Monday, March 8, 2010

Do You Have Weak Links In Your Armor?

Greetings ladies and shit-birds, welcome to Patriots Cave, the only blog east of the Mississippi flying in restricted airspace. Now then. +++ Do you have weak links in your armor? Or holes in your armor? Have you given it any deep consideration? Let us proceed to endeavor with said question.
Few would doubt that there are more threats now, in 2010, to the American family, or any particular American family than ever before. The threats are many and ever growing. Patriots Cave will not attempt the exhaustive list, opting for brevity instead. Examining a few common "chinks" in the armor will suffice I hope to motivate you who are charged with seeing your family through these perilous times.
The following list of threat scenarios will be interspersed with my own commentary.
1. True epidemic/pandemic: Patriots Cave is not talking about some make believe flu, we're talking about WHAT IF a really nasty germ were to "escape" from a bio-weapons lab. Are you prepared to treat yourself and/or your family? If you are not prepared, then you have a weak link. If you do have this chink in your armor, then Murphy's Law dictates that this is exactly how the Death-Eaters will attack you.
2. Food: Are you prepared for short term, mid-term, and long term food shortages and famine? If you don't have AT THE VERY LEAST 6 months of food stocks put away, then Patriots Cave advises you to log off of your computer at this time, and go get on it right now.
3. Water purification: If you don't have it, then go to Patriots Cave archives at the bottom of this page, and look for the post entitled "Build A Big Berk For 40 Bucks". You cannot survive in post apocalypse America without water purification.
4. Are you prepared in case of a disaster at one or more nuclear power plants? With all of the strange HAARP-ish earthquakes these days, it is possible that one of the over 100 nuclear reactors in the USA could rupture, and suffer meltdown. Study what happened at Chernobyl and what nearly happened at Three Mile Island. Do you have gas masks? Tyvek suits? Chemical boots/gloves? And at least 3 days supply of potassium iodate tablets for each of your family members? We cannot rule out outlandish scenarios such as a large meteor striking a reactor. A smart survivalist is prepared for any contingency. If you are not prepared for a nuclear disaster, then you have a weak link in your armor.
5. I think it was Dusty Dave from Las Vegas who tipped me off to this next one. Do you have activated charcoal? Patriots Cave cannot give medical advice, but we can give you two crucial links: This first link tells what to do with activated charcoal, and why it is so crucial.
This link is where to purchase activated charcoal:
In that first link, they tell about how charcoal absorbs poison like strychnine from the stomach, small and large intestines. If I ingested poison by accident or somebody slipped it in my food or drink, I would want activated charcoal right away. There are also poisons in many foods these days to consider. Like infected meat and/or poultry. Get some activated charcoal cousin. I bought a bottle of 130 capsules for around $12.00. On their website there are amazing anecdotal accounts of people being saved from drug overdose, accidental poisoning, and more. They also sell this device in case your animals eat poison by accident. You shoot the liquid into them with this thing which looks like a caulking gun with a tube on it. Look around in that website because I had no idea activated charcoal is so effective against so many common ailments. They have soap, and eye compresses and all kinds of applications. , Patriots Cave is not affiliated in any way with Patriots Cave thanks Dusty Dave for just a SUPER website, wow!
6. Barter items/real money. Patriots Cave isn't talking about fiat paper funny money brethren and sistren. I'm talking REAL money. Do you have some? What if a situation arises God forbid where you need real money to trade for an item you overlooked when you were prepping (like activated charcoal)? Or what if you need real money to cross a river like the Mississippi? In the Great Tribulation, the ferry boat costs 1 Silver Eagle to pass, and he doesn't take American Express. Or ANY credit cards for that matter. If you are stashing away paper money, make sure it is quilted two-ply, unscented. Charmin will probably be worth it's weight in gold. +++++++ Patriots Cave recommends silver as far as money goes. Silver Eagles are exactly 1 oz. of 99.9 % fine silver. Silver Eagles I feel, are best for a number of reasons. One reason is they are the most recognizable coin in the world, and are accepted as money everywhere. You can get 10 silver eagles on eBay for $21.00 each, insured, with free shipping. If you need the exact link to the folks offering that deal, e-mail me at and I will send you their link. The price of silver is going to go stratospheric when this house of cards falls. Patriots Cave is projecting late October for the crash of what will go down in history as the MEGA-DEPRESSION. Don't get caught holding paper currency and waiting for your bonds to mature, get some silver. Gold is great but not very convenient for small transactions. Who wants to whip out a British Sovereign in a post apocalyptic barter market? Which will resemble that bar in Star Wars with all the outlaw aliens and shady characters. Remember? When Han Solo blasted the bounty hunter with his laser gun, beneath the table, wild-wild west style? Yeah, that was very cool.
7. Seven is a good number, Patriots Cave will end this list at seven. Did you make your Faraday cage yet? You didn't put it off did you? Look, the solar max IS coming. Chances are very high for a massive CME EMP event. Get at least one world band radio, and at least a dozen batteries (solar battery charger best), and put them in a homemade Faraday cage. You don't want to be cut off from everybody, not getting any news. Not knowing if Red Chinese troops are pouring across the CONUS line or if a coup has taken place and Chuck Norris has assumed control or something. Do not lose radio comms because you were too lazy to click this link and make a Faraday cage for $1.50 or 2 bucks tops. Here's the link:
We all have weak points in our armor, but we can fix it. Now. For Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.

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DustyDave said...

If you guys find just activated powdered charcoal that is fine too. you can either cap it your self or do what I do. Take a spoonfull and mix it in a glass of water. looks nasty but there is no taste. Take care.. Be healthy