Friday, December 11, 2009

Russians Reporting Civil War By End Of Winter

Greetings and welcome. The European Union news agency (EU Times) is reporting that the U.S. government is now moving battalions into place for total civil war. The EU Times reports that Obama has ordered NORTHCOM to increase it's troop strength to 1,000,000 personnel. Russian military analysts are reporting that these troop numbers are to be in place no later than January 30, 2010. Less than 2 months from now. The EU Times has stated that Russian Prime Minister Putin has been informed that the U.S. government is fully anticipating total civil war erupting in the USA before the end of winter.
According to EU Times, Obama will announce to the American people in the coming week, that 200,000 troops will be coming home from 800 military bases abroad, in 39 countries. These 200,000 troops will reportedly bring the U.S. military stateside forces up to 1 million. Putin has reportedly been informed that these 1 million troops will be necessary to fight in a so-called "civil" war, which the EU Times states, will soon erupt when the American people realize that their nation has been totally bankrupted.
Are you letting this sink in dear reader? Does it not sound like Mr. Putin and other global players know something that the public is not aware of yet? It has not been widely reported that Social Security will go broke in 2010 unless drastic changes are made. See this article:
Some financial analysts are predicting the entire U.S. government to go into default in the first or second quarter of 2010. Patriots Cave has seen figures showing U.S. reserves at 800 billion, with roughly 3.5 trillion in short term loans coming due. This is not even taking into account the current U.S. debt owed, which is now at the astronomical figure of $106 Trillion !! With many countries unwilling to take on historical debt levels to keep the U.S. afloat, and in light of this latest report from the EU Times, it looks probable that the grand collapse is actually upon us.
Patriots Cave is projecting a 55% chance of socioeconomic collapse in the USA by March 21, 2010. This figure is based on a predictive model developed using a probability tree. Right now this probability tree looks like a giant spruce with two wedge shaped cuts, one on each side of the trunk, with a new world order lumber-jack standing there ready to yell "timber!".
Patriots Cave definitely sees economic default on the horizon. We do not however, agree with the report given to Prime Minister Putin, stating that 220 million Americans are "armed to the teeth, and ready for civil war". No. Patriots Cave disagrees with that report. There are not 220 million people in the USA "armed to the teeth".
It certainly seems like the world and the USA are on the verge of a watershed event. I just don't think America would take to the streets, even if they were told the full extent of how globalist bankers have bilked our nation of every penny it had. I can't see it. Patriots Cave sees people panicking, wondering how they are going to survive their family. Wondering how they are going to eat. I think the troops are going to serve as armed escorts when people get kicked out of their houses by the hundreds of millions. And immigrants move in to those houses. And people are moved to refugee camps because they will have no where else to go. They will go to the FEMA camp for a hot meal. I can see all that. But I can't see a mass uprising. No. The people are pacified and soft. They don't even have enough sense to plan ahead for basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and barter items. How in the hell would they even THINK about "war" when their bellies are empty? No brethren and sistren, their will be no civil war in the USA. Invasion by communists? Yes, that is possible. Then their would be a war. But it would not be a civil war. Still, it looks like something big is about to go down. Pray your flight be not in Winter....

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