Thursday, January 14, 2010

Joel The K On YouTube by Joel the K
Greetings brethren and sistren. Most of you I have never met. You can meet me here now. Here are 3 quick videos I made for Patriots Cave. Joel the K, over and out.
(My 3 YouTube Videos Are All The Way Down. Scroll Down.)


Mayberry said...


Joel the K said...

Thanks May-B. I appreciate your feedback.

Gary said...

BBrrr way to cold there for me.
But really liked to hear the leave CRUNCH, showing the dryness inside.
Still not to late to create places which maybe crucial in the near future.

Ted said...

Bowah, you is ugly! Not even a mama could love that mug!


Did I see Chuck in that teepee?

That would've been a great place to eat Star Crunch and read S.O.F. back in the day. How long has it been standing? Seriously, it's really cool.

Love you man-

Mr. Gates (Elmer)

Badrockbilly said...

I could sleep fine in a cave like that Joel. A tipi works too. Nestled in the Mother. Coming out the door flap is like being born in the morning.