Saturday, January 9, 2010

Patriots Cave Doomsday Litmus Test Will Prove The Truth Of 2012

Greetings brethren and sistren. Welcome to Patriots Cave. We have received intelligence in the past 12 hours adding even more weight to the ever expanding file regarding 2012 global cataclysm. I have designed a litmus test, for you and I to use. This test will allow us to verify the truth of 2012. I shall explain it briefly, without going into too much dry scientific details. With the Patriots Cave 2012 Doomsday Litmus Test, you will be able to find out once and for all, the truth of this 2012 enigma. You will know at last if you should be digging a reinforced underground bunker. You will be able to PROVE IT, 100%, for yourself and others, whether or not this 2012 phenomena is just some massive hoax of the millennium. The best part is, you can use this test for yourself, AND, for family and friends who do not have a clue.
The litmus test is connected to the latest 2012 intel Patriots Cave has received. Let me tell you dear reader, this thing keeps getting more and more bizarre the deeper we look into it. There is much disinformation scattered across the world wide web designed to dilute the truth and conceal the truth. Patriots Cave has a great big sifter. We are sifting through all of the intel, shaking and shaking the sifter to see what has real substance. Here is what we have right now sistren and brethren. I will explain the 2012 situation and then I will share with you the Patriots Cave Doomsday 2012 Litmus Test.
This age or epoch we are currently living in, began in 3114 BC, and ends on 12-21-2012. Now, many researchers will argue the point that 12-21-12 is the end of one age or epoch, and the beginning of another age or epoch. No. This is wrong. It is true that their were other epochs BEFORE 3114 BC, yes, that is true. But there is a very specific reason that the Mayans did not go beyond 12-21-2012. The reason is, that the Mayans foresaw changes occurring in 2012. These changes, they predicted, would upset the position of Earth and it's neighbors, thereby CHANGING Earth's perspective and reference point. Let me put it in simple terms. Have you ever fired a rifle? Have you ever zeroed in a rifle? You had to keep your cheek to the stock didn't you? That was your reference point. If you move your cheek from the stock you lose your reference point for zeroing in your rifle. That is why you have a spotter with field glasses telling you where your rounds are hitting the target. You see? The Mayans knew that the Earth would lose it's reference point on or beginning on or around 12-21-12. They predicted that astronomers, and time-wizards, would pick their cheeks up off of the "stock" on 12-21-12. Thus making it necessary to design a NEW calender system! It's not that the Earth would be utterly destroyed, just the reference point for the current age or calender.
Now of course this losing of the reference point will be rough, no doubt. It may be REALLY rough. But it is not the end. Brethren and sistren, I must apologize, I do not have the time right now to present the Patriots Cave 2012 Doomsday Litmus Test properly. If I try to present it now, in the short time I have, it will not be fully appreciated. Today is Saturday. I will present the Litmus test to you Sunday evening. Thank you for visiting me here in this Patriots Cave. I enjoy the exchange of ideas, and the hammering out and sifting of the Truth. As well as exploring new theories and experiments. Thank you. For Patriots Cave this IS Joel the K, over and out.

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