Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Einstein Agreed: The Doomsday Enigma (Part V)

Greetings ladies and primates. Welcome to the Patriots Cave, the only weblog in the universe selling short on the New York Stock Exchange. Did you notice all of the high profile "suicides" yesterday? Uranus was in opposition to Saturn. The Illuminati commit ritual activities on such occult dates. There were a string of high profile murders in the past 24 hours. +++++++ Now on with the investigative report. What follows was written by Albert Einstein in 1953: "I frequently receive communications from people who wish to consult me concerning their unpublished ideas. It goes without saying that these ideas are very seldom possessed with scientific validity. The very first communication , however, that I received from Mr. Hapgood electrified me. His idea is original, of great simplicity, and - if it continues to prove itself - of great importance to everything that is related to the history of the earth's surface." -Albert Einstein Albert Einstein certainly gave Professor Hapgood's theory a glowing endorsement. Mr Hapgood was a brilliant scientist who made some startling discoveries through studying the Piri Reis Map and applying logic, sound reasoning and good hard science. Hapgood's theory explains that Antarctica was completely ice-free up until approximately 4,000 years BC. Ice free you say? How could that be? If Antarctica is located at the South Pole? That's just it brethren and sistren; Antarctica was NOT at the South Pole until around 4,000 BC. THAT, is what Hapgood discovered. He found that Antarctica had moved 2,000 miles from its previous location. It moved by a mechanism called Earth-Crust Displacement. This is not the same thing as plate tectonics or continental drift. Antarctica was once located 2,000 miles north of it's present location. Scientists have since discovered frozen plant material at Antarctica which only grow in warm climates. The orthodox scientists who rejected Hapgood's theory, are the same scientists who cannot explain how the ancients were able to survey Antarctica. But what was going on at the opposite end of the planet thousands of years ago? What I'm about to tell you is mind boggling. Mammoths have been found in great numbers. Frozen of course. But the startling thing is that many mammoths were frozen in 1 second. They still had fresh, green vegetation in their mouths when they were suddenly frozen right where they stood. Frozen in time. They were flash frozen so well, that mammoth steaks have been sold at restaurants in Fairbanks, Alaska. The meat had never even BEGAN to spoil. What is stranger still is the type of animals found flash frozen in the Arctic. The list includes horses, deer, lions, tigers, camels, rhinos, donkeys, and humans! Animals were flash frozen that do not even live in cold climates. There were also wolves, bears, and bison, all found in great twisted piles of chaos. They were found strewn together as if some magnum force had squeezed them within a titanic vise. What is more, men with tools were found at great depth, alongside animals which are now extinct. There is great significance to that find. Consider it. +++ There were also found the bodies of giant mammoths, physically torn in half. They were torn in half, with each half perfectly intact, and frozen. Alongside them were the remains of humans. Man and beast, frozen together, torn in half, and flash frozen. How? Why? What force could tear a 10 ton mammoth clean in half in an instant? And why were camels and lions found in the same piles? Why were there vast numbers of rhinos mixed in with plants that grow only in warm climates? Giant deer, sabre-tooth tigers, cave hyena and an extinct species of lion were also mixed in with these piles and tangles. Fruit trees were also flash frozen. The fruit was still fresh. After thousands of years. Fruit trees 90 feet tall with frozen ripe fruit and seeds still intact were uncovered. Mosses and plants and all assortment of life forms were all frozen together in a moment. These Arctic lands were a warm climate one minute, and a 100 below zero the next moment. How? Why? The answer may surprise you. +++++++ Patriots Cave is restructuring the game plan. Due to the gravity and intensity of recent and current events, as well as the alarming trends developing within America and abroad, Patriots Cave will complete "Doomsday Enigma" in 7 parts. Parts 6 and 7 will be more lengthy than they otherwise would have been. But the very nature of this website demands brevity. And Patriots Cave will deliver. A Newz-Blast is set for Thursday September 17nth. Then part VI of "Doomsday Enigma" will be forthcoming on Friday. Thank you for being a part of it. This weekend will see the debut of Patriots Cave TV. I will be filming a Patriots Cave editorial rant and releasing it to YouTube. It will of course be featured right here as an embedded video. Be sure and check it down.


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