Friday, September 11, 2009

Patriots Cave Update - NewzBlast

Greetings ladies and germs. Welcome to the Patriots Cave, the only website in the universe of it's kind. Today will be a short break from our Patriots Cave investigative report series entitled "The Doomsday Enigma". Patriots Cave feels the need for a current events newz-blast. Straight from the mouth of The Cave. There is so much happening. And of course today is "Patriot Day" a.k.a. the anniversary of the inside-job, false-flag terror operation commonly referred to as "911". Now listen up please. Patriots Cave realizes that many different types of people wander in here to the cave, not just a certain "target audience" such as would visit a left-wing website or a right-wing website. With that in mind, it is highly likely that you may still be wondering about 911, and what actually happened that day. Or perhaps you believe the standard "History Channel - National Geographic" version of the events. That's okay. Just please listen. I have posted here in the Patriots Cave a film called "911 Mysteries". This film uses the empirical method, the scientific method, in it's presentation. It is not an emotional or political outburst of activists or organizations. The narrarator is a pleasing female voice who speaks very clearly. Now I have 4 years of college at Ohio State, and Ohio University. I studied Philosophy under Algis McKinnis (forgive my spelling Algis) who was in the line of Frederick Nietzsche. I understand logic and the empirical method. I am appealing to the scientist in you. Please view this film "911 Mysteries" and then if you feel it is possible to debunk, feel free to e-mail me at with your point-by-point arguments. I will not publish your e-mail unless you specifically request me to do so. I have seen many 911 films, arguing many different theories, and what makes 911 Mysteries the best in my opinion, is that it asks questions of YOU. Scientific and logical questions. It also keeps the viewers interest by using, well, you'll see when you watch it. Please watch it. And please recommend it to your family and friends. Also feel free to e-mail me if you agree with the film. Thank you. +++++++ Now on with our Patriots Cave News-Blast....
The Western Powers appear to be preparing for an invasion of Venezuela. Here is the link to the article, which describes how the Euro-Amero Corporate Powers use the military to inflict "regime change" on any country who will not do as the New World Order tells them to do-
Yet another plant is shutting down here in Ohio. In Orrville, Ohio the Sonoco packaging plant is shutting down. The plant employed 84 families.
Get this: The Chinese flag, the RED COMMY flag will be flown at the lawn next to the Whitehouse! , that just about says it all now doesn't it?! Traitors in government are saying that the RED-CHINA flag will be flown at our Whitehouse in celebration of 60 years of the RED COMMIE regime! So America is now celebrating 60 years of communist dictatorship, millions murdered, millions of Falun Gong people killed and "harvested" for their organs! The man in that photo you see was murdered by the Red China government for his religious beliefs. You see the scars where they removed his vital organs? And sold them to the highest bidder? They have mobile surgery trucks, so they can kill the victim on the tarmac at the airport, that way the organs are fresh, fresh, fresh! I guess we'll be celebrating that freshness. We're celebrating Red China's illegal invasion of Tibet!? When China murdered thousands of peaceful nuns and monks! When Red Chinese troops made children hold the pistol while the trigger was squeezed, BLOWING THEIR OWN PARENTS BRAINS OUT ?! ARE WE CELEBRATING THAT ?! Are we celebrating Red China burning down 20,000 monasteries in Tibet? The most peaceful and keep to themselves nation on this planet? Are we celebrating THAT?! I AM NOT. I hope that red freakin flag falls in the mud. And then one of the Marines on duty picks it up and blows his nose with it. That's what I think about it. I do not hate Chinese people. I love them. That is why I get angry when corrupt power-brokers form secret alliances which result in innocent people being murdered. China kills people because of their religious beliefs. Would the America our fathers fought and died for "celebrate" a scientific dictatorship who kills people for having a non state-sponsored religion? Hell NO! That is all the news Joel the K can handle right now dear reader. Please come back Saturday for Part III of "Doomsday Enigma". God bless and protect those with the courage to stand up for the weak, Hari Aum.

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