Sunday, January 3, 2010

Patriots Cave 2010 Situation Report

Congratulations for surviving 2009. Now things get interesting. Patriots Cave urges the good people to double-up with their emergency preparations. The following post will address the threats your family may be forced to confront in 2010 and beyond. And what steps we must take in advance of these threats, in order that we may survive and prosper.
Physical attack: In 2010, the odds of being mugged, robbed, and/or assaulted may reach unprecedented levels. In spite of the mainstream media's ridiculous assertions that America is enjoying a "jobless recovery", the truth of the matter is that the economy is sliding into the abyss. People are losing homes, jobs, savings, cars and security. This means crime will be on the rise. Don't be a sitting duck. Don't let your family be an easy target. Teach your children to be mindful and alert, suspicious and defensive. SCREW political correctness. Is it politically correct to leave your defenses down, so some meth-heads can pull off a home invasion on you? I live in a three-horse town so small that it does not appear on some maps, and yet we have had three reported home invasions in the past 4 months! An elderly woman was beaten severely right in front of her husband! My heart ached when I read how the woman's husband watched helplessly as the scumbags slapped her around and blackened her eye. Then they trashed the house and took everything of value. Don't let this happen to you brethren and sistren. Think about your defenses. Think about your vulnerabilities, and then DO SOMETHING about it.
Get a pair of guard dogs. Get a Mossberg shotgun. Have your wife and daughter put chemical CS/pepper spray on their key chain, and make sure they know how to use it. Get some motion lights. Don't put flowery welcome mats in front of your door, and frilly little things, it tells the criminals this: "we are fragile, flowery people who are not gritty enough to defend ourselves, we have lots of money and our females are powdered and perfumed very nicely, there are no large dogs or angry burly men in this house, we are delicate yuppies, ripe for the picking".
No my siblings, do not do it. Get rid of the frilly welcome mats and friendly decorations. Make your home look proud, clean, and strong. Lose the frilly crap. Teach your kids the vulnerable points on a man, and how to strike them. Teach your kids that adults DO NOT have authority over them. This is crucial. Teach your kids that just because an adult says "COME HERE" in an authoritative voice, that they are under absolutely no requirement whatsoever to comply. And don't forget to get your family in fighting shape for 2010. Do not have a victim mindset. Think out ahead of time when, where, and how you and each member of your family might come under attack. And make a plan.
Famine: 2010 is developing into the perfect storm for widespread food shortages, famine, hyper inflated food costs, and illness from malnutrition. Smart families will be prepared. Smart families who are not yet prepared, will be making a plan to GET prepared. Make a budget, cut out 95% of luxury items. Take the money you save and stock up on food. I do not go along with a saying often heard within survivalist circles: "Stock up foods that you eat, eat foods that you stock". I have seen this phrase many times. I guess the theory is, that if you store up foods that are not the same as the ones you eat on a day to day basis, that your body will malfunction and/or become ill. I don't subscribe to this theory. Now, if you have a great deal of extra money, and can afford to store up the same kinds of foods you currently eat, then good. Go for it. But don't let it stop you from stocking up if you cannot afford the same foods your family eats day to day. Stock up on food. That is the bottom line. I have experienced rapid and sudden dietary changes many, many times. And what counts is that you have something to eat. Something with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and oils. In stressful times, the body needs fuel. Oil is fuel. Trendy morning shows on TV will tell you so much bullspit about grease and oil. Forget all that. When you stock up on tuna. Get tuna IN OIL. The body uses this oil to burn for energy, just like an oil lamp.
Look into sprouts. Mung beans, alfalfa sprouts, wheat and many more. Sprouts are an AWESOME addition to the family food stocks. Sprouts are very inexpensive and highly nutritious.
Grow your own food in 2010, as much as you can. Use only heirloom veggie seeds. Don't use the seeds from Wal-mark or from the local garden center because they are all GMO, terminator seeds, and they WILL MAKE YOU WEAK. Do you think scientists can improve God's handiwork? Please. Heirloom seeds are old fashioned, true-blue, God-given seeds. You will not find a better supplier of heirloom seeds than Big John Lipscomb's
Codex Alimentarius is a new world order plan designed to kill off a huge percentage of our planet's human population. Under codex, all foods will be irradiated, and thus almost totally void of life giving nutrients. You MUST grow your own food. Even if 20% of your diet is from homegrown heirloom veggie seeds, this will insure that you are getting vitamins and minerals. Those who attempt to survive on 100% grocery store food, are going to become ill. The roundtable groups even admit it. That is what Codex IS. In 2010, you must have a garden. If you don't have land, then make a sharecropping deal with someone who does have a yard. You will give them 10% of your crops, in exchange for the use of a small patch of land. Walking to there house everyday will get you back into fighting shape. And those fresh, crunchy, healthy heirloom melons and veggies will supply your body with the vital lifetrons needed for balance and health. Codex irradiates all the food, and it kills all of the lifetrons in the food. It is dead food. Your body IS what it eats. In 2010, survivors will have a well tended heirloom garden.
Communication Breakdown: In 2010, Patriots Cave has predicted that hackers will infiltrate crucial utilitiy and power facilities. This will result in massive socio-economic chaos. In light of this disasterous scenario, one should be prepared to survive without running water, electricity, natural gas, and internet, for an extended period of time. Even after control is regained, and the systems are all back up and running, the internet may be gone. The government will enact the Cybersecurity Act, citing the hacker attack on public utilities as the prime cause. The European Union will follow suit, and the free flow of information will cease in the West altogether. Which is why investing in a quality short wave radio is essential. You will want to store your short wave radio in a Faraday cage so that it will not be destroyed in the event of an EMP attack or massive CME. Also, CB radios, and HAM radios will be the crucial "Outter-Net" for getting news. In 2010, be prepared for disruptions of utilities and communications.
Economic Collapse: In 2010, the dollar stands a high chance of collapsing altogether. When this happens, there will be a period of time, in between the failure of the dollar and introduction of a new currency, when those without silver, gold and barter items, will be in grave danger. This is yet another reason to stock up on food. Cans of food will be money. As will anything people want or need, such as tobacco, coffee, whiskey, and so on. There are hundreds of millions of Americans who put faith in paper money and credit ratings. In 2010, you need to have something REAL to use for money when the dollar collapses. If the "Audit the Fed" bill makes it through, the Illuminati will retaliate by utterly collapsing the USA as we know it. There will be chaos, physical attacks, food riots, communication breakdowns, and massive black outs of the power grid. Smart families will be preparing for trouble, and making plans to survive with dignity. For Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.

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Great Post Joel, BTW....the frilly stuff around my house is a trap ;]
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