Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We're All Going To Die! How Does Your State Rank?

Greetings brethren and sistren. Welcome to Patriots Cave, the blog which absolutely refuses to fit into any category. Last time we discussed high points, with regard to seeking refuge in the event of a catastrophic solar discharge induced pole shift. The said shift and matching cataclysm are sketched out by the scientist/researcher Patrick Geryl on his website http://www.howtosurvive2012.com/ and by Cliff High on his fantastic website www.halfpasthuman.com/. Continuing along this thread, Patriots Cave will examine some more factors concerning possible refuge locations. As mentioned, last time the factor under consideration was high places such as mountains and high hills. Today we will examine proximity of nuclear power plants, earthquake zones, and volcanoes. Patriots Cave is not endorsing Patrick Geryl's theory 100% at this time. However, a convincing argument against Mr. Geryl's 2012 theory has yet to cross my desk. Therefore Pat Geryl's theory merits further consideration from the perspective of possible future scenarios. +++
You may recall Patriot Cave's 7-part investigative report entitled "The Doomsday Enigma". If you are new to Patriots Cave, or you just do not remember reading that original 7-part expose', you can go to September 2009 file in the Patriots Cave archives, where you will find all 7 parts. It goes hand in hand with what we speak of here. In that series, I talked about "Earth Crust Displacement Theory". This theory shows very strong evidence that our earth periodically suffers from rapid, and catastrophic movement of entire continents. Albert Einstein himself endorsed the Earth crust displacement model. Graham Hancock's master work "Fingerprints of the God's" explains it all in detail and with perfect clarity, even for the layman. Hancock was addressing such an event as this when he said: "If the horror of an earth-crust displacement were to be visited upon today's interdependent world the progress of thousands of years of civilization would be torn away from our planet like a fine cobweb. Those who live near high mountains might escape the global tidal waves, but they would be forced to leave behind, in the lowlands, the slowly constructed fruits of civilization...."
Not "if", but rather "when". Indeed this has happened before. Myths from the world over speak of "the civilizers", coming from inside the earth, after the flood and ice-ages. Might we be facing such an event again? And if so, who will be "the civilizers" this time? Me? You? Patrick Geryl? Your children or grandchildren? Now I know this theory is unthinkable. It is so horrible, the mind reels away from the very possibility. This reflex must be overcome if one would examine all potential future scenarios. Horror must be suspended.
In our search for a suitable refuge, it will be wise to note proximity to nuclear power plants, volcanoes, and earthquake zones.
The USA is home to over 100 nuclear facilities. Rather than list states which have nuke plants, Patriots Cave will list states situated favorably in relation to nuclear reactors. Keep in mind that we are not looking at common risk factors as often reported on survival websites. What we are talking about here is ALL of the reactors being destroyed simultaneously. The northern half of the USA is dotted with nuclear reactors. There are relatively few reactors in the southern states. One problem with the Geryl Doomsday scenario is that the jet-stream probably would not be exhibiting it's usual west-to-east pattern. This makes predicting fallout patterns impossible. Nevertheless, Patriots Cave sees south-west Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, North and South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Washington, as the most favorable locations of refuge in the lower 48 states with regards to nuclear reactors melting down in a catastrophic Geryl-sized doomsday event. This is not to say that Patriots Cave endorses these states for it's final choice, because we have yet to analyze the states in regards to volcanoes and earthquake zones or fault lines.
Southern California is bar none the worst state for earthquake zones. There are nuclear reactors built in this earthquake zone. Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania are absolutely peppered with nuke facilities. Although this region of the Midwest is not prone to earthquakes under normal circumstances, in the event of the Geryl scenario occurring, this region of the mid west would be glowing with atomic energy. Add that to the fact that the mid west has no high mountains, and you will see that it this region is a great place to be on Doomsday, if you wish to just get it over with.
Volcanic activity in the CONUS would be primarily located on the west coast and inwards to Yellowstone. This means California of course, Oregon, Washington, and the tri-state border region shared between Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. It's difficult to imagine what this Geryl doomsday event would be like. We talk about volcanoes, but these volcanoes would be erupting under massive flood waters, in the middle of 9.0+ level earthquakes. Like I said, it's hard to imagine.
Patriots Cave would love to hear from you regarding ideas for surviving a pole-shift doomsday event. Some people, like Cliff High, are going with the self-righting boat method. Some are talking about taking to the air, for example in hot air balloons. Others see underground bunkers as the best gamble. We know that the governments of the world have placed all of the seeds for our planet in an underground bunker. That bunker is beneath an ice-shelf. We also know that the U.S. government has built entire underground towns in various locations around the country. But what do YOU think? If it were going to happen like Cliff High says, how would YOU plan to survive? Up on a mountain to avoid the 4,500 foot tidal wave? Floating in the air with a blimp? Riding the waves with a boat? Or how about a submarine? If you have any ideas, leave us a comment, or e-mail me, Joel the K, at joelweldon@rocketmail.com . No matter how silly, crazy, simple, or complicated your ideas are, I WANT to hear it. I will say this. People are making submarines now. One guy took his homemade submarine to a depth of 2,100 feet! So don't be shy, leave us a comment, or drop me an e-mail. God bless you. Joel the K, over and out.


Outraged Patriot said...

Hi Joel, I grew up in California and have been through more than a few earthquakes-they are scary and humbling. It's like driving on ice and loosing traction-there is no controlling it, you just have to hang on and hope you come thru it ok. Perhaps that's why I am a prepper to my soul. When you grow up with that you always have stuff stored and alternate plans. It is a way of living. This news is indeed frightening but we look at it as we do everything else. After you get past the denial and fear you start to say "well what do we need to do so we have the best chance of surviving it"? My husband and I have been talking about a hot air balloon lately. It would lift us up and over the destruction. This is just a beginning plan but you have to start somewhere! Keep up with this great information! The more people that are aware of this possibility the more that will survive. God Bless!

Joel the K said...

Hey now OP. Thanks for sharing your idea. I too was brainstorming along those lines. Right now I am liking what I call "Option Pass" play. Like a football play where the ball is pitched to the running back (keep it on the ground), but if he get's in trouble he has an option to pass (go to the air). Have not worked out details. I would like to have a decent shelter cave up on an 8,000 ft. mountain. And have heavy duty inner tubes and equipment in case a boat was eventually required. A hot air balloon would be AWESOME. But that is beyond my means at this time. I'm not all terrified or anything, I just see it as a cosmic game of dodgeball, and I want to stay in the action to the last. I don't want to be one of the one's that gets hit early on and has to sit down on the bench while the "survivors" stay in the game and get all the action. Thank you for your visit OP.

Joel the K said...

Oh OP I forgot to mention, the earthquakes sound pretty intense. I have never experienced one thank God. I did survive an F5 tornado though. It was half a mile wide. In my town that day, 55 died, 500+ were wounded. In the weeks afterwards our town was under martial law. President Nixon flew in on Airforce One Jolly Green Giant helicopter. It was the one event I have clear recall of from my childhood. I was TERRIFIED of storms and wind for years and years. The meteorological society tried to create catagory F6 for that twister on the Fujita scale. The wind speed exceeded 350 mph. I was in it's vacuum. You know the feeling OP, you mentioned it with the quake, the feeling of being powerless. The Earth becomes a monster and grips you in it's clawed fist. Except the energy and power is on a scale which defy's words to describe. It is awesome. Every day closer to 12/21/12, I become more and more compelled by the possibility that something really BIG is coming. It is truly suspenseful.Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joel,

I like how you are covering all bases even though you don't totally agree with the doomsday scenario. Keep up the good work, my friend.

Anonymous said...

My plan is be on my knees praying to God to protect my family and myself. That is 100% safe bet. Even if we do not live, we will be in a far better place!

Joel the K said...

What are the odds of 2 people with the name "Anonymous" commenting at the same time? Small world.

Just a little cave humor. Anonymous #1: Thank you, encouragment is such a nice gift. I appreciate that very much.

Anonymous #2- Interesting. I have mixed feelings about your plan. But I appreciate you sharing it nonetheless. After all, I asked you to share your plan right? Yes I did. I feel that your plan is good for grownups. Because you have lived and have experienced life, and have developed great faith. But I feel we should do all in our power to make sure the little one's get their chance to live and experience before they are whisked off to the spirit world. But that is my opinion only. Thank's again for your input. God bless and protect you and your family always.