Monday, February 8, 2010

Build A Big Berk For 40 Bucks!

Greetings ladies and noxious odors, welcome to Patriots Cave, the only blog in this solar system with a cloaking device. My home state of Ohio has been under adverse weather conditions for a few days now. This morning the temperature outside was -3 degrees. The windchill was in the negative teens. Thank God it's not windy right now or the windchill would be in the negative 30s or 40s. Plus we got a foot of snow dumped on us. With more on the way. A lovely Ohio Winter.........ah.
I want to tell you about this blog I found yesterday. Well, I really did not have time to look around on the blog, but I saw one blog post which I am excited about. I must share it with you. I put up a link to it down near the bottom right hand side of Patriots Cave. Look for a photo of a bucket with one of those ceramic water-filter candles inside. Just click that photo and it will link you to his blog. The blog I think is called "Live The Motto". The guy's name is Dave. Anyway, Dave has a post up on his blog where he bought a kit to make his own Big Berkey style water filter. It looks alot like Big John Lipscomb's Doomsday Water Filter. It uses 2 five gallon buckets. On Dave's blog, he has the link to this cool little website where they sell everything you need, spigot, ceramic candles, and all the little washers and stuff, to make a water filter which has the exact same technical specs as those $250 models! Except this kit is only $35 ! You have to supply your own 5 gallon buckets though. It uses the exact same ceramic candles as the Berkey does. It filters out contaminants down to .2 microns. That is as good as it gets folks. They have kits for 1 candle, 2 candles, and 4 candles also, in case you need faster filtering time. The one candle model cleans the water exactly the same as the 4 candle model, it's just that the 4 candle model does it at a faster rate. Anyway, I had to share this with you because I have been wanting a Big Berk forever, but could not spend $250 on it. Now I'm making my own, using the easy to build kit, for 35 or 40 bucks! This is very cool. The site sells replacement candle-filters too, at the lowest price I have ever seen.
Patriots Cave feels that every survivalist should have one of these dual-bucket .2 micron water filtration device. Man one of these units will be worth their weight in gold during a crisis situation and/or natural disaster. Here is the link for Dave's blog, Live The Motto - Be Prepared:
Wow! Oh my God that is the longest link I've ever seen! Check it out brethren and sistren. For Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.

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