Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9 - 9 - 09

My friend, Brahma, a black cat who patrols our neighborhood and visits me often, has not appeared here in a week. A few years ago a black cat with half a tail and only one eye, showed up at my house and befriended me. I called her Beatty. She would sit on my shoulder when I read my books outside. I made her a heated dwelling to live in during the cold Ohio winter. She disappeared. Soon after Beatty disappeared, another wild-cat appeared. Black as night, eyes extra close together, the mark of the super-predator. He is feisty and aggressive and chose me to be the only human allowed to pet him for more than 2 seconds without getting bit. He sits on my shoulder when I read my books outside. He follows me around the woods. He guards my heirloom vegetable garden from birds and rodents. He has even made friends with Rokkit and Wikkit my 1/2 husky - 1/2 lab mix doggies, who are brothers from the same litter. Brahma became so ill this past winter that he clung to life by a thread. But for the heated house I built for him, and the colloidal silver and garlic oil I used to defeat the infection he had, he would have succumbed to gravity. But he pulled through after a month and grew strong again. Anyway, Brahma has not come around to see me for roughly 7 days. So I'm depressed about it. My indoor animals are behaving strangely. In Switzerland, cows are committing suicide by throwing themselves off of a steep cliff. This is very bad. Cattle mutilations are on the rise in Colorado. A rancher saw his cattle on Friday, then on Saturday he found his cow with surgically removed organs. There were strange tracks on the ground which led a few feet away and disappeared. Triangular aircraft were spotted in the area that Friday night in the cold hour before dawn. +++ In China, thousands of people witnessed massive UFOs doing manuevers. These were gigantic, mother-ship sized vehicles. Photos have appeared online of the event. Patriots Cave will be featuring a 12 part investigative report starting on 9/9/09. The target of this Patriots Cave investigative report will be the greatest secret in the history of the world. I have been racing the clock, trying to connect dots in figuring out just what in the hell is really happening right now, within the context of esoteric knowledge, passed down from initiate to initiate, always veiled, never revealed, yet growing in intensity as the end of this age draws near. What is happening? We shall soon find out. It begins on 9 - 9 - 09 , here in The Patriots Cave.

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