Sunday, November 29, 2009

Secret Discovery From The Dream Planes

Greetings ladies and mothmen. Welcome. Patriots Cave will reveal one of the most important revelations ever disclosed here. Several weeks ago, Patriots Cave posted an article something to the effect of "The Most Important Post Ever". Today, Patriots Cave will outdo itself. What is about to be revealed here, may very well change your life, and the lives of your family for generations to come. But only if you act upon the information. If you read the discovery, and say to yourself: "hmnnn...that is interesting, honey look at this.....that tin-foil hat wearing nutter, Joel the K, has made a revolutionary discovery. This could really change our lives....". But then you grab your mouse, click over to pictures of Megan Fox in a bikini, or some other website, and quickly forget about said secret, failing to act upon it, THEN, in that case, it will do you absolutely no good whatsoever. So please, bookmark this article or something so that you don't forget about it.
Before I reveal the secret, I must tell you that it is not my original discovery. I am not the one who made the initial discovery. It's just that it has been revealed to me on the dream planes that this particular secret, is the BIG one. I have been receiving copious amounts of information these past few weeks during my travels in the dream worlds. Last week I had two glimpses into the future. Both glimpses revealed something which I was about to face. And they both came to pass. Those glimpses were of a very personal nature, and did not concern anything regarding national or global events, or I would have posted it here on Patriots Cave. BUT THIS, this revelation concerns all of us. It concerns you, me, my family, your family, and families of the future too. Do not let the mundane appearance of this secret deceive you. It is not anything super exciting like Armageddon or volcano's erupting. Or Yellowstone mega-volcano blasting half our country into the stratosphere. Nevertheless, this information is going to change my life because I am acting upon it. Tomorrow I am going to take the appropriate actions in order to take full advantage of this secret revealed. Brethren and sistren, forgive me. An emergence has forced me into a most inconvenient pickle. I will have to reveal the actual details of this revolutionary secret discovery at apx. 9:00 PM Eastern time-zone time. Please check back in to Patriots Cave this evening around 9 O'clock. You will not be disappointed. I must attend to a situation now. Forgive me.

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