Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Storm Cometh

Greetings brethren and sistren. Welcome. If this is your first visit to Patriots Cave, I should tell you that I am Joel the K, a 40 year old householder, living in Ohio, U.S.A.. Today is Sunday, the fourth day of October according to some calenders. +++ Patriots Cave has a section towards the bottom of the page called "Real time Situational Monitoring Links". You can use these links to monitor the world. Patriots Cave recently added several new police radio frequencies to the list. We will be adding more day by day. The goal is to be able to monitor police and emergency frequencies from New York City, all the way to San Diego. And from Key West Florida, all the way to Alaska. If you would like Patriots Cave to post a frequency monitor for your city, county, or state, just e-mail me, Joel the K, at: and let me know what you have in mind. +++ Also, if you have any links for any sort of monitoring websites, please share them with Patriots Cave. And not just monitoring links. If you have a unique website link you would like to share, please send it. Patriots Cave is more widespread than you might think. Our hit-counter shows around 20,000 hits. But this is our 3rd or 4th hit counter. For some reason the hit counters have always froze up and quit working. The true Patriots Cave hit count is more in the range of 60,000 hits. It's not viral yet, but we do have a very unique readership from hundreds of countries. I am proud of the beautiful people who come to this place for a visit. Thank you. I'd love to hear from you. Even just to say "Hi". So drop us an e-mail any time.
The Earth is rumbling my siblings. California was shook by over 75 earthquakes in a 24 hour period. Please click this link and see the list of earthquakes in the past 7 days: It will blow your mind. Patriots Cave expects California to experience a mega-earthquake in the next 29 days. +++ Also, islands in the Pacific ocean, Indian ocean, and around Australia have been rocked by major earthquakes nearly every single day since the Triple Eclipse occurred earlier this year. If you recall, the ancient scriptures state that a triple eclipse is an omen of cataclysm. Now, in a future post, we will deal with specifics as to what kind of cataclysms we may expect. But right now I want to impress upon you the fragile nature of human civilization.
Americans are guilty of assuming they are invincible. Middle-class yuppies living in the suburbs think that survivalists are "tin-foil hat wearing nutters" because they stock up on food and supplies. What these non-preppers fail to see is how temporary and illusionary their creature comforts really are. And how quickly those modern conveniences can be stripped away. For example: Electricity: The electrical power being pumped into Barbie and Ken's house, is subject to failure from a variety of situations. Our local star, the "sun", may spit out an electromagnetic pulse at any time. It could happen in the next 30 seconds, and not one human being on this planet can do anything to stop it. Then the electrical components will be fried. A large surge could cause a power-out lasting months. How many of us are prepared for that?
How many of us are prepared to provide for their family AFTER a major earthquake? With power lines down. Gas lines ruptured. Sewer lines broken. Water lines broken. Bridges out. No semi-trucks full of food coming to stock the grocery store. No hospitals. No pharmacy. Survivalists are only "nutters" until disaster strikes. Then they are geniuses.
And what about wealth? So many people believe that they are wealthy. But what do they really have? I'll tell you this, if you think having money in the bank, credit cards, and a mortgage is wealth, you are mistaken. That electric "money" in the bank can disappear in ten minutes. It happened before and it will happen again. Real wealth is having the ability to carry on a "mini-civilization", complete with food, clean water, shelter, warmth, medicine and defense against those who would try and TAKE what you have. Real wealth means being able to PRODUCE your own food. Collect and PURIFY your own water. PRODUCE your own medicine. And have stored up true wealth in money form such as silver and/or gold. I prefer silver. Silver has inherent value because it is the worlds most powerful anti-biotic plus it is used in industry for a wide range of applications. It's not just a shiny, pretty metal.
Another great thing to have is hand-powered tools. That way if the power is gone, you may use human power. You see? A person could be a millionaire, living in New York or LA., living large. But are they truly wealthy? Pull the plug on their electricity, stop the flow of gasoline, close down the grocery store and pharmacy. THEN, see just how wealthy they really are. +++ Now just think of how many people are being duped into thinking that they are wealthy. Fools and blind. A storm is coming, get ready.


Ted said...

Interesting. I mention the earthquakes in my latest post at The Wise Virgin. Be blessed-

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Joel. I remember the triple eclipse post which you warn of what is happening now. Is this just the start? Are there more "cataclysm" predictions coming from your studies of ancient wisdoms? Is there anything we can do collectively? There is a warning of a "big fall" in the financial arena. What are your thoughts?