Monday, February 22, 2010

Joel The K: The Time Machine

Greetings brethren and sistren. Welcome to Patriots Cave, the only blog on the web actively trying to find a poster of Haifa Wehbe. Who is Haifa Wehbe? She is a Lebanese belly dancer. Patriots Cave has a bit of a harmless crush on this woman. Joel the K sees women as proof in God's existence. All those arguments about evolution, big boom creation theory, natural selection and Darwinism, go out the window when we appreciate The Lord's Magnum Opus of artwork: the human woman. When I look at a beautiful woman, I know in my heart that there is indeed a Divine Creator. Such beauty could never happen by some cosmic accident. Only the Cosmic Artist could achieve such a miracle. To think that a big boom of primordial soup could end up as a beautiful woman is just ridiculous. You can see the proof yourself by scrolling down to Joel the K's Youtube channel widget located on the right-hand side of this Patriots Cave. The widget has a dozen or so videos from my Youtube channel. The second video from the top is Haifa Wehbe belly dancing. Very nice.

Now, on with this post. We are still trudging on through this old Ohio Winter. I used to enjoy the Winter. But these days it is a pain in the anus. I have a very intimate relationship with our local star. My favorite way to meditate, relax, and energize body and mind is sitting or standing in the Sun. I have talked about this before. I have a technique borrowed from Ancient India of course (what ISN'T borrowed from ancient India), the technique involves turning the face directly into the blazing Sun, but focusing the eyes off to the side in a sidelong glance. As I do this, I draw the solar energies in through my eyes by watching it happen, by knowing it happen. Do not try this yourself. If you turn your pupils towards the Sun it will burn your vision away. +++++++ My point is, there is nothing like that feeling I get when I feel the Sun's warm, life-giving rays on my skin. It feels so good. But in the Winter, this is an extremely rare occurrence, and so I am prone to getting the blues. I long to be out back, digging in the Earth, planting heirloom seeds, pulling weeds, or practicing marksmanship. Ah, sweet Summer. But alas, this great ball of a spaceship we ride upon has a way to go yet on it's orbit around our star before Summer's divine rays shine again. In the meantime, I plan and plot, and draw sketches of things I will build and things I will plant in the earth. +++++++ Yesterday I went on an expedition into town, looking for preps and tools. I am building up my manual-power tool supply. I found some great buys. I bought a 12" long file for 50 cents. I got an old monkey wrench from the 1950s, I paid 2 bucks. I bought a bunch of antique wrenches for 10 cents a piece out of a bin. I purchased a little first aid kit for 50 cents. I bought a plastic splint with velcro straps to put in the medicine box. It cost 50 cents. I bought my son a wicked looking old knife for 7 bucks. I picked up an old Stanley chisel for 1 dollar. I bought a brass colored trash can for 75 cents. I bought a book from 1951 called "Your Own Book of Campcraft" by Catherine T. Hammett. It is an old Cardinal Edition book, the original price printed on the cover is 35 cents, it has some great stuff inside like lashings, homemade camping equipment, and a chapter on our pioneer heritage. What a score! I love old books, they had something modern books lack. I also bought a paperback copy of H.G.Wells' "War of the Worlds". I bought an amateur radio book from the 1960s. Cost me 10 cents. I bought a "Gun World" magazine, the date on the cover is August 1976. You should see the prices in the classified section. Oh man, it makes you weep. Oh, that book I bought on amateur radio is a mini-magazine from July 1967. Pretty very cool. +++ I also got a few items in the mail in the past week. I got a CD-ROM disk with the "Homesteading Library Volume 2". It has maybe 400-500 books on homesteading on the disk. It was only a couple of bucks. I got another CD-ROM disk called "Survival, Health and First Aid". It has hundreds of books on it. It was 2 bucks + 3 bucks shipping. Then I got a disk about emergency surgery and procedures showing you how to treat thousands of different wounds and illnesses. Also a couple bucks. I take crucial charts and pages from these disks and print them on paper. Oh! Before I forget, yesterday I found a true treasure. I found this green metal cooler. Like the kind of cooler you put a twelve pack of beer in and a bag of ice. Only this cooler is OLD. It is all metal, not one bit of plastic. When you open it up it has triple liner made of tin or something, and there is a space between the metal layers for a layer of air. This cooler is at least 35-40 years old, maybe more. It is in perfect shape. I paid FIVE BUCKS for it! My family recently started having this nice family who has a farm about 10 miles away deliver farm-fresh brown eggs to our door every week. So I bought the old cooler so they can put the eggs in there out on the porch early in the morning. They charge 2 bucks per dozen, and they are delicious eggs. I was so pumped to find that antique cooler-box for only 5 bucks. I'll be going back to the store on payday. They have antique hand-power drills, hand saws, and tons of other tools I am going to grab up. I did not see 10% of what this old-timer had in his store. I will go back many times and find more treasures inside. The old man plays music from the 1920s in the store. It has 2 huge sides to it, and a HUGE basement full of old, old goodies and antiques, and bins full of stuff, racks, shelves, hooks, boxes, tables, cases and stuff just sitting on the floor. I cannot believe I never saw this place before. There must be 10,000 books alone in that store. It's like a time machine. My son said he liked that old 1920s music. The kind of music from that film "Green Mile" that was always playing on their radios. My boy said he knew he had heard that song before. Long ago.

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