Saturday, September 5, 2009

We Must Return to the Ancient Ways

Greetings ladies and germs. Bramha is still M.I.A., it freakin sucks. If somebody hurt him, I shall curse them for 7 lives. I will avenge him in this life or the next. There are no secrets. Eventually, all secrets will come to the surface. And if I find out that some piece of shit hurt or killed my friend, I will stomp their freakin guts out. This is the second black cat that has come up missing in the past few years. I have zero tolerance for "people" harming creatures which are unable to defend themselves. I realize that hunting is sometimes necessary, so I give them a pass on that. But like Big John Lipscomb, I too frown upon those pathetic "hunters" who set out deer feed on the same trail all year long. Then when hunting season opens they go down to the feeding spot and wait for the deer to show up for it's cyclical feeding. Then they blow the deer away with a 12 gauge sabot slug. Oh that's real manly guys. Please. What that is, is PATHETIC. And if you are one of those, then STOP IT. Stop being a dumb ass. If you want to hunt, then hunt, but don't set up an ambush and then go home all proud of yourself like the great hunter. Big John Lipscomb uses tracking skills and woodsman knowledge to hunt the real way, not "ambush with bait" style. He has tracked bear and mountain lion armed only with a knife. (do not try this yourself - be advised that Big John is actually bigger than some bears I have seen, so he can get away with such boldness) +++ My son and I are going to invent a new rite of passage. We are going to hunt wild bore in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. We will be armed with spears. No guns. Maybe we will not return from the hunt. Maybe we will never even see or hear the great swine beast. Then again, maybe we will meet him face to face. Or perhaps there will be a herd of beasts, and WE will be the hunted. One thing is for sure, we will never forget that night. And we will be out there in the wild, faced with death and darkness. In the ancient days rites of passage were a significant part of life. In this sterilized soft-batch society most people live in these days, where are the rites of passage? Is it hitting the top score on Guitar Hero? Is it "turning 21" and buying an alcoholic beverage? Where is the skill or bravery in that? What fears must be conquered for such a rite? None. It only marks the passage into a new demographic of consumerism. This will not do. We must return to our ancient customs if we are to overcome those who would force us into a "brave new world", which is really not brave at all. The new world order can go to hell. I will never give in to it. NEVER.

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