Monday, September 14, 2009

Patriots Cave Alert

Greetings ladies and savages. Welcome to the Patriots Cave, the only blog in the universe fortified with 8 essential vitamins and iron. Yesterday's Patriots Cave post, went up on the blog rather late. So unless you checked in last night (Sunday night) after 10:00 PM, you missed "Doomsday Enigma" Part IV. But no worries, simply scroll down when you are through reading this short post, and catch up on what you missed last night. As for today, it is time for one of our notorious Patriots Cave RED ALERTS. Today is Monday September 14nth. Tomorrow, 9/15/09, has potential to be an extremely chaotic day. The planet Saturn will be in opposition to Uranus. Saturn represents the powers that be, and Uranus represents awakening and radical changes to the powers that be. In the past 24 hours, a dubious "Bin Laden" tape has surfaced. These Bin Laden tapes seem to pop up just before something big happens. +++ So, does Patriots Cave have any predictions based upon the alignment of the planets? Sure. Patriots Cave looks for a possible coup attempt on or around 9/15/09. Assassination attempts are also possible during oppositions of Uranus and Saturn, especially in the middle eastern countries. +++ Patriots Cave expects Iran to make a statement or make a move of some sort on 9/15/09, which will set the stage for an escalation of military activity between themselves (Iran), Israel, and the USA. +++ Natural disasters? If you recall, on July 22nd, 2009, there was a solar eclipse ( This eclipse was part of a rare triple eclipse. The Vedic scriptures say that when a triple eclipse occurs, with a solar eclipse in a lunar month, massive upheaval, cataclysms, wars and disasters will follow. The effects are said to be strong for 180 days after the triple eclipse. With that in mind, seeing how Saturn and Uranus are to be in opposition tomorrow, within the 180 days of triple eclipse influence, it is highly likely that there will be a dramatic manifestation on our material plane, of the cosmic battle raging upon the spiritual plane even now. God bless and protect us all.

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