Monday, December 14, 2009

West Texas Armageddon Refuge

Greetings ladies and free-jacks. Welcome to Patriots Cave, the greatest website in the universe. Patriots Cave has been investigating and weighing options regarding what to do, and where to go, when/if the world as we know it comes to a screech owl halt. The latest round of research pertained to nuclear fallout patterns and prevailing winds in the event of a thermonuclear detonation or series of detonations. Once again West Texas wins out in this survival category. As you can see in the picture, the Big Bend region of southwest Texas is in a relatively favorable position according to the fallout pattern model. Patriot Cave's home state of Ohio is in a relatively BAD area according to the fallout pattern projection model. You can tell because Ohio is glowing RED. All this has inspired Patriots Cave to assemble a list of strong points regarding the Terlingua region of West Texas as being a prime candidate for the Patriots Cave number one Armageddon refuge. A.k.a. TEOTWAWKI refuge, a.k.a. When TSHTF refuge. You get the idea. Patriots Cave Strong Points In Favor Of West Texas As Armageddon refuge List: #1) Close to a mountain apx. 9,000 feet above sea level (to escape 6,000 foot pole-shift tsunami) #2) In a relatively favorable position/location according to nuclear fallout prediction model #3) Apx. as far south as possible in the CONUS. According to Geryl's model, CONUS will shift into arctic circle, or "circle of death". In which case being as far south as possible would be best. #4) West Texas has geographic access link to Mexico, in case arctic temps force refugees to flee CONUS by moving south through Mexico and central America. Being in Texas would give massive head-start. #5) Price is right. 5 acres available for $1,000 in Federal Reserve Notes. #6) Not in close proximity of large urban centers or metropolis. (No urban zombie hoards to contend with) #7) Prime location for solar power, as long as continent remains in fixed position. Patriots Cave is hard pressed at this time to find a more suitable location from which to survive a Gerylian pole-shift tsunami and/or Armageddon scenario. The only other viable option would be going as close as possible to what is now the North Pole. Then, when/if the continents slide out of place, inserting North America into the arctic circle, anyone already in northern Canada would theoretically shift over and past the arctic circle. Plus, even if Geryl is wrong, a hasty flight into Canada from the Midwest USA could present itself as a necessity in the event of certain calamitous events. Either way, the best route to the north, out of the USA, is the fabled Central United States Escape Route To Canadian Wilderness via the Height of Land Portage: This is by way of Minnesota, in La Verendrye Provincia Park. This is 180 square miles of unspoiled terrain with canoe lanes galore. This escape route has all the essentials needed to survive on the move: fresh water, game, fish, wilderness shelter and isolation from population centers and/or highways. Patriots Cave favors West Texas though, as moving into Canada would be an extreme cold survival situation. Patriots Cave will continue to analyze various locations for their survivability. If you would like to suggest a location, leave a comment or send an e-mail to Joel the K: That is all for now. Joel the K, over and out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joel,
thank you for your website.

I would be interested what your survival refuge analysis of Spokane, WA is and would appreciate a feedback in the comment section.
I know that we have a big aquafier underneath Spokane which is one of the main reasons we chose Spokane as our mission base. Also trees, for heating and building are available.
I know that the Bush family bought a 99.000 acre property in Paraguay I believe that sits right on top of the biggest aquafier in that region.

I think water will be crucial.''Blue Gold'' as it often called. I don't know how south western Texas does in that regard.

Also when I talk to friends I always say: "Stay away from the southern border of the USA", because I am expecting many Mexicans and South Americans to cross the border into the USA and take over the southern part of the country. They won't head north because they don't like the cold weather very much.

I feel a nuclear dooms day scenario is very unlikely anymore.

I feel though that a financial doomsday will occur and acquiring land if you have money will be one of the best options.
I agree with some of your readers who see the main solution for the upcoming challenges and crises in spirituality, however I mean spirituality and not religion ie Christianity, Islam or even the New Age.

I feel using your conscious intent and meditation to activate and establish a clear intuition is the most important thing in my opinion. Prayer in my opinion is not as effective. These are times to take on your powers, not to give them away.

Thank you and all the best in your preparations.

Joel the K said...

Washington is an awesome location. You got it all man! Mountains, water, game, trees, access to Canada if needed. I say you made a smart choice.
Remember though, I am quite cozy where I am now, in Ohio. West Texas is all about a place to seek refuge in the case of a Gerylian pole-shift 6,000 ft. tsunami. In which case how much water there is below the ground will not be an issue. As far as just surviving economic collapse and all that kind of stuff, I have no reason to leave the land I'm now on. Texas is all about the Geryl prediction model. It sounds like you are squared away pretty nicely to me brother. All the best to you. Come back often.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your very nice reply Joel.

I saw you most recent post on Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory TV show and I am curious what conclusion you will draw why he is on the air now and why they let it happen.

There are several psychological and reverse-psychological weapons the Powers that Be apply to achieve their goals.
Interesting video on this here:

Making Conspiracy Mainstream is definitely one of them. It is now hip and trendy to know about the Illuminati and One World Government and everybody wants a piece of it, and conspiracy researchers become celebrities and brand names themselves.
Also the things Jesse exposes are in my opinion only low level conspiracies and are used as bait and entertainment to distract the masses.

I don't know if you have ever heard of project Blue Beam, but in my opinion this is the next level of conspiracy on the road to One World Government(Two videos following):

Part 1

Part 2

Again all the best to you Joel.

Anonymous said...

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