Tuesday, March 23, 2010

J The K Looks At: The Illuminati Are The Nephilim

Greetings ladies and savages, welcome to The Patriots Cave, the only blog in this solar system capable of shattering a wine-glass with it's voice. Today we shall examine Professor Jeffrey Grupp's compelling documentary film "The Illuminati Are The Nephilim". I purchased the film at http://www.abstractatom.com/ , but it is available through Amazon as well. The film is very reasonably priced at right around ten dollars for a plain package disk, and around 15 or 16 dollars if you prefer the collectors disk version with artwork and colorprint disk. The film is 3 1/2 hours time-wise.
Grupp's film sets out to prove certain fundamental realities regarding human beings and the universe we live in, such as "who is the hidden enemy, the unseen governing force?". The title of the film "The Illuminati are the Nephilim" is actually the conclusive statement resulting from Grupp's boiling down of our human condition.
I feel that this film has an important message. Of that I have no doubt. But one problem I have with it is semantic. My problem is with the usage of the term "Illuminati". As we know there was a specific secret society called the Bavarian Illuminati, we also know the word has a much deeper meaning in common usage. Indeed I think Grupp hints at this nebulous concept during the intro, when he lists groups people commonly point to in identifying who the Illuminati actually are. But he then, in my opinion, makes a fundamental oversight. Grupp goes down the list, the Pope, Obama, the police, university professors, little dwarfs living in the earth, Zionists, The City of London, the Queen of England, the bankers and so on telling us all of the groups people point to when asked who the NWO or Illuminati are. My problem here is that Grupp puts university professors and little dwarves living inside the earth, together with Zionists and the City of London. Grupp then goes on to say that he finds it hard to believe that his university professor and the bankers and all of these other groups all "know" they are part of one big satanic conspiracy. In other words, it seems like Grupp is saying that the Queen of England, the Pope, and the Zionists are just as ignorant as a university professor as to the evil that is going on.
Now I think I know what Grupp means, I just feel that in the opening minutes of the film, that he smoothes over some groups who are very much aware of the evil connection he later identifies as the Nephilim.
As far as Grupp's question whether or not all of these smaller parts of the grand conspiracy "know" they are taking part in a satanic conspiracy, I say it is irrelevant whether or not they know. That is the very nature of the pyramid. Only the ones at the top "know". It is a hierarchical command structure. If we look at the dollar bill, we see the pyramid, with the all-seeing eye above it. Now, I say Grupp freakin nailed it man, he nailed it. The eye above the pyramid IS the Nephilim. But Grupp should not smooth over the Zionists, the Queen, and the Pope as if they are mere pawns. No, they are not pawns like the university professor. They are queens, and knights, and bishops and rooks. They are very much aware of the game, unlike the pawn who is just an ignorant cog in the machine.
Again, don't get me wrong, this film kicks ass babe. It is original, it is from the heart, it is real, and it is one of a kind. I just had to point this out because I see Grupp is dynamic and progressively moving towards better and better expression of his realizations. I love it. Another name for the Nephilim is "The Watchers" right? Which Jeffrey Grupp's "Dark Ecstasy" model explains brilliantly. I don't want to give it away. Get the film and find it out for yourself. But there is a reason that big all-seeing eye is at the top of the pyramid.
Brethren and sistren, get this film. It is fresh, exciting, profound, and highly thought-provoking. You won't find anything else like it. Joel the K gives this film 4 and 1/2 stars out of 5 possible. Well done Jeff Grupp. Bravo.
Go to http://www.abstractatom.com/ and get "The Illuminati Are The Nephilim". For The Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.

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