Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming... Pt.II

On April 27, 1978, communist forces overtook the government of Afghanistan in a bloody coup. The new communist president began broadcasting messages to the people, telling them of the glorious new life they would share under communism. Land would be distributed along with wealth and more. The Afghan people however are not stupid, and most of them knew it was a pack of idealistic lies. The new communist government was met with immediate armed resistance. Less than a year later, the 17nth Infantry Division of the Afghan government Army, realized what was happening, and joined the resistance fighters in their struggle for freedom. This was a devastating blow to the communists. The Afghan Air Force swept in on the fighting 17nth, and bombed them to kingdom come. Communist idealists figured this would bring a quick halt to any further mutiny by government troops. They were wrong. Entire brigades began to rip the government insignia off of their coats. Entire brigades joined the freedom fighters in resistance against the communist scientific dictatorship. Out of nearly 100,000 troops which made up the government Army, over half of them revolted against the illegitimate communist government, and swore to drive this evil out of the lands of their fathers and grandfathers. The communists were on the ropes.
Meanwhile, the U.S.S.R. was closely monitoring the situation in this new infant communist state. They would not let communism fail. The U.S.S.R. was determined to rescue and prop up their communist brothers struggling to maintain control of Afghanistan. On December 27, 1979, Moscow flexed it's muscles. Soviet forces swept into the country from all sides. The Soviets quickly seized highways, airstrips, radio stations, major cities, government facilities, and crucial logistics hubs. The Soviets executed the failed Afghan president Amin, and replaced him with a pick of their own. It looked like a swift and mighty shift of power had settled the conflict once and for all. The invincible military of the U.S.S.R. had laid down the law. Afghanistan was to be a communist nation, and satellite country to Russia. Soviet commanders reported back to their superiors in Moscow that everything was under control, and within 2-3 months, all Soviet troops could be pulled out, leaving the restablized communist Afghan forces in charge. But these optimistic commanders had began counting chickens long before they were hatched, because around that time, the resistance fighters began to hit Soviet forces hard, fast, and efficiently. The Mujaheddin took their strength and matched it against Soviet weak points. Strength to weakness. The Soviets made adjustments, but while they were making those adjustments, the freedom fighters were busy hitting them somewhere else. What was supposed to take 3 months, ended up taking over 9 years. Not that it took 9 years to complete the mission. No. The Soviets never did complete the mission. The freedom fighters gave it to the Soviets so hard, that after 9 years, all communist forces under the red flag of the mighty U.S.S.R. retreated, and utterly quit Afghanistan for good. It was a brutal, bloody, and horrible time for the people of Afghanistan. The Soviet Union reported 13,833 of their troops killed in action. 10,751 Soviet soldiers were permanently crippled from lost limbs and massive wounds. Another 470,000 troops were wounded in action. In addition to Soviet loss of life, the U.S.S.R. also reported that the freedom fighters destroyed 118 jet aircraft, 333 helicopters, 147 tanks, 1314 armored personnel carriers, 433 artillery pieces, 1138 mobile broadcasting vehicles, 510 pieces of heavy construction equipment, and 11,369 Soviet trucks. The freedom fighters were serious about their freedom.
So, brethren and sistren, we ask ourselves what it would look like if Russian combat brigades were here in the USA running ops in order to stabilize and quell civil strife. What would it look like? It would look bad. It would look ugly. The Russians built new military schools and designed new tactics after Afghanistan. They learned much. They would not use the same failed tactics in the USA as they did in Afghanistan. Patriots Cave will sketch out a rough depiction of what Russian combat ops in the CONUS would look like.
Every action, every offensive, every sweep, block, and maneuver, would be preceded by satellite reconnaissance, manned aircraft recon, and unmanned recon drones. This is one advantage the Russians would have that they did not have in Afghanistan. Albeit the Russians did have satellites and recon aircraft, they did not have the hi-res surveillance cameras which they have now. Nor did they have UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) equipped with hi-res cameras, infra-red, starlight night-vision, and air to ground guided missiles. The point is, they would not be going in blind, they would always have the drones up there, 24/7.
Another advantage the Russians would have which they did not have in Afghanistan is the hardness of their enemy. Americans are soft for the most part. They are not hardened mountain men and mountain women like the Afghans were and still are. Of course there are exceptions, but in general, Americans are soft batch cookies. The Russians would exploit this.
Another difference from before is the higher concentration of population. Russian bio-weapons would be highly effective in the CONUS theatre of ops compared to the mountainous and desolate terrain of Afghanistan.
Here is a hypothetical scenario: The Russians have intel that freedom fighters are operating out of a small town in any state. Unmanned drones will spy on this village day and night, looking for well worn foot paths, meet-ups, and activity. Undercover agents will infiltrate the civilian population. They will extract information from people. They will appeal to certain people's desire to gain approval from authority figures. If that doesn't work they will pay for information with food, vodka, medicine, and or power. They will recruit locals to serve them as guides and to keep the sheeple in line. Then when the Russians have their intel, and have activity patterns/locations identified, they will launch the operation.
The town will be surrounded. Except they would leave an escape route. That escape route will be set up with a brutal ambush force. Heavy HIND-A type helicopters would circle the town for air support. Then an infantry company will move in to go house to house. They would search out, locate, and kill/capture known and/or suspected freedom fighters, who they would refer to as "insurgents". This type of operation would be the bread and butter. Along with securing highways, bridges, supply depots, logistics hubs, airports, government buildings and so forth. This is basically how Patriots Cave would anticipate Russian brigades to behave if they were invited here by the American government. What kind of resistance would they encounter? Who knows? In this modern age we live in, with so many people softened by fluoride, mercury, Prozac, television, and junk food, they might not encounter much resistance at all if they stayed out of certain areas and regions, and concentrated instead on large metro areas. They could walk right through the major cities with minimal resistance. In this way they would control factories, airports, TV stations, ports, and entire cities. Remember, the communists have been softening the target for decades now. The real attacks have already been carried out. On our minds, our children, our schools, our economy, our government. Walking the brigades on in would just be icing on the cake. Until they ventured into rural America. Then they would wish they were back in Afghanistan. For Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.


Outraged Patriot said...

Phenominal article Joel! The scenario you paint sure makes you sit up and think! WOW. take car.

Joel the K said...

Thank you OP. I appreciate that. Your blog gets better and better every week.It really looks sharp. www.southdakotapreppersnetwork.blogspot.com

Trini Airguns said...

And with the recent launch of the Sukhoi T-50 stealth fighter, designed to compete with the F-22 Raptor...

Anonymous said...


Do you really think this is going to happen? Do you really foresee our own military allowing this to happen? I'm skeptical but open minded to what you are saying.

Joel the K said...

Did you read part I Anonymous? No. I don't believe this is going to happen. Read part I again. There was a BIG whoop de doo on the internet last week, a guy came out and said he has inside info from a Russian officer (the link is IN part I to the guy's story). I asked the reader to suspend disbelief so we could set up a hypothetical scenario of what it would look like IF the Russians were invited here like the guy said in the article. Thank you for your visit. (please realize, i get bored writing about packing away dry socks and beans. So once in awhile I get creative. If I thought that scenario was really coming down on us I would make that very, very clear Anonymous. Forgive me, I just got off work and I'm a bit testy from dealing with the clones all day. I do appreciate your feedback. Thank you.