Monday, March 1, 2010


Greetings brethren and sistren. Welcome to Patriots Cave. Do you feel the intensity in the air? Do you hear former "clones" talking about things clones just don't talk about? Yes. I too. We know the collapse of the world as we know it is imminent. But how long do we actually have before banks lock their doors? Before store shelves go empty? Before mass looting and riots begin? How long do people have to get their final preps in order? Will TSHTF in 2012? Will it come in 2011? Or will it all begin this very year? Patriots Cave has the answer to that question, but it is an "if then" binary solution. Let me explain.
First I will give you the bottom line, then I shall explain the why-to-for of it all. Here is how it plays out: Either World War III erupts in 2010, or the U.S. dollar utterly collapses in 2010. This is assuming the absence of any catastrophic natural disasters such as Yellowstone erupting or a class V hurricane slamming into New York City (which happens every 8 decades or so). Any such natural disaster will change the scenario drastically. But let us assume Mother Nature takes the rest of the year off and there are no massive natural disasters. In other words, ceteris paribus, this is how 2010 will play out. Capice?
Again, IF the PTB do not initiate WW III, THEN the USA will suffer a total collapse of the dollar and it's economy. It is not in the Illuminati plan to initiate WW III in 2010. But this does not mean it will not happen anyway. Iran is the wild-card. The West does not understand Iran, and therefore cannot predict what Iran will do. In many ways, the New World Order Illuminated Brotherhood is losing it's footing on carrying out it's grand plan. One of their weapons turned again and rent their flesh. I'm talking about the world wide web. It was designed to be a weapon of oppression, and is now biting it's holders in their ass. Public opinion can move across this planet like an invisible wave. Look how quickly global warming was exposed as a total fraud. It used to be that if you did not read it in your local news paper, or hear it from Walter Cronkite during supper, then you didn't hear it at all. Period. The SS boys (secret society) had nearly total control of the flow of information. But now? Katie bar the door, a video can go viral in a matter of hours, maybe less.
Maybe you are thinking to yourself "so what Joel the K, so what if information travels rapidly, the PTB will just ignore the people and rule by proxy with force anyway". Well, yes, they are getting creative with that these days I agree. But there is one particular little gem of information which could change EVERYTHING very, very rapidly via the light speed information exchange available through the web. What is it? Faith. You got it baby, FAITH. Now, if faith can travel across the planet through the interweb nets, then the opposite is also possible. What is the opposite? LACK of faith of course. Why is this important? Because the "Federal" Reserve Notes which we affectionately refer to as "the dollar", have ZERO gold and/or silver backing them up. Zero, zilch, nunca. The only thing holding up that dollar, and the economy with it, is FAITH. During the big crash of 1929, information travelled at a snails pace compared to today. My point is, the clones are finding out what is going on in ever greater numbers. Patriots Cave has invented an original collapse prediction equation. Let's call it the PCCPE. The PCCPE looks like this: The more that the SS boys destroy America's industrial base, the more people lose their job. The more people who lose their job, the more people who are on the Internet. And the more people there are on the Internet, the more clones are awakened. And the more people learn the truth, the less FAITH they have in paper, fiat currency. Ultimately culminating on a day in the very near future, when critical mass is reached, and one or more major websites realize at the same time, that if they don't get their ass to the bank right now and withdraw their money, the banks are going to lock the doors. Now, when these Internet power-players get done at the bank, and after they get done transforming their paper money into gold, silver, and platinum, they will then spill the beans on their websites. It is at that point in time cousins, when the LOSS OF FAITH in the fiat paper monopoly money, will GO VIRAL, and that is when TSHTF. And thus, after plotting the tangent of the rate of increase in industrial unemployment, and seeing that it has gone VERTICAL, Patriots Cave can deduce that critical mass will be reached on or around October 2010, all things being equal. For Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.

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shiloh1862 said...

Interesting. All fiat goes to zero.