Monday, November 16, 2009

Patriots Cave Alert: Spanish-Bird Flu

It is with the utmost gravity that Patriots Cave makes this report. Be advised: what you are about to read is theory, opinion, conjecture, not proven fact. This report is a warning from the gut, an alarm of the sixth sense, totally within the realm of intuition and selective dot connecting.
On October 11, 2009, Patriots Cave posted a report warning how the new world order eugenicists were preparing to release an ENDGAME super-flu. Here is the link:
How I wish I were wrong this time. I pray I am wrong. But something big is happening siblings, and there are a few troubling elements to this story which have kept me up nights. One thing is that initial reports are saying that this "new" virus killing people in Ukraine is NOT H1N1. It would be a relief if it was H1N1, then we would know that it was most likely a bunch of fear-based disinformation designed to prompt people towards accepting the H1N1 vaccine. But that is not the case. None of the drug companies or even the W.H.O. are using this thing to sell vaccines. The W.H.O. has been on the ground for over one week in the Ukraine and has yet to release their findings.
Now about two weeks ago, Ukrainians reported numerous aircraft releasing aerosol into the air over towns and cities at low altitude. Later that day the people began to get sick in number. I'm not even going to say it. Do I even have to say it? If it looks like a bio-attack...., if it quacks like a bio-attack.....etc...etc....+++++++ And now, weeks later, horrific reports are coming in from Ukraine telling of over 70,000 victims hospitalized, 1.3 million people infected, and thousands of deaths. The descriptions are almost too horrible to report. It is being reported that the victims are suffering from 130 degree temperatures of the lungs, and massive hemorrhaging, bleeding, and drowning. WTF?
Does anyone else find it totally freakin odd that 70,000 people hospitalized by an extremely virulent, and aggressive killer bug with hundreds dropping like flies daily, HAS NOT MADE THE 6 O'CLOCK NEWS ?! Huh?! Anybody?! Please, somebody tell me I'm deluded on this one. Please. Somebody tell me that all those reports are false and that it's not really happening. But only say it if you believe it in your gut and your heart. Because what it looks like from where I'm standing, is the new world order eugenics ENDGAME virus released by way of chemtrails. First in the Ukraine due to the lack of sunshine and therefore a lack of vitamin D. It would make Ukraine an effective breeding ground for their Captain Tripps virus.
Here is a test. If reports start coming in from more countries besides Ukraine, involving hemorrhaging lungs and 130 degree fevers, than that would serve as a pretty freakin imminent warning that our planet has been targeted for UN-natural selection. Please check back to Patriots Cave often. If I get breaking news, I will post it at the very top of Patriots Cave, above even where these posts go. Brothers, sisters, I think it's time to start praying really hard. I'm talking some focused, intense, world-changing concentrated prayer, meditation and intent. Focused intent. It's the children I am afraid for. Oh God. Let this be not what it looks like. Lord, let me come out of this looking like a total nutter, a total flake-job. I will happily wear the title. Pray brethren and sistren, for the little one's sakes.


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Outraged Patriot said...

This is big news Joel and scary beyond words!I have been following it and I too wonder why it's not being talked about by anyone but us "nutters" I think prayer/focused intent is about all we can really do these days. There is something up in the spirit of the planet. A calm before the storm, or almost a teetering between energies or the peak of a wave just before it crashes. I lack the approtriate metaphore- but the point is something is building. I have come to realize that this issue is so much bigger than just a group of evil old men wanting to control a planet. I feel it is as much a spiritual enslavement as a physical one. And fear is their shackles. I choose to not put those on any more. I have found a place of prayer and acceptance so much stronger. I am NOT surrendering, we are still preparing and I still worry about my family/community but I will no longer put on those shackles of fear and seperate myself from the Divine, or from the place that allows and recieves miracles and guidance. Be still and pray from a place of confidence, a belief in the essential goodness of the universe, walk in light and know that the uncertainty of the path will work itself out as you walk it. This all may be a little "woo woo" or new age for some of your readers but I think you understand it. Be at peace Joel and carry that peace in your heart-it is a powerful shield against the darkness that is looming!

Joel the K said...

Thank you for your feedback OP. I appreciate your perspective. I am not at that place you describe, but I appreciate your viewpoint nevertheless. I'd love to ba able to say that I don't fear for the young, innocent ones, but that would be false. I know what to do with the fear though, and that makes the difference. Fear is a primal energy which confronts every human being, if not conscious, then subconscious, which can manifest in an even greater and more dramatic fashion than conscious fear does. +++ Why these eugenicists feel compelled to spray humanity and nature with deadly agents and bacteria, and why the people allow it, points towards mass insanity and mass suppression of our true being. I feel. Anyway, thanks OP. Let me know if you get any info on Ukraine. I am posting an update at 18:00 hrs. EST +++++++

Outraged Patriot said...

Hi again Joel, I came across this site here: that is worth checking out and has some good info such as having a nebulizer for breathing in your colloidial silver and or iodine. Since this new bug seems to be hemorrhagic in nature having a nebulizer makes sense. It also has good protocols to follow and is worth the read. thanks for all you do.

Joel the K said...

Thank you OP. I took your link and it lead me down a highly informative and most helpul knowledge path. I am ordering a few products to battle off hemorrhagic viral/bacteriological invaders. Thanks again OP.