Thursday, December 24, 2009

Watershed Christmas

Greetings brethren and sistren. Today is the Eve of Christmas. Patriots Cave realizes that many of us feel Christmas has become a day of commercialism and Santa Clause marketing. But this year I would urge you to celebrate as we once did. This may be the last time in decades that we are able to travel freely on Christmas to visit our loved ones. America stands at the crossroads of history. The corporations have taken over a government which was designed to be of the people, by the people and for the people. Last week the United States changed in a profound, horrible, evil, way. It was decided in the highest U.S. court, that the federal government can label anyone they choose an enemy. And that after they label you an enemy, you are no longer a citizen, and you no longer have any rights whatsoever. It was decided in that "court", that you can then be arrested, taken away, tortured and executed, with absolutely no due process. No Miranda rights, no lawyer, no phone call, nothing. The courts have said that this is all perfectly legal now. Our government, if it does not like how you think, or what you write, or what religion you are, or who your family is, or any reason whatsoever, can now come and take you away to be tortured and killed. They are not required to tell your family what the charges are, where they are taking you, or even WHO they are. Brethren and sistren, the supreme court has ruled that this is all legal now. Do you understand what that means? YOU, have lost your constitutional rights as an American citizen. We all have. It is exactly like NAZI Germany, where nobody dared speak out against the government, for fear of the secret police coming and taking them away.
Is this America? Is this what George Washington fought for? Secret police?! Torture?! No due process?! No. It is not. This is something evil.
It is WRONG. It is against the Supreme Law of the Land. When elected officials can just decide on a whim to destroy entire families, take their home and their land, rape the wife, kill the Dad, rape the children, then IT IS WRONG. And there is nothing right about it. It is against Natural Law, Common Law, Divine Law, Universal Law, and the Supreme Law of this Land, The Constitution of The United States of America.
It is Christmas Eve. 2009. We are entering 2010 in a few days. Christmas 2010 is not going to be like Christmas 2009 was my siblings. So enjoy it. Hug your family tight. Feast, laugh, love, drink and be merry. Because next year on this day, you may very well be eating out of a can, or an MRE. Some of you may be eating your Christmas dinner in a refugee camp. Or an internment camp. Or perhaps you will be eating wild turkeys, roasted on a spit, in the backwoods of West Virgina, or in the swamps of Louisiana, or in the deserts of West Texas, or in the mountains of upstate New York, or in the caves of Kentucky, or deep in the black oak forests of Kansas, or in an Ozark mountain valley of Missouri, or next to one of a million lakes in Minnesota, or even camped out by the Great Serpent Mound on Serpent Mound Hill, in Adams County Ohio. Or any of 10 million other lands in the wild places of our great nation which is also called "Turtle Island" by the original survivalists themselves. My point is brethren and sistren, don't take anything for granted. The Great Battle of Good versus Evil is upon us. So gird up. Pray hard. Live each day as it will be your last, so that when you die, you will die with no regrets. In conclusion, Patriots Cave wishes to share with you a story. It is my favorite Christmas story and it says so much about the past, present and future. Please read it with me:
Amid the horrors of World War I, there occurred a unique truce when, for a few hours, enemies behaved like brothers.
Christmas Eve in 1914 was all quiet on France's Western Front, from the English Channel to the Swiss Alps. Trenches came within 50 miles of Paris. the war was only five months, old, and approximately 800,000 men had been wounded or killed. Every soldier wondered whether Christmas Day would bring another round of fighting and killing. But something happened: British soldiers raised "Merry Christmas" signs, and soon carols were heard from German and British trenches alike.
Christmas dawned with unarmed soldiers leaving their trenches, as officers of both sides tried unsuccessfully to stop their troops from meeting the enemy in the middle of no-man's land for songs and conversation. Exchanging small gifts, mostly sweets and cigars, they passed Christmas Day peacefully along miles of the front. At one spot, the British played soccer with the Germans, who won 3-2.
In some places, the spontaneous truce continued the next day, neither side willing to fire the first shot. Finally the war resumed when fresh troops arrived, and the high command of both armies ordered that further "informal understandings" with the enemy would be punishable as treason. (The story above was borrowed from William Bramley's insightful and utterly compelling book entitled: "The Gods of Eden" page 337)
There was once a time when the king would ride at the front of the column into battle, with his sons at his side. The king was slow to declare war, and would seek council from wise elders on the matter. The king knew if war was declared, that he and his sons would be the first to draw swords. How far removed from those great one's, are the facsimiles of men who today in our nation call themselves "leaders". From Patriots Cave on this Christmas Eve, this is Joel the K, over and out.


Outraged Patriot said...

This was a brilliant and heartfelt article! You put to words exactly how I've been feeling. I look at our two daughters (9 & 10) and have just for now, put away all my worries about their future. My family is with me for dinner and for now all is well. I feel I cherish each moment more than I ever have before. Each hug and Merry Christmas is said with an eye to our possible future and I feel I am hanging on to every moment. May God bless you & yours this next year Joel.

Joel the K said...

Thank you so much Opie. That means a great deal to me. I am with you, I too have banished all thought of worry, and am truly communing with the family, my wife Jennie, our daughter Jessica, our son Josiah and all of our wonderful animals. Before we opened prizes, I read a few pages from my preceptor's master-work "The Second Coming of Christ" (Paramahansa Yogananda)
The passeges I read aloud with the family had to do with recognizing Christ within our own heart, and celebrating the birth of Christ both without and within. They were very moving passages. I can tell when a passage is pregnant with Truth because my heart chakra begins to vibrate on a higher octave. Victoria, I heard you on DTOM the other night. That radio broadcast was truly unique and life altering. It was so cool listening to you speak with the Big John. It's a good thing you called when you did. You calmed him down a bit I feel. Even so, it was an incredible event, and I am fortunate to have been a part of it. Your call was just the right thing at the right time. Very cool. Have a happy Christmas OP. God bless you and yours always and always.

Anonymous said...

Hello Joel,
this post has not really to do with Christmas, but I just wanted to inform you and your patriot friends about a development in the ammunitions production that a friend and gun expert from Utah informed me about.
Apparently the governemtn or who ever else want and are already distributing ammunition that expires after a year, so you always have to go back to buy new ammunition or the new ammunition that you buy won't work after a year, in case they declare martial law and you need to defend yourself.
I don't know if this is just a rumor, but this is really scary. You can have all the guns in the world in your house, but if you don't have ammunition that works, the gun won't work obviously :-)

I guess that is how the Illuminati handle the problem that they can't ban guns in the USA.

I also researched on the web, but I could only find one short comment about it on an ammo forum:

''I have heard that they are trying to make it so that center fire ammo will "expire" after 90 days by making the firing caps with ingredients that fail. This is supposed to be something Obama wants. To me it is akin to taking money out of my pocket or just down right theft. I don't buy a product that should have a shelf life of many years to decades and expect it to be useless when I need it a few years later. Maybe rich people can afford to throw out ammo every few weeks but I can't.''

Sorry that this comment is not really related to the topic of your post, but I felt this was such a pressing issue that it needed to be shared.

Best wishes from Spokane