Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Doomsday Enigma - Pt. III

Greetings ladies and savages. I pray you watched the film "911 Mysteries" which Patriots Cave posted for all to see. I watched it again myself. Oh man. Even if you have seen it before, or have seen many films on 911, please at least watch the first 1/2 hour of 911 Mysteries. It is so rock solid. The evidence is so damning. Please watch it my brethren and sistren, for the Truth. +++
Now, in part II of The Doomsday Enigma, we examined the proof that there was in fact at least one civilization prior to 4,000 B.C.. This civilization possessed the ability to survey the entire Earth with great accuracy. A skill which we ourselves acquired relatively recently when compared to the vast stretches of time involved. Not only did these ancients posses the ability to map the Earth, they also had the desire, or need, to do so. Do you realize the implications of such desire and/or need? Think back. Imagine if you will a time in the distant past. Imagine going back 6,500 years to the year 4500 B.C.. Now remember, your children are being taught in college or in school that in 4500 B.C., human beings were running around as unorganized savages. With no writing, no wheel, no agriculture. Just primitive nomads, hunter/gatherers, and at best, maybe the beginnings of tribal organization. But certainly nothing even close to what we call civilization. Okay, back we go. It is the year 4500 B.C., and you are aboard a great ship. You have been sent on a mission to survey and map the planet. Your people are ship-builders. They know how to work metal. They understand that the Earth is round. They can plot their position anywhere, anytime. They have government, arts, music, theatre, and all of the things which go hand in hand with society and civilization. How do we know that the ancients possessed all of these things? Because they surveyed and mapped the entire planet. They went out of their way to do this. It had nothing to do with food or shelter or mating or basic needs. They were highly advanced. Highly advanced. So throw out everything you have been "taught" about pre-history. All that bullspit about Asians crossing a land bridge between Alaska and Russia, and then populating the Americas. That is a lie. Stone tools have been found in South America dating to as far back as 23,000 B.C.. Yet the schools are still telling the children that there were no people in the Americas prior to 11,000 B.C..
The ancients understood advanced mathematics as well. Colleges and schools state today, that Archimedes was the very first man to calculate the transcendental number pi. They will go on to say that the concept of pi was unknown in the Americas until Europeans brought it to the "New World" in the 16th century. This is another lie. THIS IS A BIG FAT LIE. As you know, pi is the ratio of the diameter of a circle to its circumference. Or you could use the radius of course, instead of the diameter, by simply doubling the radius. Of course. Right? Yes. Again, pi is that ratio. It is 3.14 approximately. What this means is, if you have a circle, and your circle is 10 inches across. 10 inches in diameter. You can quickly compute the distance around that circle, known as the circumference, by multiplying your diameter (10") by pi (3.14). So, 10 x 3.14 = 31.4 inches. So, diameter x pi = circumference. This is a very crucial principle to understand if you are trying to build elaborate temples, buildings, pyramids and such magnificent creations as the ancients so often did. We know that Archimedes was NOT the first person to discover pi, because many ancient structures are built exactly to the ratio of 3.14 or pi. The Great Pyramid in Egypt was built to the exact height of 481.3949 feet. The perimeter around all four sides of the structure is exactly 3,023.16 feet. Now, take the height of 481.3949' and multiply that by 2pi. In other words, the height is the radius so you must multiply it times 2pi instead of pi like you would with diameter. When you figure 481.3949 x 2 x 3.14 you get 3,023.16. The ancient Egyptians understood pi. +++ In Mexico, there is a pyramid, they call it "Pyramid of the Sun". It is at Teotihuacan. It too, is built to the ratio of 3.14 or pi. This is no accident. Have you any idea how difficult it must have been to build a nearly 500 foot tall structure, using stones weighing as much as 200 automobiles, at the angle of 52 degrees? 52 degrees is the angle of the sides of the Great Pyramid. 45 degrees would have been SO much easier. But it would not have reflected the ratio of 3.14 now would it? +++++++
Forgive me for moving along so slowly with this investigative report. That is why Patriots Cave announced that this is a 12 part series. It will take every bit of 12 parts to connect all the dots and ultimately reveal the secret of the ages. I appreciate you hanging in there with me thus far, and I invite you to stay locked on to the Patriots Cave for the remaining 9 parts, along with the occasional update, alert, and/or special Patriots Cave NEWZ-BLAST presentations. There is also a new section with alarming headline news stories, with links, if you want to check it down. Please come back here to the Cave Sunday for Part IV of "The Doomsday Enigma". Thank you.

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