Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Evil Must End

Hey now sistren and brethren. Welcome to Patriots Cave.
It is Tuesday evening. Friday afternoon this town I live in began vaccinating the children of the clones with the infamous H1N1 nasal spray live virus inoculation. One young girl who took the shot now has an upper respiratory infection. A local older man who took the injected Flu vaccine went into a coma 3 days afterwards. We just got a call a few minutes ago telling us that the doctors do not expect him to live until morning. Now it very well could be that he was going to lapse into a coma regardless of the nasal spray Pig-flu vaccine, who knows? And who knows, maybe the young girl was going to come down with severe upper respiratory illness regardless of the vaccine. Only a licensed medical doctor could make that determination. All Patriots Cave can do is report to you that there is an old man in a coma, on his death-bed, who took the shot 3 days earlier. All Patriots Cave can tell you is that a young girl here in town took the nasal shot and just by coincidence came down with a severe respiratory infection. It probably had nothing to do with the fact that her Mom allowed some stranger to spray live attenuated viruses straight up her freakin nose. No. Surely it happened by coincidence. Patriots Cave is NOT suggesting any correlation between the vaccine and upper respiratory infections or comas and/or death. +++ What really staples my nuts is the fact that all these kids are now running around town shedding live viruses. That's just freakin great. Like I said, Patriots Cave does not give medical advice, but how f%#king stupid do you gotta be to let big pharma shoot your kids up with their latest batch of festering pus which is brewed up on diseased monkeys? Huh? Could you tell me that? How gawd dam STUPID do you gotta be? I'm not saying that the flu vaccine is good or bad. That's not what I'm saying. I'm just asking YOU a question. Let me repeat the question in case you were scratching yourself or something the first time I asked it. Here it comes again: "How freakin totally gawd dam idiotic do you gotta be, to allow a greedy corporation to shoot your kid up with it's latest batch of festering pus brewed up in diseased monkey testicles? And if you think Patriots Cave is making up the part about the monkey balls, then check this down:
Swine Flu Vaccine to come from Diseased African Monkeys October 7th, 2009 by admin Chances are if you knew what was in your vaccine, you would never allow your doctor to inject you with it in the first place. Apart from the dangerous ingredients such as squalene and thimerosal, one key ingredient used to make flu vaccines such as the swine flu vaccine is the flesh of diseased green African monkeys. Read more about Infectious Diseases Vaccine Market Overview: Key Companies & Strategies – In Times Of Crisis, Big Pharma Turns To Vaccines According to the US patent no. 5911998: Method of producing a virus vaccine from an African green monkey kidney cell line, which revealed the ingredients of the swine flu vaccine, the vaccine is acquired from kidneys of green African monkeys already infected by the swine flu virus, and the swine flu virus is thereafter allowed to fester. After that, the monkeys are killed in order to extract their diseased organs for producing the ingredients for the swine flu vaccine. This process of extracting the vaccine is done in a cruel and inhumane environment, in which the monkeys suffer various things in order to have the vaccine harvested from them.


DustyDave said...

Here in Las Vegas the clones line up to get the shot or spray. On a different note, get this. Heard on the news this morning that the new project city center...well ALL of the employees uniforms are RFID tagged and security/surveillance will be able to have a real time tracking of where you are at all times while on the property. Cute huh?

Joel the K said...

Jeez. Man Dave, today at the local middle school, 268 out of 500 students are out sick. I'll bet 268 out of 500 were vaccinated. +++ Yes they are chipping the masses one step at a time. But it's all just a conspiracy theory to the clones. Their denial is so thin you can see through it. Thanks for your visit DustyDave.

DustyDave said...

With that said...both my wife and son have been real sick and it seems to have come back 3 times so far. Me? I have been fighting it off..what ever it is. From the symptoms I would say that they have a "flu". is it the H1N1? I don't know. we sure have not taken and vaccine, but when all is said, they are really sick. So something IS out there and it is pretty bad. Dave