Saturday, February 27, 2010

Joel the K's Ode To Almighty God

Patriots Cave had a post written up. I deleted it. I have been doing this lately. I will write something, a blog post, maybe an e-mail to a friend, or whatever, and then instead of posting it, or sending it, I just delete it. Bang. Just like that. There is a good chance I will delete this post and not send it. Bang. Just like that. Then where will it go? Does it disappear? Does it go to the cyber-astral planes, like some abstract quantum server in the sky? Or maybe it just goes to the Belgium Beast. Yes, that is where deleted things go.

You know how the Earth spins around and around right? It spins at over 1,000 mph. Well, what if you are standing on the north pole? At the very axis. Instead of traveling around the globe like you would if you were standing on the equator, instead you would just turn around in place, like you were sitting in the very center of a merry-go-round. It has been said that in the End Times, this world will stop spinning for 3 days. When I used to read that I always thought it was crazy because I thought everybody would fly off of the planet or something. But think about it. If you stand at the North pole you are simply turning around in place, without going around in a massive circle at 1,000 mph. I think that is strange.Brethren and sistren, I'm down. I'm blue. I'm bleeding in a cut. I'm just going to write something off the cuff and post it. Even if it sucks, if I am able to post it and not delete it, it will be a victory. And I will be on my way out of this cut.

On judgement day I ask only for this

that I am standing close enough to you oh Lord

to get my hands around your neck, or a clean right cross on your jaw

You could have made it so good man

There you were, tabula rasa quantum cart blanch

And all you could come up with was THIS?

You must be either sadistic or just plain stupid


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