Thursday, November 26, 2009

Big John Lipscomb Returns! Patriots Cave Exclusive Interview

Patriots Cave has official confirmation. Big John Lipscomb has signed a deal with RenseRadio for the much anticipated return of "Don't Tread On Me". The show will air live, Monday through Friday, 8-10 pm eastern, 7-9 pm central, 5-7 pm pacific. Listeners may go to or to hear "Don't Tread On Me" live in real time, or to catch previous shows on archive. Galaxy 19 ku band satellite will also be broadcasting Big John live and in your face, as will a multitude of AM radio stations. And coming soon, "Don't Tread On Me" will be available on XM Radio. Patriots Cave is now proud to bring you the exclusive interview with the host of "Don't Tread On Me", Big John Lipscomb:
Joel the k: "Big John, how do you feel about your return to the airwaves?"
Big John Lipscomb: Joel, I'm very excited to be on the Rense Network. It's an honor to have a show just prior to a legend in the radio industry.Mr. Rense- Jeff, and I have been in conversation for the past few days and I have come to know the man, and discovered a man of great intelligence and wisdom.
Joel the k: "Excellent. What's he like? What kind of guy is he?"
Big John Lipscomb: "He is one of us. Perhaps the most authentic person I have met in a very long time.Jeff is known as the best journalist in our field and a meticulous researcher. "
Joel the k: "Awesome. Both you and Jeff Rense are innovators and revolutionaries, yet your styles are distinct and different, how do you feel about bringing "Don't Tread On Me" to RenseRadio?
Big John Lipscomb: "As with all good people, Jeff Rense has surrounded himself with superb radio people. Although we have very different show styles, both of us believe that we can make the other stronger. The approaches are different but the target is the same- TRUTH! It feels right in my heart."
Joel the k: Big John, you have the most well tuned intuition of anyone I've ever known, Your World Dowsing Championship title is solid testimony to that fact. My point is, if bringing your radio show to the world by way of RenseRadio feels right to you, then I have to agree that it most definitely is.
Joel the k: Big John, what kind of numbers does Jeff Rense get?
Big John Lipscomb: has over a million visits per month. That is twice of prisonplanet and greater than
Joel the k: Those are very impressive numbers indeed. One million hits per month is hard for me to imagine. Big John, I know you are super busy, and I really appreciate you taking this time to chat with me and my Patriots Cave readers today.
Big John Lipscomb:Have a great Thanksgiving and say hey to your wonderful family.
Joel the k: Thank you Big John, Happy Thanksgiving to you, and congratulations on this exciting radio alliance between RenseRadio and Big John Lipscomb.
There you have it brethren and sistren, Big John Lipscomb with his revolutionary radio program: Don't Tread On Me. Patriots Cave is totally stoked for this. For more details, dates and show schedules, go to or, or Happy Thanksgiving sistren and brethren.


DustyDave said...

I am as excited as you!....

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

Joel the K said...

I do not have a Twitter account. It's okay if you want to post this interview as long as you leave all the links to Big John Lipscomb, RenseRadio, and PatriotsCave in the article. As long as your readers know where the article came from. Thank you for helping to share Big John's important message with the world. And helping to promote the number one Truth radio network, ! Thank you.