Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Designed To Survive Gerylian Solar Tsunami

Greetings brethren and sistren. Patriots Cave has been researching and discussing with other theorists, how people could possibly survive what Patriots Cave has dubbed a "Gerylian Doomsday Event". This is named after Patrick Geryl, the scientist and mathmatician who has convincingly theorized and calculated that our local star, "the" sun, comes undone so to speak, in periodic cycles. Patriots Cave has done extensive posting on this topic and will not go into the technical details again here. If you are not familiar with Geryl's model, and Cliff High's fantastic work, check this link out, and then come back in here to Patriots Cave to read this post. It will be well worth your time to do this. Here is the link:
Okay, now that you are up to speed on the Gerylian Doomsday model, Patriots Cave will go directly to the important aspect of this situation: SURVIVAL. How do we survive it? How do we survive TEOTWAWKI? Along with a 7,000 foot high mega-tsunami? Followed by a flood such as the one recorded in ancient writings the world over? Well, it ain't easy, but we can do it. Patriots Cave is designing a workable plan to survive this shaking of our planet. Time is short, so if you wish to be involved with this project, you need to e-mail me at . Please e-mail me if you are serious about surviving a Gerylian Doomsday Event (G.D.E.). Patriot Cave's G.D.E. Survival Plan is still in it's brainstorm stage, which is what this post is all about. If you have ideas, concerns, connections, resources and so on, that may be of use to this effort, then shoot it through.
So, how does a person survive a Gerylian Doomsday Event? Patriots Cave has figured out a way to accomplish this nearly impossible task. The key to my system is a boat. Now keep in mind we are talking about the extinction of 99% of the human population. We are not talking about normal survival scenarios such as economic collapse and /or martial law. We're talking about Noah's flood redux.
I do not favor the underground bunker method. In Geryl's model, the pole shift causes massive, and catastrophic seismic activity. It would be a gamble either way, but I feel that subterranean bunkers will be rapidly destroyed. A boat is the way to go. Just like Noah except the boat will be much, much smaller, and minus the animals.
As previously mentioned, this project is still in it's infancy stage. So what I am describing is a rough sketch of what I have singled out as an actual method for surviving a Gerylian pole-shift with it's monsterous 7,000 foot mega-tsunami.
Each boat will hold from 3-5 families. The boats must be towed up onto a mountain. The mountain should be 8,000 feet above sea level. The boats hold 70 people, but approximately 20-24 people would go in each boat, and the rest of the boat's capacity would be needed for cargo space. De-salinators and water filter units will make storing large volumes of water unnecessary.
The idea here is to survive the initial tsunami by taking refuge up on the mountain. Basically, the mountain is home-base. Then, if the water level continues to rise, as it did last time, then the good people will enter the boats and prepare to take the ride of their life. I realize it may sound outlandish to speak of water levels rising past 8,000 feet, but remember this: there are sea-shells and fish bones on top of Mt. Everest, the highest point on this third stone from our local star. So do not think that the water cannot rise above 8,000 feet, because it can, and has, and most likely, will.
So lets say the water rose to 8,500 feet and Survival Group #1 (SG1) is now aboard their boat. How will the relatively small water-craft hold up to the pounding waves and gale force winds? How will the boat keep from turning over and taking on water? How will SG1 remain afloat in such cataclysmic oceanic conditions? Patriots Cave has found the best possible boat for the job. Before the type of craft is revealed to you, before I unveil the optimal boat design for SG1, let me tell you some of the tolerances this boat has, and what it is capable of.
This boat is designed to withstand plummeting from the crest of a wave, in a free-fall drop, from over 100 feet up, with the people inside strapped in, and surviving the g-forces of such a fall and landing. The boat makers recently set a new record by dropping the boat 165 feet while keeping the shock force within tolerances necessary for humans to remain fully intact and healthy. What is more, the boat plunged 33 feet under the water when it hit. How many boats do you know of that can stand a 165 foot drop at free-fall speed, submerge 33 feet under the water, and then pop back up on the surface unharmed and not taking on water? This one can do it. These types of boats can withstand high winds, powerful waves and extreme weather conditions. This design will even float with a ruptured hull due to the buoyancy of the materials used to construct the craft.
Boats will be tethered together in a sort of survival armada. SG1, SG2, SG3, SG4, SG5, SG6, SG7 and so on. Depending on how many people were smart enough, or crazy enough, to join up with Joel the K and his fleet of tin foil hat wearing nutters. It all sounds rather silly I know, but then again, it sounded silly in Noah's day too.
There are parts and facets of this project that Patriots Cave cannot divulge at this time. I will keep you posted on the project as it develops. Patriots Cave will be making a major announcement on this front in the near future. For Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.


Anonymous said...

Hello Joel,
this is probabaly putting a damper on your preparation and theory and you might know of this already.

According to many channelers(I know they are not a good source to quote :-) and UFO researchers Noah's Ark was actually a space ship that orbited the earth with cell information from every organism (male and female)on earth and after the cataclysms had resided this genetic material was used to re-create the earth's flora and fauna.

Here a link on that topic:

Anyhow, as I said I do not want to put a damper on your passion and I hope you can manifest your visions and be prepared.

Best wishes from Spokane......

Anonymous said...

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