Monday, January 18, 2010

Tribulation 2010: Contingency Plans by Joel the K
Greetings amalgamated cave dwellers. Welcome to Patriots Cave, the only weblog of its kind in the known universe. Welcome. Now, Patriots Cave has noticed that unprecedented numbers of everyday people are waking up to the underground truths. As you may know, I work in a carryout/beer-wine-lotto-deli, in a very small Ohio town. In 2008, and 2009, I planted seeds by talking about different issues with the customers and fellow employees. Now, in 2010, I am seeing a dramatic increase in the number of people becoming aware of the impending tribulation, and the need to prepare for it. With that in mind, Patriots Cave offers this 2010 Tribulation Contingency Plan.
     Don't be intimidated, I am not a survival expert. I'm not going to overwhelm you by telling you that you must transform into Jason Borne or Rambo. Okay? I know how you feel. Anxiety about our uncertain future is natural. Don't repress this anxiety or fear. Recognize the fear, then say to that fear: "hello fear, I see you. I acknowledge your existence". This way, Fear will not feel so compelled to rise to the top of your mentality. And at the same time, you can feel good that you are working towards balance. So if you and your wife are just now realizing that some hard times are coming down, or if you and your husband are just now realizing this, don't resort to denial. Face your fear. "Hello fear, my old friend". Now you are allies. Now you can use your new friend as fuel to drive you towards peace of mind. 
      Like I said already, I'm no expert. If you want technical expertise and perfection, go to another website. I can share some insight and experience with you if you wish. Just keep reading. I am 40 or 41 years old, I don't remember which, and I don't too much care either. I just want you to know a few things about me so that I am real and familiar to you who are just starting out in your quest towards peace of mind and preparation for Tribulation. I am married to a beautiful woman who is tougher than I am. She has reddish/auburn hair and green eyes. I have dark hair and brown eyes. My wife and I have been married since 1993. We have offspring who are training in the martial arts. If you want to, you can watch my three youtube videos down towards the bottom of the page. Just scroll almost all the way down to the bottom until you see three YouTube videos. That way you can see my face and recognize Joel the K as a real person, not just some ghost in the machine.
      Okay, we broke the ice. Now, the Patriots Cave 2010 Tbibulation Contingency Plans. Don't let the long title intimidate you. I am rather nerdish by nature. I love to put labels on things. I love stretching my vocabulary. And I delight in nomenclature and titles. Hence the lengthy title.
       First things first. There is no getting around the fact that we are going to need items and materials we don't yet have. It's 2010, and it's time to trim the fat. If we don't have much cash, then we must create some breathing room. For example, in late 2008, our family cancelled our cable television subscription. That strategic manuver created $ 50.00 per month breathing room. $ 600.00 per year. We must be always ready to trim our budget in order to channel funds into our survival stash. Other manuvers we might consider are: 
1. Share house payments/rent with a relative or friend. Maybe it's time to cut your rent/mortgage payments in half by sharing a house with siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, or renting out a room.
2. Sell stuff. 2010 is time to simplify anyway. Sell stuff you do not truly need. E-bay is a good place to sell. Pawn shops, garage sales and 2nd-hand stores are another.
3. Save money by shopping for clothes at thrift stores. 
4. Switch to generic products.
5. Turn down the temp. on your hot water heater(it adds up).
6. Set your thermostat lower and wear long-johns all the time.
7. NEVER eat out at restaurants. It is too expensive and you can't trust it.
8. Plant food crops, using heirloom seeds ONLY. 
9. Grow your own tobacco. Brew your own beer/wine.
10. Cancel the cable T.V.
 Okay, so there we have a few manuvers for liberating a few dollars we'll need to purchase supplies for 2010 and beyond. Now we shall discuss equipment and supplies. Now, you should understand, I am addressing the average family who has just now become aware of impending natural disasters, power black-outs, famine, broken supply lines, hyperinflation, civil strife, and more. I am addressing the family who feels the very real need to prepare for Tribulation-2010. This post is not aimed at seasoned survivalists and/or experienced preppers. Those people know more than I do about deep-woods survival. That's not what I am talking about. We all need to get to that level of expertise. Because if worse comes to worst, we may very well find ourselves surviving in the woods like in the film "Defiance"(a true story). But for now, we will examine general planning for Tribulation.
     Begin stocking up on food. Get as much as you can, as quickly as you can. Get food that will store for years. +++ Get a water purification system that filters out contaminants down to .2 microns. Make sure it says .2 microns. NOT two microns. POINT two microns. In other words, two-tenths of a micron. You need to get one of these. Also, store away as much drinking water as you can. Google "long-term water storage" or go to Clorox bleach website to find out how to store drinking water for years.
     Get a backpack for each member of your family. Each one of these packs, will have everything the person needs to camp in the woods for an extended period of time. Warm clothes, x-tra socks, a HUGE ziplock freezer bag full of trail mix. Sleeping bag, duct tape, knife, 3 rat traps, hatchet w/hammer combo, canteens, water purification tablets, canteens, first-aid kit with headache tablets, diarreah tablets, multi-vitamin/mineral tablets. Crank-up radio, crank-up flashlight. Lighter, matches, fire starting material. This list is not comprehensive. The main thing is this: You should have the ability to grab a back-pack and walk away from your home, and have everything a human needs to survive inside of that backpack. That pack is for emergency insurance. That pack is for a worst-case scenario. Just in case. And the good part is, your family will have everything they need to go on family camping trips. Don't overlook fishing equipment. At least the bare minimum, so you can make a fishing pole using a stick you find.  
     Now, as I said, the back-pack is insurance in case your family must abandon the home in a hurry. Now we'll address preparations for holding down the fort. Assuming of course you live outside of a metropolis. If you live within the city limits of a metropolis, then you need a detailed escape plan.And you need a destination. If you do not have family in the country where you can go, then at least have a state park or national park along your escape route. Such parks have hundreds or thousands of square miles of woods. You will stand a much better chance of survival in the woods, than in the metropolis with the organized gangs looting and raping house to house. Chances are, unless you are very keen, you will find yourself trapped within the metropolis by massive traffic jams. Which is why you should include bicycles in your plan. Each bike should have a pull-behind cart for gear and cargo. Have your escape route planned out. Have a back-up route in case an earthquake or other situation ruins your first escape route. You may want to ride out of the city in the cold hour before dawn. Around 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning. You can use the cover of darkness to your advantage. Another reason 4 AM is optimal, is because night-owls are getting sleepy by 4 AM, and early risers are not up yet at 4 AM.
      If you live in the suburbs, you will have to have a destination and escape plan, although you will already be outside of the metropolis, you will not be far enough from the city to avoid the barbarian gang-armies.
    If you live in the country, or very small town, you will want to hold down the fort. You must be ready to defend your family from organized criminal gang-armies. When they are done looting the city, they will move out into the country and small towns.
    It is also likely that we will find ourselves in a Great Depression 5-10 times worse than in the 1920s. You will want to hold physical gold and/or silver in case of a currency crash. And barter items such as whiskey, tobacco, can food, and toiletries. You who are new to this line of thought, just think on it. Think it through. Imagine what problems might arise and prepare accordingly. Every single one of our families is unique. We each have a unique situation. Which is why YOU must be your own expert in time. Get going on it. For Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out. 


Outraged Patriot said...

great advice Joel. I was reminded of a quote my John Wayne-my childhood hero- "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway" Once you make acquaintance with your fears they lose their power over you. You can recognize your fear and still work through it. It can even make you stronger.

Trini Airguns said...

11. Ride a mountain bike as often as you can. It will keep you fit AND prepare you for travel if the fuel runs out.