Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Colloidal Silver Is Banned  Colloidal silver has been banned in the European Union. That means over 500 million people must now resort to the underground market if they need colloidal silver. This ridiculous ban on colloidal silver is the result of the European Food Supplements Directive. In addition to colloidal silver, this "Directive" makes thousands of nutritional supplements illegal in the EU, thanks to the so called European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. There were 13 judges presiding over this case, one judge for each Illuminati family. This is only the beginning brethren and sistren. This case will be a precedent for more draconian legislation the world over. It will all fall under Codex Alimentarius, which is designed to malnourish and kill 80% of human beings on this planet. Mike Adams the Health Ranger wrote this in regards to the insane EU Food Supplements Directive: "The ruling will potentially have significant impacts on the parallel development of international guidelines for vitamin and mineral food supplements by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, which are near finalisation." What is more, this Directive is merely the first in a virtual salvo of health destroying eugenics directives, including: EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive, Human Medicinal Products Directive, Nutrition and Health Claims Regulations and setting "legal limits" on maximum doses of vitamins that are still legal! They are going to enforce how much of certain vitamins will be legal!
      The United Nations Codex Alimentarius Commission is being set up as a multi-headed dragon! Codex Directives, once finalized here in the USA, will trump our own laws, federal, state, and local! Our traitorous politicians are handing over American sovereignty to an illegitimate panel set up by multinational corporations! And what these corporate bastards say will be more powerful than our constitution! They are going to outlaw everything that fights off illness and keeps the body healthy. This is NOT some wacko conspiracy man, this is REAL. It is now LAW for over 500 million people in the EU. So all those doubters who said we were "conspiracy nuts" when we warned them about Codex Alimentarius, better wake up and smell the tyranny. And be prepared to disregard any so called "law" coming from some corporate panel across the ocean. Disobey. Resist. Do not comply with so called laws coming from outside of our United States. And as for you people living in the EU, Patriots Cave will be posting a very simple video on how to make your own colloidal silver.
     We cannot let corporations become any more powerful than they already are. These Codex directives would have you believe that vitamin C is risky and dangerous, but expensive drugs they manufacture are "acceptable risks", even though their expensive drugs kill hundreds of thousands each year. People, this ban on colloidal silver is an unjust law, and it is our duty to disobey unjust laws. Codex Alimentarius must be exposed for what it is, a system of total control, death, and eugenics.
       In fact, Codex was invented by a Nazi! A person named Fritz ter Meer, who was an executive for the Bayer drug company (Bayer aspirin) is the founder of Codex. Fritz ter Meer served four years in prison for Nazi war crimes, then after being released from prison he was reinstated to his high command position at Bayer. Then in 1963 he became the architect for the diabolical Nazi eugenics killing system called CODEX ALIMENTARIUS. And now it is touching us all. Colloidal silver is banned in the EU, and they will do the same to our entire planet if we let them. I have used colloidal silver probably 25-30 times in the past 12 months. When I get a sore throat, and feel a flu attacking me, I gargle some silver and then I drink a few ounces. It works so well for me I don't know what I would do without it. I am fortunate that a dear friend gave me a machine to make my own colloidal silver. It even has a solar panel hooked to it. But I also purchase colloidal silver, as there are different varieties and concentrations for different situations. The point is, silver is good for me, it helps me stay healthy, and no freaking NAZI is going to keep me from drinking it. For Patriots Cave this is Joel the K over and out.  


Anders said...

I cant believe this :S

This is sick! Just got an mail about this being banned in EU and im from Denmark so im pretty MAD right now!

How the hell haven't i heard the news in the media! Well nothing new really, but i get so sad everytime i find out about something that my media should have told me!

Like the Climate-Gate episode?
We had the meeting in Denmark, but nearly no one know about the Climate-Gate episode, the media did not tell a thing about it... Fucking Corrupt!!!

Im getting tired, and mad over the Lies, and I try to tell other people about all I know! But most people dont believe me or dont want to know... They dont event check the news im coming with, but just tell me its not true becouse that have seen other things in the media.... Doh

Regards Anders Erichsen

Anonymous said...


I've been following your blog and I'm not surprised at all. Is this type of legislation in the so called Healthcare bill? If they try to outlaw colloidal silver here in the US, I'm buying a bunch of Vitamin D3.

Anders said...

Ya, D3 is nice as well :)
Tried to see the danger in D3 and took a whole glass with 180+11 pills with 35 micrograms each.

Thats a good overdose here in Denmark were our authorities says only 7.5 micrograms each day...

And guess what, i am feeling just fine :)

Joel the K said...

Wow. That is interesting information you shared with us regarding D3. I take D3 two or 3 times per week. Each gel cap is 5,000 IU. I call it "liquid sunshine" because it is like sunshine in a gel-cap. Good stuff. Thanks Anders. I appreciate you sharing with us all.

Good idea. But don't stop taking colloidal silver just because some greedy, scumbag, traiters against the entire human race say it is against their NAZI rules. FUCK THEM!! I'm gawddamn SICK of this bullshit! They wanna tell us we have to die? They wanna tell us we must obey and let our family die so they can get richer and have more control? FUCK THEM!!!!!!!! I'll take colloidal silver as I please. You think I'm going to obey some pale ass, soft batch, pedophile blue-bloods? Hell No! We're all going to live, we're all going to die. We must do what is right, and stop going along with what is EVIL, and WRONG. +++ Thank you for your visit.

Anonymous said...

curious about the newspaper article on the website. i looked for the ohio times and could not find it. could you shed some light on this.

Joel the K said...

Dear Anonymous,
The website address above, if you go there, you will see. You can make your own "front page" newspaper headline. You know? For a novelty or gag. The one I put up was just to create buzz for Patriots Cave. I was not representing it as if it was real. If you read the "article" it is exaggerated and ridiculous. Supposed to be humorous. I have posted those before with ridiculous headlines. Thanks for asking. Try it, it's fun. And it is a conversation point. See? Thank you for your visit.

H. Ghr said...

I have long had a bias against supplements, but recently started taking a mineral complex to try to treat severe leg cramps. I first engaged in the tedious exercise of tabulating my mineral intake for about a week to see if I was really deficient. I thought I could be somewhat low, but was shocked to find I was falling very short on magnesium and potassium most days. I was also lacking in calcium on days when I did not consume both yogurt and cheese.

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