earth's view point, the sun spends 2160 years in each age. 72 is the number of years required for the sun to travel one degree along the ecliptic. 36 is the number of years for the processional sun to complete half of a degree along the ecliptic. 72 + 36 = 108. 108/2=54. All of these numbers are coded in using either the number itself, or multiples of ten such as 36, 360, 3,600 and so on. Or 108, 10,800, 1,800,000 and so on. Such as in the Mayan calender where 15 Katuns=2,160,000 days. This is the 2160 marker. But why? Why did someone travel to India, Cambodia, Mexico, South America, Babylonia, Egypt, Israel/Palestine, China and many other lands? On all continents? Keep in mind these numbers were coded into these myths and writings over 6,000 years ago. Why? Why go through all the trouble? But not just why, who? Who? Who was able to travel the entire planet in the ancient days when we were supposed to be savages in loincloths? Remember the Piri Reis map? The ancients who were able to survey and map the globe. Could it be the same people? In Part V of "The Doomsday Enigma" we will address these questions of "who" and "why" encoded our scriptures and myths with these processional marker numbers.

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