Thursday, December 3, 2009

2012 Warning: Modern Day Noah Is Here

Greetings sistren and heathen. Welcome to Patriots Cave, the only blog on this planet operating on 100% lunar power. If you have not listened to Jeff Rense's interview with Cliff High of you can hear it by checking out Patriots Cave YouTube channel. Also, Patriots Cave has a widget set up below which is a mini version of Patriots Cave YouTube channel embedded right here on this page. I forgot to click "save to favorites" on video #5 out of 7. I'm sure you can figure out how to find #5 if you want to. It is a good interview, but it is particularly the subject matter of that interview which truly intrigues me. It seems the narrative has shifted with regards to 2012. At least in Cliff High's opinion. But like Cliff says: "The math adds up". Here is the link to the mathematical data backing up Cliff High's hypothesis: His theory actually resonates with a past Patriots Cave post. In that post, it was explained how the sun is similar to the sea. This was in 2008 when our planet was breaking the record for consecutive months without any sunspot activity. Now I have a layman's understanding of solar cycles. But what my intuition was telling me at the time (and still is), is that our star was behaving much like the sea does before a tsunami, it draws back and becomes still. The calm before the storm. It's no secret that our star proceeds through 11 year cycles. These 11 year cycles are sub-cycles of larger cycles. Now this is where it gets very interesting. We have all heard the 2012 speculation. Most of the talk is based upon the theory that a gigantic, systemic, galactic alignment of celestial bodies will cause some sort of subtle energy or wave of cosmic fire, to act upon our planet. Some have speculated that our planet and our home star will be aligned with galactic center. Opponents have stated that this alignment is purely subjective, and only aligned from earth's perspective. These seem like valid arguments. But either way, alignment or no alignment, the premise that some weird subtle energy will plunge our planet into the stone age has always seemed interesting but flimsy. It's just not hard science. But what Cliff High and Patrick Geryl are putting forth at this time is pretty simple. It IS hard science and it IS objective. Patriots Cave is not confirming 100% that this theory (or warning) is proven. Even Cliff High says that he hopes he is wrong. Also, you should understand that it is NOT the web-bot predicting this to happen. That's not it. People think that because it is Cliff High making a forecast that it is automatically a web-bot prediction. No. This is hard science. Now it gets even better. The web-bot lines up with Cliff and Pat Geryl's theories perfectly. But that is not the foundation of this timeline to destruction. The web-bot is not the basis for this solar-cycle timeline. You see? It's not that the Mayan's saw a planetary alignment coming. It's that they understood our STAR! They understood our sun. Our Sol. Our great ball of fire. I'm not going to lay out this theory point by point. Go to this link, Cliff has these freakin awesome graphics of the earth and sun and the electromagnetic fields. You must check it down. See for yourself. The historical evidence of rapid freeze, rapid pole change, rapid massive coastal destruction via mega-tsunami. There are sea shells on top of Everest. The Mayans charted the heavens. The prophets of old saw it. The web-bot has dropped clues about a "sick sun" for years. Terrence McKenna's program Timewave Zero which was based on the DNA code and the I Ching just happened to reach Zero-Point on 12-21-2012. And now, here we have hard data explaining it. It's not a "we're all gonna die" message. It is a "be prepared" message. Patriots Cave is not trying to scare you for the sake of fear. If you are a man or a woman of science and logic, I would like very much for you to read Cliff High's presentation. Also check out Patrick Geryl's website, although Pat has some views Patriots Cave does not entertain or espouse. Nevertheless, Geryl's views may be totally in line with your own. It's worth a look see. Here is Patrick Geryl's link: Check them out brethren and sistren. Cliff High is a hell of a lot smarter than most of us are, and the man is actually getting a boat ready for the cataclysmic flooding which may occur when the solar blast flips earth's magnetic poles and shifts the Continental United States well into the Arctic Circle.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joel,
Reading your post and viewing the links... the scenario presented is really, really close to the 2012 movie out in theatres. Coincidence or a warning from Hollywood. Pastor Lindsey Williams says to watch Hollywood reveal what is to come. IF SO... builing a personal ARK sounds like a plan, but could it really survive such a realignment? Past civilizations are aware of a GREAT SHIFT/CHANGE - I myself have studied what I can from previous cultures, but specifics are always vague and how they survived are ALWAYS re-emerging from the earth. Caves? Kind of like your web-cave - where knowledge reemerges. Well, I'm prepared for TEOTWAWKI - but an ark is not likely for me... One of those mountains sound like a more feasible idea... Need a cave-roommate? ;o)

Joel the K said...

ha ha. The cave on/in a mountain is a great idea. With a boat for back-up. Patrick geryl's group is really going all the way with it. They are planning to rebuild civilization after the waters subside. I will be writing more on this subject. Thank you for your visit.