Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Iran vs. Israel: How Do They Stack Up?

Greetings and welcome. Not a day goes by that we don't hear about the impending confrontation between Israel and Iran. We know Israel has atomic weapons. As far as we know, Iran does not possess atomic weapons. But what about conventional military capabilities? How do these two powers stack up against each other? Who has more firepower?
The knee-jerk reaction to this question would be to say Israel has more firepower because they possess atomic weapons. Patriots Cave will put aside nuclear capabilities for this post. We feel it is unlikely that Israel would resort to nuclear weapons. Iran may not possess the A-bomb, but they do possess radioactive materials which they could easily release over Israel, in retaliation for any nuclear attack. Also the risk of losing allies would be extremely high for any nation who would dare launch an atomic warhead in anger. So, if this war escalates as many expect it will, how will the combatants measure up against each other? Who has the advantage? Iran or Israel? Let's break it down category by category.
Troop numbers: Israel reports 513,000 troops. Iran reports 540,000 troops.
Combat aircraft: Israel boasts 875 combat aircraft. Iran has less than half that number at 306 combat aircraft.
Attack helicopters: Israel reports apx. 200 attack helicopters. Iran possesses 50 Cobra attack helicopters.
Tanks: Israel shakes the ground with 3800 tanks. Iran has 1600 main battle tanks.
Armored fighting vehicles (like a Bradly armored fighting vehicle). Israel has over 6,000 AFVs. Iran has roughly 2,000 AFVs.
Artillery pieces: Israel has 2,100 artillery pieces. Iran has 3,200 artillery pieces.
Ballistic missiles: Israel reports 150 Jericho I-II-and IIIs. Iran reports over 300 ballistic missiles.
Navy: Israel has 3 submarines. Iran has 3 submarines. Although Israel's subs are highly advanced nuclear powered vessels. Iran's 3 subs are conventional powered. Nevertheless, Iran does have 3 submarines.
Israel has 68 other naval vessels. Iran has 85 other naval vessels. Iran's navy is considered extremely formidable with the Persian Gulf region, compared to other nations in the region.
Chemical weapons: Israel is believed to possess chemical weapons. Iran is known to possess MASSIVE quantities of nerve gas, mustard gas, blister agents. Iran is nearly 100% self-sufficient now. It can produce it's own chemical weapons, along with just about everything else, including weapons systems, guns, spare parts, space-ships, satellites, medicine, and is now working on nuclear power.
Self sufficiency is always a threat to the NWO, who seeks to enslave, and control every human being on this planet. Just today the news headlines read that a few senators are pushing for "regime change" in Iran. We've heard that catch phrase before. You can bet your bottom federal reserve note that the CFR and the Bilderbergs are orchestrating the invasion of Iran right now. Patriots Cave believes that the war hawks at the Pentagon and in Israel are running out of time. Every day that goes by sees Iran strengthened. The Russians are even stalling on delivery of the S-300 missile systems. It may however soon be a moot point. Iran claims they are near production stage on a system more advanced than the S-300. It's not wise to doubt this claim considering Iran can now put satellites in Earth orbit.
Even with all of the media hype and constant references to Ahmadinijad calling to "wipe Israel off the map", Patriots Cave does not see Israel attacking Iran. Iran is too strong, and is rapidly becoming a world power. Patriots Cave predicts that agents will be used inside of Iran, in an attempt to destabilize the country to the point of civil war. At which time the Illuminati would have already set up a puppet to sit on the throne of Persia. With the hidden hand controlling the strings of course. Another scenario which is quite possibly developing right now, is Illuminati assets in place at strategic points in the world. Carrying out attacks and/or assassinations in an attempt to trigger WW III. This may seem far-fetched, but the world teeters on the brink daily. The NWO is losing their element of stealth day by day. More and more people are realizing that the governments everywhere are under control of the secret societies. The NWO is losing their grip. Patriots Cave sees them possibly trying something extreme in a bid to close the deal on their master plan of a one-world government. What can we do? Self sufficiency. If we don't yet have it, then day by day we work towards it. We build a self-sufficient family, and then community or village. And we spread the Truth always. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth. Mohandas Gandhi

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