Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mutant Phoenix Eats American Eagle Icon

Greetings ladies and vermin. Welcome to Patriots Cave, the only blog in the world officially listed in the Akashic records. A reminder about Patriots Cave Newz-Blast. We have been posting up some really important news items every day. Please check it down frequently, as Newz-Blast gets updated from 1-3x per day so that the Newz is fresh. +++ In case you missed it, my friend Brahma came back after nearly a month missing in action. I made a quick video of him when he returned and I posted it on YouTube. If you wish to view it, just click "Earl the Squirrel" over on the right side of this page. It will link you to the Patriots Cave YouTube channel. Brahma's video is posted there.
Speaking of news, the New World Order is moving so fast now that it is difficult to keep up with. As you probably well know, America is facing a "Red Dawn" scenario up in Montana right now. In Hardin, Montana, a paramilitary force calling itself "The American Police Force" has assumed control of the town. The APF has announced to the towns people that they are now the active authority and are in fact "the cops". ++++ Patriots Cave sees a big upside down American flag flying in Hardin, Montana. This "organization", the APF, ARE NOT police. They have no history. They do not even have an office! ANYWHERE! The only address associated with this shadowy group are what are called "virtual" addresses. Which means they do not have an address.
Brethren and sistren, I'm telling you right now, this APF occupation of Hardin, Montana is the New World Order dipping its toe into the water to feel how cold it is. This is a test. Think about it. Just like the U.S. government has initiated massive use of private security contractors, also known as mercenaries, they are now initiating a privatization of local, state, and federal law enforcement! Do you remember when Obama called for a "civilian" force to carry out national security objectives? Here is a 20 second video clip from when he said that: Well, it is obvious that what Obama was talking about is a "private" or corporate para-military police force. Basically what this is, is the NWO over-riding our republic, and making their own armies and police forces. Just like is happening in Hardin. They just roll in with armored cars and guns and tell everybody that they are the police now. They are the authority now. Patriots Cave wants to know upon who's authority are private companies allowed to wield the power of law and the power of the gun over American citizens? Upon who's authority? A deal made in some smoke filled room? Who is in command of those goons in Hardin? Who will answer for them if (when) they abuse the power that they have assumed control of? They don't even have an office for Christ's sake! How could there be someone to answer for them? This is beyond the pale.
What I failed to mention is that they are operating out of a detention facility large enough to detain thousands. The camp is empty right now. But the APF has stated that it will be full "soon". What is more, many of the APF "officers" do not speak English! Let that sink in for a minute. On their vehicles is their logo. The logo displays the masonic two-headed phoenix. Or two-headed eagle as some call it. That symbol says it all. Two-face. One face for the light, where everybody can see. The public face. And another face for the shadows. The secret face. The deceptive facet.
So in a nutshell we have: A private mercenary group made up of foreigners, armed to the teeth, assuming control of Hardin, Montana, with their own prison camp, which they tell us will be packed full "soon". And on their vehicles and arm patches they display a known masonic, Illuminati symbol. +++ America's national symbol is the majestic bald eagle. What this looks like is a mutant, masonic, Illuminati two-headed phoenix, trying to slay our national eagle icon.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the good sovereign citizens of Hardin, MT should recall/dissolve their Board members/Mayor and make citizen arrests regarding these, 'most definitely did NOT swear Oath to Constitution', American Police Force.

Otherwise, it's Dodge City, and the Sheriff is no where to be found.

NatSilver said...

How come the militia is not getting involved in kicking out the mercenaries?

Joel the K said...

Both great comments. Thanks NatSilver and Anonymous. That is a good question Nat. I do not know. They are probobly in shock.

Gary said...

Very pleased about return of your cat; I have several & can't understand peoples cruelty to helpless animals.
The public needs to focus on Hardin with serious indignation pronto, and time for oath keepers to ACT on their oaths with support from every patriot in proximity.
Today Montana, tomorrow???????????

Anonymous said...

thanks for this tips