Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Patriots Cave Has Dramatic And Powerful Evidence

Greetings ladies and goatsuckers, welcome to The Patriots Cave, the only blog to have downed ten Me-109s during World War II, of course the German's called them Bf-109's, whatever. The point is, welcome. The Patriots Cave is seeing certain signs in the world which hint at the dawning of a new age. I understand this is difficult to swallow right about now, with all of the evil and impending doom vibrating in the atmosphere, but there are some clear signs that we may be at the end of Kali Yuga, a.k.a. "The Dark Age".
How could this be, you say? With the rise of tyranny and the apparently unstoppable corporate-fascist juggernaut advancing towards the last of our freedoms and God-given rights? The signs are there. And the answer to how it could be is this: 1,000 years of darkness flee from the light of a single candle.
There is much debate amongst researchers regarding the Dark Age, or the Kali Yuga. A popular notion exists which states that the Kali Yuga lasts 432,000 solar years. Most mainstream authors and researchers claim that Kali Yug began in 3102 B.C. and will go on for 432,000 Earth years. I know that this theory is wrong. I know it through my own intuition, and also by the simple fact that humanity could not survive a Dark Age lasting four-hundred thousand years. The Kali Yuga has a duration of 1200 years. Sri Yuktesvar Giri explains it scientifically and brilliantly in his millennial work titled "The Holy Science" written in 1894. In this book Sri Yuktesvar even explains how the great mistake came to pass, and how it was that the masses began to believe that the Kali Yuga was to last 432,000 years.
I shall briefly describe the phenomena of the world ages. I must by necessity constrain myself to a broad and generalized overview for brevity's sake. Now, we know that time itself is anchored in cycles. Such as the moon revolving around our Mother-planet, Earth. We of course count our months this way. And we count our years by way of the Earth's revolutions around our local star which we affectionately call "the sun". By observation we see that the Creator is fond of circles and cyclical motions. The tiny atom very much resembles the massive galaxy. So, every time our moon travels around Ma Earth, we mark it down as one month. Every time our Earth travels around our local star, we mark it down as one year. Lets call this "Meso-Time". Meso-Time for our purposes here, is the normal passing of months and years on our typical Gregorian calenders such as we would see hanging in a doctors office or public school.

Now let us speak of "Micro-Time". Micro-Time is very much like Meso-Time, but instead of the moon travelling around the Earth, it is based on the behavior of atoms. Now, The Patriots Cave is no expert on atomic mechanics, but we do know that the world's most accurate clocks are based on the movement and/or behavior of atoms. Surely you have heard of Carbon-14 dating. The Patriots Cave acknowledges that carbon-14 dating is not universally accepted by any stretch, but it does serve to illustrate what I mean by "Micro-time". Micro-time is atomic, whereas Meso-time is solar-systemic.

What's next? You guessed it, Macro-Time. Macro-time is galactic. Now we are talking about time measured not by movement of tiny atoms, and not by movement of planets or individual suns/stars, but rather by an entire galaxy. Macro-time is galactic time. With these three facets of time fresh in our minds, we are now prepared to visualize what causes the passing of our home planet, spaceship Earth, from one age into the next. We will see how Earth goes through cycles of time, and how the mechanics of frequency and light affect us in the most profound ways.

Sri Yukteswar realized that our solar group revolves around a "Grand center" of the Milky Way galaxy. This grand center is called Vishnunabhi. Just like Earth travels around our sun, our entire star-group or solar system as most call it, revolves around a MASSIVE nucleus of power and light at the very center of our galaxy. It takes roughly 24,000 years for this cycle. This is not the cycle of the precession of the equinox often spoken of in 2012 studies. The process is a bit more complicated than I describe here, but my point is that there are world-ages the Earth goes through. The orbit of our star around galactic center is not a perfect circle. When we are closer to galactic center, our spiritual centers are fed with copious amounts of subtle spiritual energy. When we are far away from galactic center, our spiritual centers are relatively lacking in subtle spiritual energies. It is in this way that the world ages are similar to the four seasons Earth goes through as it travels around the sun.

As previously mentioned, there is much debate regarding whether we are now moving out of Kali Yuga, the Dark Age, or if we are doomed to suffer it for centuries to come. The Patriots Cave however has strong evidence indicating that the year 2010 marks the passing of Earth from a twilight period between ages, into a new golden age of true spiritual enlightenment and upliftment. What is truly exciting is that the spiritual scientists, or seers, who calculated these numbers, and the passing of the Dark Age, made this prediction over 15 years ago. They singled out the specific year 2010 as the exact point in space-time when something very, very dramatic and world-changing would occur. The Patriots Cave is SEEING the exact evidence these spiritual scientists said we would see in 2010. IT IS HAPPENING brethren and sistren. I have powerful evidence that we are literally passing into the front gate of a quantum transformation. This report will continue, I'm going to keep going right now because it is crucial that you understand what is beginning to happen, and what is about to happen, and what we can do to resonate with each other as well as immensely powerful spiritual beings who are on our side. The side of goodness and Truth and Love and Light.

So I will post up to this point right now. As Part I. Then I will post the remainder of this report when I am done, as Part II. But I will leave them both up on the main page at the same time, so they can be read as one. So do not forget to check back in to The Patriots Cave later on this evening. Possibly in the small hours. Certainly by Wednesday March 31st (tomorrow). Don't miss it. For The Patriots Cave this is Joel the K, over and out.

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