Saturday, September 19, 2009

Return of the Shaman-Wizards - The Doomsday Enigma Pt. VI

Greetings ladies and gentleoafs. Welcome to Patriots Cave, the only weblog in the universe capable of making the Kessler Run in under 12 parsecs. If you have been following this Patriots Cave 7-part investigative report from the beginning, then I say "thank you" for hanging with me. If you just now stumbled in to Patriots Cave for the first time, than you can catch up on the other 5 installments of "The Doomsday Enigma", by scrolling down all the way to the bottom of the main page, and looking through the Patriots Cave archives. Also for you who are visiting for the first time, if you are trying to figure out what kind of website this is, good luck. I can say that Patriots Cave is anti-New World Order. Anti-Fascist. Anti-Communist. Pro-Freedom. Pro-beauty. Pro-hotties. Pro-Spiritual. Pro-animals. Pro-cow. Patriots Cave is a Cow-Protection supporter. Cows, like eagles, are not for eating. Patriots Cave values the ancient Vedic scriptures of India. We oppose the false "Aryan Invasion" theory. India is the Mother country of all other countries. Including Egypt and Greece. But don't get me wrong, my name is Joel the K, and I am American. I love my country and I am extremely alarmed that the New World Order has infiltrated our beloved country. The NWO has also infiltrated India. They are making 1.3 billion Indians carry a "Real I.D." card, which has a micro-chip inside of it with ALL of that persons private life information. This is a travesty. India. Alas for India, Monsanto and the New World Order is doing all they can to destroy sacred India. Mother of all nations. +++ Forgive me good reader, I will get back to today's post: The Doomsday Enigma (pt. VI)
The Shaman-Wizards of old: Modern humans have a ridiculous notion that written records from back before around 400 BC, are merely "myths". This is a very foolish way to think my brethren and sistren. Ask yourself this question: If the ancients were able to build and make things which we today are not able to achieve, then why do we consider "modern" science to be superior? Things are not as simple as we have been led to believe. Our ancient ancestors reached the very heights of technological and spiritual achievement. We know this not from digging up bones, but by looking at the remnants of their handiwork. Stonehenge. The Great Pyramid. The Great Serpent Mound. The Olmec Heads. The Crystal Skulls. Teotihuacan. And so on. We also know them by the very small remnant of their records and writings. 99 % of the ancient records, texts, libraries and knowledge that were meant to be passed on to each successive generation, were destroyed. Some by accident. Most on purpose. The Catholic Church destroyed unthinkable amounts of ancient knowledge, history and records. Others are guilty of the same heinous crime. Book burning. Hiding the truth. Changing history. So we are left with only pieces of the puzzle of who and what we really are.
The ancients were astronomers of the highest degree. The so called "Mayan" calender was not created by the Mayans. It was passed on to the Mayans from the so called Olmecs. That was not their real name. The point is, the farther back in time you go, the more advanced human beings were. The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx were built prior to 10,500 BC. Astrological alignments prove that fact. So called modern orthodox "Egyptologists" claim that they were built as tombs for the pharaohs of the fourth dynasty, sometime around 2500 BC. My friend, this is a lie. It is wrong. When these stubborn, inflexible egyptologists are confronted with the facts, they simply resort to the old "that theory is not endorsed by the scientific community" line. And of course if a theory does not go along with the same old tired textbook fallacies which they have been spreading for ages, then they just won't accept it.
Historical tradition the world over, in every land, speaks of a dark time of terrible cataclysm. They speak of a time of great floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, magnetic disturbance, and stars and planets being out of their normal place. We know by looking at rock strata that the magnetic poles have shifted, or reversed, many times. We know from digging in the mountains that they were at one point covered by water. We must use our common sense. The ancients all described the same thing. A global cataclysm which wiped out a huge portion of the life on this planet. We know by studying the way nature operates that things are cyclical. From the tiny atom to the massive galaxy. Things go around in circles and then come back around again. It is the way our universe behaves. Like a clock.
Long ago, on the continent we call Antarctica, rose the first great civilization. It was called Eahumuhae. Eahumuhae was then located 2,000 miles north of where it is today at the South Pole. It is pronounced "Ay-hoom-uh-hay". They are our ancient ancestors. And they are the ones who mapped and surveyed this entire planet. They are the ones who passed on the ancient astronomical sciences and astrological arts to the much later peoples of the Americas, India, Egypt, China, Burma, and so on. They understood time. They were proficient in metaphysical arts which we are only now beginning to recover. Such as remote viewing and astral travel. They were the shaman wizards. And they were the first humans to figure out a terrible, terrible secret. They then set out to distribute their knowledge and culture across the face of our planet. They sent out groups to every land. And they set to work on sending us a message across the vast ocean of time. In order that we would receive that message they sent it by several different methods. They encoded the message into spiritual writings, songs, and what we call "myths". They also encoded that message into great works of architecture so massive and strong as to survive nearly anything, even vast stretches of time. My friend that message has been received. They are successful. What are they saying to us, even now? Across the lonely sea of time? Find out in the seventh and final installment of Patriots Cave's "Doomsday Enigma".


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