Monday, November 23, 2009

Gold Will Plummet

Greetings. Welcome. If you have not read Patriots Cave "NEWZ-BLAST" today, please do so, there are some extremely important headline-linx you need to be aware of. Gold sky rocketed to $1075/oz. today. More and more people are turning to gold for wealth preservation. And who can blame them. The global bankers are trying to ease away from the dollar, and into a cashless, micro-chip economy. But they must accomplish this without pissing off the Chinese who basically own our national ass at this point. They damn sure are not looking up to the USA as their "Uncle" Sam. No. The tables are turned now. Little nephew Sammy looks up to Uncle Dong now when he needs a loan. The Chinese are assuming a strong gold posture, while simultaneously reigning in their valuable rare mineral deposits. Meanwhile, those in the know are going gold crazy, driving the price up to record highs every day. How high will it go? And is gold truly soaring? Or is it that the dollar is just becoming worth less against gold? Or both? At any rate, Patriots Cave senses something "fishy" about this gold rush. Something just does not seem right when we step back and take in the big picture. Back when it was only alternative media and analysts recommending gold, Patriots Cave was all for it. But now? Now this gold rush is going mainstream. I feel things change when they enter the dome of the Thunder-Clone.
Patriots Cave sees gold going up until late Spring, early Summer 2010. At that time the non federal reserve will jack up interest rates, strengthening the weak dollar, and causing gold to plummet. Of course the white shoe boys will jump off of the bull before it croaks. The insiders will pump this river of gold for hundreds of billions of dollars as it climbs, and then they will sell off and sell short before the rug gets yanked out from under it all. Patriots Cave would not sweat it when it does happen though. When the bottom does fall out, after climbing to $2,800-$3,200/oz., it will be a reflection of dollar value, basically an illusion. That is why in this economic apocalypse a survivalist uses gold and silver NOT to get rich through speculation or day trading, but rather as insurance that he or she can successfully purchase any items missed or overlooked when prepping. Which is also why the best investment for Patriots Cave is not gold and silver, but rather storable foods, heirloom seeds, hand tools, medicines, books, and domestic supplies for everyday living. After the socioeconomic collapse, let the day-traders and speculators eat their gold. Let the white shoe boys wipe their ass with their gold futures certificates, because they damn sure won't be smart enough to invest in toilet paper.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joel the K,
Gold went up to 1175 - WOW! But Silver is still undervalued... but we wait patiently as the Fed/Wall Street lie out of every hole telling us all is ok - Invest in the market they say! Fools following fools...

I'm with your analysis about everyday investments, ie toilet paper, for everyday living. I fear for those unprepared or still in the matrix.
They say the meek will inherit the earth... right after we clean up the traitors, we can be home of the free and land of the brave once again.
great Posts Joel... as usual.

NatSilver said...

Joel, nice analysis of gold in the short-term. I started to suspect something was up when I started to see gold being advertised on I for one will buy silver on the dips when the Rothschild cabal takes the price down again in 2010.

Joel the K said...

Thank you for your visit Anonymous, and for your feedback.

That would be my thought too NatSil, to purchase silver on the dips. I feel silver is in a constant dip now, therefore a great buy. I am a silver guy myself. Like Anonymous said, silver is undervalued. I feel silver is good protection against dollar collapse. As an ounce of silver is recognized as "money" everywhere on the planet. And if the economy collapses, I want money I can buy a few chickens, or 10 gallons of fuel, or a can of tobacco or something. An ounce of silver is perfect for these daily barters and trades, whereas an ounce of gold will be worth too much for these types of day to day transactions. I have seen 1/10 oz. gold bullion, but its too small and not as identifiable as say a silver eagle is. Plus silver has inherent value as the most powerful antibiotic and antimicrobial. It also has value as the best conductor of electricity. I'll watch the gold rush with great intrest from the sidelines, but I'm stickin with silver like you NatSilver.