Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lifetronic Revolution

Greetings brethren and sistren. Welcome to Patriots Cave, the blog voted "most likely to spontaneously combust" in high school. Patriots Cave has a special announcement: We are changing the domain address over to , instead of like it was. Blogger has informed us that the transition may take 3 or 4 days, so the new address probably will be working by Monday morning I would think.
Patriots Cave decided to get rid of the "blogspot" from our address when I saw that Blogger offers this service for only 10 dollars. A dot com address is much easier for people to remember, and also much faster to type on the keyboard. It also gives the website a more legitimate flavor. So I expect by Monday it will be safe to begin telling people something like this: "hey man, have you ever checked out a website called ? It's very cool. What kind of website is it? Hmnnnn...... What category would I place it in? Hmnn....... I don't know man, just check it out and see for yourself". +++++++ Yeah, I'm excited about the switch. The more readers that come in to this Patriots Cave, the more animated and electrified I become in the research and expression of Lifetronic thoughts and ideas. So I hope you will shout us out to your family and friends. And if you have not subscribed yet to Patriots Cave in the subscription widget-box, please do it now. This gives Patriots Cave a higher rank on Indiblog, Google, Blogger, and more. A higher ranking means more people will be interacted with. And that can only be a good thing, as Patriots Cave is all about improving our situations by placing family first, in the Grace of God.
I Joel the K also wish to thank the overwhelming response to our Hulda Clark "Cure For All Disease" free e-book. Dozens of people are reading about the Hulda Clark Zapper, and taking the next step and ordering a Clark zapper with our "buy now" Pay pal button located below the free e-book. I urge you to get your family a zapper. Why? Unfortunately it is "illegal" to make medical claims, as Joel the K is not a licensed medical doctor. BUT, Hulda Clark was a licensed medical doctor, and she has provided everything you need to know about this revolutionary electronic machine known world-wide as the zapper. The reason I say Hulda Clark WAS a doctor, is because Dr. Hulda Clark died recently of old age. Patriots Cave salutes this brave and awesome person, who battled against Big Pharma and greedy governments, by going toe to toe with them, and winning, for decades. How many lives Dr. Clark saved, how many families she touched, how many years and decades of life were added because of her? Only The Great Spirit knows. God bless you Hulda Clark, and thank you. +++ Patriots Cave offers what is in my opinion, the best zapper ever made, for $19.95 and free shipping. Our H.C. zapper is hand built by a certified electrical engineer who believes in this technology, and builds the units in his workshop on the weekends. He is an amazing man. But if you do not trust Joel the K because Patriots Cave is not a massive corporation with an expensive website, then for your family's sake, please, go to one of the BIG zapper retailers and purchase a zapper from them.
I use my zapper to "jumpstart" my body when I'm feeling sluggish or tired. Many people use copper pennies, but I use those old copper bracelets the old-timers wear for arthritis. I bought them for one dollar each at the dollar store. But they stopped selling them. You can find them for about 5 bucks at flea markets. Anyway, I clip the alligator clips onto the copper bracelets, then put the bracelets on my wrists. They I snap the 9 volt Duracell battery into place and watch the red LED light come on. Then I close my eyes and meditate for a bit, feeling the extra energy pulsing into the body, giving me a jump-start so to speak. The way I see it, from a scientific viewpoint, this machine is a "God-Powered" machine. Electricity is a mysterious force. It ultimately comes from God and no other. This fact adds an enormous element of faith to my own healing process when I am zapping to rid myself of a cold or flu, or anything else. In my spirit, in my mind, and in my body, I know that it is the power of God pulsating through me. It is Power times three. For Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.

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Badrockbilly said...

My daughter is a real believer in the Zapper. I have one also and I am going to try the bracelet hookup. I'll have to use some copper wire.