Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ominous Reports Are Coming In

Greetings ladies and pests. Welcome to Patriots Cave, official website of the Anticlone. Patriots Cave would like to thank you for your prayers and support last week. My family received an enormous blast of blessings and energy from the Divine Source. All fevers here at the Cave are long gone, and the offspring are again their usual super-human selves. Thank you. It got a bit scary when our kids temperatures exceeded 104 degrees, what with the pandemic and all. I am proud to report that we did not run to the doctor for antibiotics like we would have done once upon a time. We stayed calm, gave them plenty of Ohio grown apple cider with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. We hammered the germs with silver, vitamin D3, and copious amounts of smelly garlic gel-caps. Of course Patriots Cave IS NOT advising you the reader on medical matters. Patriots Cave is simply reporting to you on what WE already did. +++ Oh, while I'm thinking about it, let me share with you a link for an awesome deal on Vitamin D3: you can also get a killer deal on calcium ascorbate at the link above. Calcium ascorbate is the generic name for "Ester-C", also known as buffered vitamin C. Puritans Pride has deals where you can get buy 1 get one free. Or buy 2 get 3 free. And you get free shipping within the USA.
These are all natural D3 gel-caps with 5,000 iu. I bought 200 caps for 8 bucks with free shipping. I would not dream of going through flu season without vitamin D3.
A few weeks ago Patriots Cave posted an article called "The Most Important Post In Patriots Cave History". That post dealt with Patriot Cave's theory regarding this Swine Flu pandemic being a New World Order plot to exterminate billions of people. Here is the link to that post:
If you recall, the theory was, that new world order eugenicists created a hybrid virus using a combination of swine, human, and Avian or "bird" flus. Patriots Cave theorizes that this swine flu bug is designed to eventually mutate into a much deadlier virus more akin to the Spanish Flu of 1918. We all remember Baxter Labs getting caught sending out live bird flu virus disguised as harmless vaccine material. Fortunately, a sharp lab tech noticed that his test subjects all died after receiving the Baxter inoculation. If this is new info for you, just google "Baxter Labs live bird-flu virus". +++++++ With all that in mind, the Baxter incident, the current pandemic, and Patriot Cave's theory on the NWO plot, it is with grave reserve that Patriots Cave ponders reports out of the Ukraine regarding a bizarre series of events occurring over the past week or so.
Residents of the Ukraine are reporting in great numbers, witnessing low flying aircraft spraying an unknown aerosol substance upon the towns. The people of Ukraine are in a panic. In a 24 hour period, the death toll from the flu went from 11 people, to over 50 people. The first 11 deaths occurred over a period of weeks. Then all of a sudden, airplanes are seen spraying towns. Then overnight 40 people drop dead of what some are calling "a kind of viral pneumonia". This description is exactly the same as descriptions from the 1918 Spanish Flu. In 1918, victims were overcome by severe respiratory infection, like a viral pneumonia. Some people went from totally healthy and symptom free, to totally dead, in less than 36 hours. Keep in mind that it is too early to draw any solid conclusions, and that this is pure speculation and theory. But it is alarming at best. The people of Ukraine and people of the entire planet, need to demand that the unknown substance be identified. Also, our own government here in the USA has admitted to aerial spraying for decades. So it is a logical fear that we could see the same type of aerial spraying here in the USA. What is most alarming is that trusted figures within the alternative media, such as Steve Quayle, have been trying to warn us for a long time that criminal elements inside the new world order corporate/government iron triangles, would attempt this exact type of extermination campaign. +++ On Friday, October 30th, 2009, I personally witnessed a medium to small sized jet aircraft performing maneuvers including sharp banking turns, in the skys over our small town in Ohio. This was very out of place, as I am an avid sky watcher, and have never seen a jet performing maneuvers over our little town. It is common to see prop-powered planes here, flying on a fixed heading. But to see a jet powered craft repeatedly turning and circling the town, was unprecedented. I did not see any chem trails emitting from the aircraft. But Patriots Cave will be keeping a close watch on the skys, and it would be prudent for you to do the same. Thanks again for your prayers. Let us remain awake and alive, mindful and righteous. Doing what we know is the right thing to do in any given situation. God bless you.


Mayberry said...

Glad everyone is ok Joel. Just goes to show ya that doctors and hospitals are not the be all end all. We were all born with an immune system, and if we take care of it it will work for us.

Anonymous said...

Joel, I too watch the skies here in Orlando, FL. Last week, I witnessed many planes flying over Orlando emitting what looked like chemtrails. Something is going on, and what you say makes a whole lot of sense. Also being a first time parent, my 14-month old son had a fever of 103.5 and started to have small seizures last week. I had no choice to but to take him to the hospital. The doctors gave him tamiflu and antibiotics with the mother's approval (I was not there when they administered it). I bought zeoheal and am now trying to chelate the chemicals out of his body. I take silver and vitamin D3 myself. It does work.

Joel the K said...

Thanks for your visit and comment May-B. I agree, it's just that taking care of it is difficult when eugenicists sneak little presents into our air, water, and food. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Wow. Febrile siezures? That's scary stuff. We went through that when our kids were toddlers. Zeoheal?? I'll have to look that one up. Never heard of it. Thank you for your visit. And I appreciate your feedback very much.