Sunday, December 20, 2009

Conspiracy Theory: "What's Going On Here?" Pt.2

Greetings brethren and sistren. Welcome to Patriots Cave, the only blog of it's kind in the Milky Way galaxy. Today is a snowy Sunday here in Ohio. The odds are in favor of a white Christmas this year. Last year we did not get any snowflakes on Christmas proper, but it did snow a bit around two o'clock in the morning which was technically December 26th. But since we were still awake from Christmas Day, it was taken for Christmas snow. I'm still a child at heart when it comes to Christmas. After forty years it still seems magical to me when it snows on December 25th. Childhood memories...
Enough of that. Let's get down to the serious Patriots Cave business shall we? In Patriot Cave's last post, we discussed Governor Jesse Ventura's new cable television program: "Conspiracy Theory". I cancelled my cable TV in 2008, but somehow these shows find their way to my eyes regardless. All three episodes of Conspiracy Theory" are up on YouTube.
As previously mentioned, Ventura's show is definitely entertaining. and from what I have seen on QuantCast, it is kicking some major buttocks in the ratings game. Ventura is of course a highly charismatic man, and no one can question his machotivity either, which makes him tailor made for the demographic "Conspiracy Theory" is targeting. But the pertinent question here is "why?". Why, is the Illuminati controlled media allowing Ventura to expose their secrets?
But first, we must ask ourselves this question: "how do we know that TruTV is Illuminati controlled? Maybe they are just a small, up and coming cable network, trying to get the truth out to the people. Well, NO. Definitely not. TruTV is owned by Ted Turner, who is an admitted eugenicist. Turner has made public statements in support of Orwellian "social engineering". My sistren and brethren, social engineering is another word for eugenics, totalitarianism, social Darwinism, and scientific dictatorship. Turner donated $1,000,000,000 to the United Nations(U.N.), yes, that says one BILLION dollars. Now take a look over on the right hand side of this page, and read the quote from a U.N. team-leader about how we all must take our Luciferian initiation so we can enter the new world order. Now ask yourself how connected a person must be to an organization to "donate" one billion dollars.
So as we analyze Jesse Ventura's new show, it must be noted that this show crossed Ted Turner's desk and was given approval. Patriots Cave is not saying that this fact alone proves anything in particular. It is just something to keep in mind. In all fairness to Ted Turner, I think some "INFO" sites make it look like Turner is calling for 80% of the population to be killed off. That is not how I read it. I'm no Ted Turner fan, but I'm not going to twist the truth around to suit myself. Turner called for an 80% population reduction over a period of 80-100 years, by way of voluntary one child policy. Does Patriots Cave agree with that? Hell no. But is it the same as killing 5 billion people? Hell no. No it is not. So I think Info-warriors should stop making it sound like Turner is calling for billions to be put to death. Nevertheless, Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" airs on Ted Turner's network. And Ted Turner supports the U.N., who in Patriot Cave's opinion, is pushing for a One-World, Luciferian scientific dictatorship.
Now, what other clues has Patriots Cave gathered by which to analyse the reasons why the Illuminati let Ventura's show go on the air? Well, Patriots Cave thought long and deep about this question. But the answer was not deep at all. It was hidden in plain sight. I nearly missed it. Did you miss it? Brethren and sistren, think about the title of the show for a few moments, and you shall have your answer. Is the show called "The Plain Truth"? Is it called "Conspiracy Fact?" or "Conspiracy Busters?". No. It's called "Conspiracy THEORY". And now, ask yourself what the average cable TV viewer thinks when they see the words conspiracy theory. They see tin foil hat wearing nutters, all day.
So my siblings, the situation is essentially this: the reason why the Illuminati isn't worried about this show, is because there are two kinds of people watching it. The one's who are "awake", and the clones or sheeple who are asleep. Now, the Illuminati doesn't give a rats ass if people who are already awake watch it. You already know all this stuff. Right? Of course. You know about 911. You know about HAARP. You know global warming is a big Ponzi scheme rip-off. You ALREADY know it all. So they could care less. But as an added bonus, they still benefit from your ratings when you watch the show. But what about the other viewers? The Cloney Von Cloninghams? Aren't the Illuminati afraid they will wake up by watching Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory?" No. They are not worried about that one single iota. There are several reasons why the Illuminati are not worried about it.
Reason #1- The title of the show puts a negative spin on the entire presentation. Reason #2- Commercials. Ventura might control the show, but he does not control the commercials that the viewer is bombarded with every 7 minutes. The Illuminati can do a mind job on the viewer every seven minutes. They are sorcerers when it comes to blink-rate frequency and subliminal messages. Don't think for a minute that they aren't using such tactics. And finally, reason #3- The big enchilada. The REAL reason of reasons that the Illuminati are not worried about clones waking up from watching Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory": The reason is, because this show reinforces THE BIG LIE. What is THE BIG LIE? The big lie is that we are "controlled" by some omnipotent group of godlike men, and that we need not take any responsibility for the way our world is. Shows like this tell us on a deep subconscious level that we are powerless, that we can do nothing in the bigger scheme of things. When the Truth of the matter is that we are ALL responsible for what is happening. Our thoughts create our reality. These people only have power over us if we give it to them. My brethren and sistren, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Do not take the words of such a One who said those words lightly, as if they were just some phrase to recite in Sunday school as a child. If you are going to claim His words, then CLAIM THEM, and stop fearing a few chicken-necked blue-bloods who meet in the shadows in fear of the Light. Let us not fear this brood of vipers. For Patriots Cave, this is Joel the K, over and out.


moshe said...

Very good,positive, insight K ! The dark side is pulling out all stops ,but, as the old 60's song says, "let your old world make believe it's blind and deaf and dumb, but nothing can change the shape of things to come"
A better day is coming. Chazak v'Amatz!(Be Strong and Courageous)

Joel the K said...

Thank you Moshe. Thank you very much. Chazak v'Amatz! Hari Ram! Jai Ram!

Trini Airguns said...

From your analysis Ventura may be playing the role of one of "the King's men". You know, the men who went through various villages trying to stir up others to rise up against the king, then secretly passing info to the king's assassins to either kill or arrest said insurgents. Thus eliminating genuine dissent from the equation.

Today they are called 'agent provocateur'.

Keep digging up the truth, Joel.

The very best to you and your family over this season.

Joel the K said...

Thank you Trinni my friend and brother. Happy Christmas, and thank you for visiting.

Anonymous said...

I have been struggling over the same question for a week or so, and came to a similar conclusion about why Ted Turners leting this air, knowing you usually have to do the devils work to reach the financial heights he's reached. I think where you may be mistaken is on this countries financial debt which there clearly is no solution. The bottom line is the dollar can be sunk at anytime. The powers that be know china and anyone with the dollar is moving it into land. If they were to just dump the dollar it would cause it hyperinflate and the result would be that the rest of their dollars wouldn't be worth much. The only true assets in the near future are going to be commodities, and land. Anyone can lend credence to the possablity of one theory and have doubts. When you see things playing out you know what time it is. The few people that do pay attention to politics don't look at why there government does things, only what there government does. They believe that their policy makers are playing the washinton game to suit the interest of their constiuents and if it wasn't for the other side of the isle the counrty can get back on track. My first time to the site but you got to know the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion? Who thinks that in a world where we navigate satilites into orbits of other planets that other affairs arnt as finely tuned. If you want to save your family from the things that will be comming by some land that you can live off of. If you got 50k saved you start a new life, a better life, almost free of government, governed by The One True God who is in our hearts. If you can grow and farm your own food, hunt, fish, trap, supply your own electicity than you have nothing to worry about. We are in my opinion Germany in about 1937. Just like the banks used him to carry out atrocities against some of their own people once they were done with them so will they do it here. We can't pay back our debt. They'll postpone our demise until they have used up our military use. Either way the US is not going to come out of this. It can't. If everyone paid 100% of their wages to taxes we still couldn't even put a debt in our double digit trillion dollar debt. Look at the economic data, its appauling and people are oblivious to this. The congress and senate with exception to maybe Ron Paul who will probally get elected and then they will scape goat him for killing the economy. Why are their so many contractors admiting their building subterainian life sustaining condos? Seriously, do you think the rich don't know whats going on? They do and they are people who love power more than people. I wouldn't bash alex jones, he does drive fear to some extent but he's very accurate for independent news. If you put your faith in The One True God, Of The Most High Places, than truely there is no need to fear. For those who don't know him he's hard to find if you've been brainwashed. So I would support alex jones knowing that those who are in the knowing can't be driven out with fear, but that sometimes a person who has the truth even if it has been delivered in fear can sometimes penetrate the facade and find the peace they didn't know the could have on earth.