Monday, September 7, 2009

The Love of Power - The Power of Love

Greetings sistren and heathen, and blessings be upon you. Welcome to the Patriots Cave, the only blog of it's kind in the known universes. Today is a good day. It is Monday. School is not in session because of Labor Day, and I have the night off from the House of Vice. I went to the humidor yesterday and bought myself a nice cigar. It's a "Black Magic" Rigoletto. I will enjoy my cigar this evening with a can of beer. Hopefully the sky will clear a bit and display a red sky night at sundown. How I pray that my friend would come home tonight, and sit outside with me as the world shifts into twilight. I miss my little friend. I hate not knowing what happened. I called the animal jail and asked them if they had brought in any black cats in the past two weeks. The lady actually went and looked at all the cages for me. She said that there were no black cats and that she is sure there have not been any black cats brought in during the past few months. I haven't seen any cats on the roads either. God forbid. I am hoping that some kind older lady fell in love with him and brought him inside her house. He doesn't belong indoors though. A year and a half ago, these people took Brahma into their house. He bit their daughter and the man of the house and they put him out. My wife found this out through the Mom of that house. Brahma is a true predator, and a true survivalist. He does not trust humans in general. He rules these lands around my house with a territorial ferocity. I love watching him go out to meet a challenger who made the mistake of wandering into Brahma's territory. I'd be out on the deck, reading or thinking, with Brahma on my lap purring. Then he would tense up, stand up on all four paws and focus his eyes into the distance. Here comes a big tom-cat, walking right down our quiet street. Brahma would go quickly, crouched down low like a tiger in the shadows. Until he reached the street, where he would begin to strut like a lion to meet his enemy. The fights never lasted long. Inevitably, the challenger would turn tail and sprint away as fast as he could, with Brahma in close chase. I love it. I love watching his instinctual behavior. No deception, no hesitation. Just clear, focused, crystalline intent. He is a good boy. And I told him that out loud every day he visited me. He is a beautiful cat, and one of the Lord's masterpiece works of creation. I'm thinking of going over to the dog pound and freeing a cat from death row. The only problem is that I will want to free them all. Dogs and cats both. It pains me to think of all the animals sitting in those god damned cages in every county across the USA. If you ever want to get a pet, for heaven's sake man, don't go to a "pet" store or puppy mill. Do the right thing and go free an animal from death row at your local "humane" Society or dog pound. People have no business breeding dogs these days. There are millions put to death every day. This is LIFE we're talking about. Some folks treat them like throw-away toys. When Rokkit and Wikkit (my dogs) look at me, I see how old they really are. They are 7 years old yes, I know, but I mean I see how old their spirit is. I see thousands and thousands of years in those eyes. I see them express emotions like jealousy and joy. They are spirit like me. They are noble and ancient creatures who deserve respect and regard. Our human species must stop this arrogant charade where we parade around like masters of the universe. We must respect life in all it's forms instead of treating it like a commodity. America is racking up bad karma at an unprecedented rate. The cow slaughter must STOP! America. We will not survive if the cow slaughter does not stop. Cows are not for eating brethren and sistren. They just aren't. Neither are eagles. Cows will give you milk, butter, cream, yogurt, cheese, fertilizer, and cooking fuel. A team of oxen can pull the plow with enough force to rival modern tractors. And it won't disturb the vibrations of your fields either like the noisy tractor does. When the cow dies of natural causes you can use the hide for leather from which to make clothes, coats, boots, saddles and so on. These are only the material reasons for not eating cows. There are spiritual reasons also. I will not go into those reasons right now because I think this concept is new to most of you, and I don't want to overwhelm you. But I will say this now: cows are special creatures, they are holy creations of God. Their dung and urine are not even dirty. Laboratory analysis has proven that cow urine and cow dung both have natural antiseptic properties. There are demons among us on this planet. They murder and mutilate cows in the night. Demons know that cows are holy. This is why cattle mutilations occur so frequently. Think of how many of us were raised on cows milk instead of breast fed by our human mother! How good Mother cow is to us. How much she gives. Yet America and many other countries repay Ma cow by slitting her throat. Or killing the young for tender flesh to satisfy our disgusting palette. I will end this rant now. I have spoken my peace for now. Soon I will share what I know about spiritual attributes of Ma cow. From my heart I beg you, if you must eat meat, please eat pigs, or chickens, or turkeys or fishes. Boycott all cow slaughter sistren and brethren. Let us start there with our collective karma repair job.

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