Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Most Important Post In Patriots Cave History

Greetings brethren and sistren. Welcome. If the sound on your computer is muted, please turn it on and then click "refresh". Patriots Cave has added a soundtrack to the page for a day or two. The first part of it is of the gestapo hitting American citizens with sonic weapons, violating their right to peaceful assembly. The second track you should recognize as Alex Jones' ENDGAME theme. And the third track is "Extreme Ways" by Moby from the Bourne films. Sorry about that LRAD track being so damn loud. +++
I think most people are mistaken regarding this swine flu pandemic. If you recall, when it was first released earlier this year (2009), in June I believe it was, we were all scrambling to figure out the truth of it. At first, it seemed like "the big one" that scientists have been predicting for decades. Remember all the people wearing masks? Then as time went on, we saw that although the virus was spreading fast, it was not killing very many people relative to previous pandemic flu strains. So after some time, it became general consensus that the swine flu was mild, and that it was just a scheme by big pharma to make a few hundred billion dollars. Most of us could deal with that. We just won't take the shot. Right?
Well my siblings, there is more to this twisted tale. Much more. Patriots Cave has been conducting an investigation into this pandemic flu scenario for nearly 7 weeks now. I cannot prove my findings 100%, because the witnesses are dead. But using those murders as a line to connect the dots reveals a very grave picture unfolding. As previously mentioned, Patriots Cave has been looking deeply into the situation for some time now, and it is high time to publish the findings. It is high time to warn you about the events which are about to unfold on a global scale. Unhinge might be a better description.
This swine flu bug is more than meets the eye. Again, for the record, the following description is a theory, not proven fact. It is my own conjecture based on my own extensive investigation of documented facts, murders reported in mainstream news, apparent suicides of scientists involved with bio-weapons and germ warfare, and knowledge of the new world order eugenics plan to depopulate humanity by 50-80%. In Patriot Cave's next post, it will be explained how this swine flu is actually the precursor to what's to come: A massive breakout mutation of the hybrid H5N1/H2N1/H1N1 Super-Flu. This Captain Tripps Super-Flu will have a kill rate of 80%. The RNA for this extremely virulent pandemic is being mass distributed by the new world order by way of the swine flu vaccination campaign. In Patriot Cave's upcoming exclusive expose' , you will learn how China is involved. You will learn how this diabolical plan has been kept from our government. And you will learn what steps need to be taken to survive the coming plague, which was seen by John the Revelator 2,000 years ago. You will also learn what modern day seers, shaman, prophets, and sages are forecasting for the next few years, and what we should all be doing. So check back in to Patriots Cave because this is going to be the most important post in Patriots Cave history. Until then,... God be with us. Aum.


john said...

Fantastic insight. I think you have a knack for getting deep in the dark and extracting the vivid truth.
big john

Joel the K said...

Oh man. Thanks. I appreciate that very much Big John. If you don't mind, I'm going to use that comment on the back cover-page of my book where the endorsements go.

This part is for everybody else:
Big John Lipscomb was here brethren and sistren !!!!

NatSilver said...

Joel, you are doing some important work. Thanks for the post.