Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Unveiled Mystery - The Doomsday Enigma

Part I - Introduction
Today is 9 - 9 - 09. Be on your guard. The esoteric circles are moving, darkness is falling, and the light is beginning to fade. If only for a time. Yet reality is in time, so there is no matter regardless. Let us proceed with the unveiling of a mystery. What mystery? The mystery of our time. The mystery of time. The greatest secret of the age involves secrets kept by an ancient secret society. This secret society is privy to secrets passed down from master to disciple since time out of mind. Like a black hole in space, the very presence of the secret society is detected by it's effects, it's gravitational pull on other bodies, and the vacuum it creates. Patriots Cave has no intention of shining a spotlight upon men. Let us instead shine the light upon the purpose of such men. If they be such at all. Let us pull back the veil from the secret of the ages, revealed for you to see in this age of synaptic connection via millions of Internet terminals. Damn the consequences I say, the Truth will not be contained. It never is. The Logos travels in ways men little understand brethren and sistren. Was it not awakened in the desert at Qumran in 1947? Pompous men expected that the Truth could be suppressed for millenia. But the Logos jumped across the ocean of time as it was nothing. And the seeds of Truth were once again brought to light. As they always are. As they always will. It is with a measure of sorrow that I write what I am about to write. For with this revelation will come awakening. And it is seldom that awakening does not come upon a man rudely. With a sudden light in the face. As a wife smartly drawing back the curtains in the den. Shining brightness into the eyes of the man. The first reaction is what? Yes. Cover the eyes. Block the light. And then? The questions. Ah. What? What!? Then the revelation. Perhaps a reminder of tasks undone no? "....if you don't get up and ...... then.....will happen". Ah, the if - then statement. That is the essence of it all my friend. If - then. All we are on this planet swivels upon those two little concepts. So the question before us emerges. What is the grand "if - then" statement of our time? What is the cosmic if-then statement of planet earth and it's inhabitants? I'm afraid it's time to consider such things my siblings. The hourglass grows bottom-heavy. You have not been wading in the shallows all this time have you? This will not do. The longer you keep your eyes shut, the more painful will it be when the cosmic curtains are drawn. So look sharp! Steady yourself. You will have to give a full account of yourself before long. How embarrassing it will be if you don't have your notes in order. Or at least some idea of just what in the hex you are doing here. Breathe. It's not good to breath irregularly like that. You know that. Little things are just like big things. The atom. It is like the solar system. The galaxy. The rain falls down, forms rivulets and puddles into streams, rivers and seas. The star light shines down and causes that rain to rise again. Back up it goes. Then back down again. As your heart causes the lifeblood to go out, and come back. As the vulture eats the carrion, then dies and is eaten itself. As he who is born must die. And he who dies must be born. The way of the Way, is the circle. It is the Cycle. It is cyclical. That is part One. IT IS CYCLICAL. Please return Thursday September 10, 2009, for Part II of Patriots Cave's 12 part investigative report entitled: "Unveiled Mystery - The Doomsday Enigma".

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