Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Get Ready For The EMP Attacks

Greetings ladies and slugs, welcome to Patriots Cave, the last website left on the web capable of getting rubber in all four gears. Let's get some. Are you prepared for EMP events? Do you have your emergency communications device inside of a Faraday cage? If your answer to my question is: "no, Joel the K, I don't have my shortwave band emergency survival radio secured inside of a homemade Faraday cage", then I suggest you make one right away and learn all about EMPs. Of course I am assuming you do HAVE a world-band radio in the first place. This is a must brethren and sistren. Here is why: many damn good scientists are warning us earthlings of a coming spike in our Sun-cycle. They are saying it's going to be a BIG one. So the possibility for our local star, the sun, to emit a massive electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, is very high. It is high now, and the closer we get towards 2012, the higher the odds get for a massive CME and/or massive EMP.
Let's say our star sends this massive EMP towards Earth in the next 10 minutes. Part of our planet will be facing the sun, and part of our planet will be on the opposite side, in the dark, shielded from the EMP. Okay, let's say the USA takes the direct hit. Keep in mind this happens on a cyclic basis. It has happened before and it will happen again. Last time it happened we were still driving horse and buggy, so the effects were not that noticeable to the man on the street. But NEXT time, whoa Nellie, Katie bar the door. This time when it happens, a country could be transformed from modern industrial society to primitive road-warrior society in a matter of hours. Alright, back to our scenario: the USA takes a direct EMP blast from the Sun-God. It knocks out the entire power grid from Maine to San Diego, from Key West to Seattle. The lights are out. Internet: GONE. Cell phones: GONE. Traffic lights: GONE. You get the picture. Automobiles with computer chips in them are dead in their tracks. There is some debate over the effects of EMP on automobiles. Some argue that a car with mostly metal parts, would in effect act like a Faraday cage. Patriots Cave is of this camp. The key here is how old the car is. New cars will be FUBAR. I guarantee it. If you have a fancy Cadillac with all the gadgets and gizmo's, complete with the Northstar system, forget about it, the EMP will knock that car out of the ring, and into the third row. If you have a car from the 1950s, 40s, or even 1930s, you won't miss a beat baby. You will be like Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise) in the film "War of the Worlds", driving right past a million stalled cars, and not stopping for anything, because one or two people just might be interested in acquiring your vintage automobile at an "insane" price.
Cars and trucks from the early 1970s may have a decent chance of surviving the EMP, but as previously mentioned, new cars with all of the on board computers, FUBAR, done, R.I.P., finito. (Another good reason to keep an emergency survival pack in the trunk).
But cars are not the main item on our menu today my dear siblings, world band radios are. I was just telling you about the EMPs effect on cars, to illustrate my point regarding the absolute necessity of the world band radio, a.k.a. shortwave radio. If you recall, we had set up a scenario, where the USA gets nailed by an EMP from our sun. Now, let's assume it happens on a Sunday morning, and you are at home with your family, having breakfast. All of the sudden, your lights go out, your computer shuts down along with everything else. So now you want to know what is happening. You can't turn on the television. You can't turn on the web. You grab your cell phone in an attempt to call your buddy who lives 30 miles away, to see if he lost power, it is then you realize your cell-phone is dead. The cell-phone will not even light up, it is totally dead. Now you are beginning to suspect EMP. Now your in a bit of a pickle because you don't yet know if TSHTF, and this is TEOTWAWKI, in which case your family should be on full blown high alert status, with at least one sentry posted immediately, or if some localized weather anomaly has simply caused the tri-county area to lose power. You just don't know. And you cannot get ANY news because power is down. You go to the garage and try to turn on your C.B. radio. Nothing. Dead. You pull your emergency battery powered radio out of the bug-out bag. You flip the switch......nothing. It's dead. WTF?
You might as well be deaf, dumb and blind, living on the moon as far as getting information goes. You know nothing. You don't know if that EMP which zapped all your equipment was from the sun, or was a first-strike EMP charge, designed to take out America's radar, satellite, and weapons systems. Is there a salvo of ICBMs coming in 15 minutes? Is this World War III? Or was it just a natural solar flare? Your wife shouts to you: "baby, my old pocket radio is working!". Awesome, a working radio. Now you can get to the bottom of this. You nervously spin the little thumb wheel, trying to pull in a station. You go through the entire AM range......nothing. You then thumb through the entire FM range.................nothing. WTF? You begin to realize that radio stations in your state at least, are out of commission.
Suddenly you remember! A few months ago you purchased this kick ass little digital world-band radio. It's no bigger than a pack of smokes, yet it rivals units 10 times the price you paid for it. It's small size made it convenient for you to whip up a little Faraday box in which to keep it.
You pull the Faraday cage out of your gear. Open it up, take out the shortwave radio and flip the switch. BINGO! You hear a voice. You flip through the stations, listening for a situation report. Finally! You hear a voice in English, talking about the massive electromagnetic pulse which slammed a major part of North America. You breathe a sigh of relief, looking at your kids, and realizing there are no inbound intercontinental ballistic missiles scheduled for impact. Still, an EMP has struck, like those geek scientists predicted. You and your family begin putting your emergency plan into action. One of your family members is already pulling sentry duty, just like you practiced a dozen times. This time it's not a drill....
Yes brethren and sistren, you need a world-band radio. And you need to put it into a Faraday cage. Patriots Cave will post the link for the SW radio described in the fictional scenario above. It is the second SW radio I purchased. The first one I bought was sub-par. I will also post a link on how to make a Faraday box for your SW radio. I also have a Faraday box for my batteries. I hope you will do the same. All you need are some different sized little cardboard boxes, some tape, and some aluminum foil. It's no more difficult than wrapping Christmas presents. See, the world-band radio allows you to pull in stations from OUTSIDE of the damage area of the EMP. Even if ground zero is your entire continent. That way, you can listen to radio broadcasters thousands of miles away, where the EMP did not strike. Patriots Cave urges you to have a SW radio, and keep it in a Faraday cage. Along with another cage for your batts. Here are the links:
#2 How To Easily Make A Faraday Cage:
Check out those links cousins. For Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.


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Saw your Newz-blast today. Looks like the Chinese may have already started their economic retaliation: http://www.zerohedge.com/article/china-dumping-begins-reserve-managers-notified-any-non-usg-guaranteed-securities-must-be-div


Anonymous said...

Ah, This is great! Dispells
some contradictions I've heard

Anonymous said...

Ah, This is perfect! Clears up
many misnomers I've read

Outraged Patriot said...

great post Joel! I love the radio and I never knew making a faraday cage would be so simple! Gonna make sure our batteries and radio are in them.

Anonymous said...

Ah, This is perfect! Puts to bed
many misnomers I've seen

Anonymous said...

Ah, This is great! Clarifies
several misnomers I've read

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We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.


AmandaK said...

Really great information conveyd here, in my opinion. I've recently heard about EMPs and the dangers to our electric devices. So I started to look more into how I can protect my things, and I heard about the Faraday Cages. Well, I feel like a lot of people have different opinions on them and it's hard to know what to believe and to know what will work and what won't work. I wanted to let you know, that I ended up coming across this really great Radio Blog and a guy named Randy Tolman is going to to be on it this Wednesday the 22nd. He's supposed to be talking about Faraday Cages. I've listened in on these Radio Shows on the internet before by EMPact America, and I've come to realize that the guests that they always have come on, really do know what they're talking about and really are experts. I think that you should check out this Wednesdays Radio Show, I think that it's going to be great info on the Faraday Cages! Here's the link if you do decide to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/empact-radio/2011/06/22/pvp54-randy-tolman-of-techprotect-faraday-bags

By the way- Thanks for the really great blog post!!!, Amanda