Sunday, November 29, 2009

Secret Discovery: Pt. II

Greetings again brethren, sistren and cousren. Pardon the delay in bringing this post to fruition. I came down ill Thanksgiving Day. It happened last T-Day also. I do not eat much meat. I guess eating turkey in quantity is too much for this kshatriya to stomach. I think next year I will have a salad. Maybe some corn and potatoes. No meat. Anyway, the fever has served to alter my consciousness to some extent. This is nothing new. It is a well known fact that fever can shift a person's assemblage point, or to put it another way, alter their consciousness. This may explain some of the strange dreams and dream journeys I have taken lately.
It was revealed to me how simple some things actually are. Things that the powers would have you believe are complicated. Not so. Take illness for example. Now, I am NOT giving medical advice. I am simply relating a dream I had. That's all. It's all a dream, and here it is:
In my dream, a being came out of the water. This being had four blazing rays of light streaming out from each side of her head. There were four huge rays of energy on each side. Each huge energy ray was made up of three sets of three sub-rays. In other words each huge ray was made up of nine smaller energy rays. The rays were full of life and quantum energies. Pulsating. The rays had a pulsing sound. The sound was wonderful. The sound was a living vibration. It sounded like it was kind of made up of three sub-sounds. One sound was the sound like a bee buzzing. The second sound was like a Tibetan monk chanting deeply within the throat and stomach. The third sound was like a cat purring. These three vibrations, these three sounds, were corded together into one sound, one vibration. Like three cords entwined together into one big rope. The collective sound of the three vibrations rose and fell with a pleasing frequency like nature. The brilliant energy rays pulsed in time with the pleasing sound vibrations in concert together, all emanating from the female being. Pulsing out from her head. I cannot describe her appearance. Words will fail me. She is beauty incarnate. Her beauty is such that to behold her is a moment out of time itself. A transcending of moments. In my dream, she came up out of the water. She rose from the primal ocean. She held out her cupped hands. I looked to her hands with great struggle, because to look away from her face was unbearable, so beautiful she was. Her hands held vegetation. It was seaweed. Suddenly the powerful rays ceased. The tri-part pulsating sound vibrations ceased. The silence was like being in a vacuum. Then she spoke in a voice which sounded like if a dolphin knew to speak English. She said "eat to live". Just then a massive shark appeared and I awoke. That is the dream. Tomorrow, in part III, I shall reveal the interpretation of the dream. For those of us who will take heed. It will change our lives forever.


lotusmahal said...

What a wild coincidence. I've recently embarked on a different diet that consists of "clean food" - noticing how all the process garbage inhibits not only physical health, but mental health as well. Even so-called "healthy" foods that are concocted outside my own kitchen. And that quote "Eat to Live" has been a mantra in my mind these past couple of weeks. Living food. The chi of nutrition and energy. Interesting that you heard the same message in your dream. I'm looking forward to hearing your interpretation.

Joel the K said...

Chi, that is so important and fundamental. And simple. Chi, prana, light, sound, vibration. Thank you for your visit.

Anonymous said...


I've been reading your blog for some time now. Of course it's one of the many sites that i enjoy. Never really commented on anything. Just a good reader. You might want to do your research on these items. The ocean has at all times, all 90 elements within it. The polluted shores are toxic though and offer us no healthy way to absorb those elements. Thats though our pores Joel. Swimming in any natural body of water does just about the same. Secondly, if the air were clean we would be breathing the pollen of all the plants. Therefore inhaling all the vitamins. How else would the early earthers have lived over 900 years. It's oxidization(processed and cooked food) or toxins(polluted water and air etc.) that burn the vessel walls of our circulatory system, causing all kinds of physical and mental maladies. Shortening our lives by hundreds of years. Thirdly moving water creates a electrical current and removes harmful excess metals from the body via your feet. Just wading though the streams or on the shoreline does so. This ties in a little bit with your dream. God is living water(minerals) and he breathed life(pollen,vitamins)into man. Id love to here more from you on this subject as i did no research. It just makes common sense. Yes the people are coming around, we are being awakened slowly. Michigan Mike.

Joel the K said...

Thank you for your thoughts. We need not rely on the polluted shores. Ancient dried up sea beds have left pure ocean deposits of the vital minerals. Also, there are parts of the ocean which are clean. It is very, very big. It cleans itself. Though it would be good if man would stop dumping. Absolutes can turn into illusory walls I have found. Thank you for your visit.