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Jeffrey Grupp Was Wrong About His Holiness, The Dali Lama

Greetings sistren and brethren, mothren and cousin, welcome to The Patriots Cave, the website which transcends categories, limits, and even description. I am Joel the K. I disagree with Professor Jeffrey Grupp regarding his show on 4-23-10, entitled "Maitreya, Dali Lama & The Next Thousand Years". The following post expresses my thoughts, feelings and opinions on this matter. Before I begin, I wish to state that I am a regular listener of Jeffrey Grupp's Antimatter Radio program. I am a subscriber to Antimatter Radio's "Hour Two" option, and that I have read Grupp's book "Telementation", and have seen Grupp's original documentary film "The Illuminati Are The Nephilim". I state this to establish the fact that I did not just "stumble" onto Grupp's show and then make a hasty judgement or draw hasty conclusions. Hear me out. The asymmetry regarding courses offered at universities can be explained in ways other than Grupp's idea that eastern thought is being pushed on us by the dark masters. Maybe the reason there are 10 times more eastern philosophy courses offered than there are Western philosophy courses, is because young people are bored out of their minds by the tired, stale, and unbearably dry courses on Western philosophy. With the Internet age advancing, more and more people are finding out that philosophy originated in India, and spread out from there. More and more people are learning the truth that the renaissance did not originate in the West as is popularly taught, but in the East. The Renaissance was fueled by Islamic minds, Islamic thinkers, Islamic scholars. Islam was enjoying a mini Golden Age, of reason and science, when the West was still living in squalor. Western thinkers learned directly from the advances made by Islamic thinkers of the age, who made their advances standing on the foundation discovered in ancient India. Without Islam, there is no Renaissance. And it is a fact that the highest mathematics, science, astronomy, botany, philosophy, and much more, came from India. My point here is that with the rise of the world-wide web, comes an increase in the spread and speed of cultural transmission. People for the first time in history, are finding out that the high culture of the world did not originate in Greece or in the fertile crescent, it originated in India. Young people catch on quickly. They want to go to the source, not a propped up middle-man. That is why eastern thought is in demand. Now yes, of course this fact will be taken advantage of. Of course it will. The power-players understand supply and demand, and the secret societies understand how to ride the tide. When the wind is blowing, opportunists will set their sail accordingly. But that does not mean the wind itself is in on the agenda. Let the reader understand. +++
This sentence in gold ink is directly to Jeff Grupp, in case he reads this post: Grupp, it's like you say about the founding fathers being Freemasons. "So what?" It does not mean the founding fathers were in on the agenda. Understand? Okay, onward we go. In Grupp's 4-23-10 show, he says it can be summed up basically in one sentence or two. He says that the Illuminati has controlled civilization through Western religion for the past 1,000 years. Has it? I say no. Perhaps it comes down to how the term "control" is defined. Maybe Grupp is correct, and so am I, based on the fact that we each have separate definitions of what "control" entails. Western religion did not assume the wealth, power, and possessions of religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Sanatana Dharma, Taoism and so on. Western religion did not change the doctrine of them either. That is empirical evidence that Western religion did not control civilization for 1,000 years. Perhaps "influence" would be a better term for Grupp's assertion. I see what Grupp was attempting. He is attempting to make a clear and clean cut, between the last 1,000 years, and the next thousand years. He maintains that the dark masters used Western religion to control civilization for the last 1,000 years, and now the dark masters will use Eastern religion to control civilization for the next 1,000 years. I say it's not true. I say that the more people there are practicing the Noble Eight-fold Path, the better off we will all be. The more people practicing Patanjali's Eight-fold Path, the better off we will all be. The more people practicing the true teachings of Christ, the better off we will all be. I believe opportunists capitalize on the teachings and always will, you have so separate the buds from the leaf. Let the reader understand.
I feel Grupp's assertion is rather pompous and highly Euro centric. He is reducing ancient and sacred traditions to mere tools of some nearly omnipotent group of dark masters. My readers will think me in bad form to attack Grupp's work like this, but he is a tough cookie trust me. He probably won't respond to this post, but if he does, I'm sure his argument will reflect his potential ferocity and ability to wield that sword called logic. Grupp's attack on His Holiness The Dali Lama in my opinion is unfair, inaccurate, and reflects either naivety or a lack of understanding. Grupp makes the statement that the Dali Lama has nothing to do with "real" Buddhism. Grupp says that the Dali Lama never (or hardly ever) talks about meditation. Grupp uses this observation (which is wrong) as evidence that His Holiness The Dali Lama is nothing but a political figurehead, a Pat Robertson type phony, and worse. Now, these statements leave Joel the K's mind reeling in the atmosphere for the lack of knowing where to even begin in sharing my own thoughts and feelings in response. I'll just pick a place, and jump in. I shall address Grupp's assertion that Tenzin Gyatso, His Holiness, The Fourteenth Dali Lama, has NOTHING to do with real Buddhism. For the record, I do not consider myself orthodox Buddhist. There are however Christians who are good Buddhists and don't even know it. Just like there are atheists who are good Christians and don't even know it. Strictly speaking though, I am not a Buddhist. I am familiar with Buddhist history, art, culture and philosophy to some extent. I read the Dali Lama's book "My Tibet", where he tells his life story. It is a remarkable book, I hope you read it or have read it. The Dali Lama does talk about meditation. He does. Period. I have heard it myself on numerous occasions. At our local library we have a four part set by the Dali Lama regarding consciousness. The Dali Lama has numerous books written on the subject. I have one of them in front of me. It is called "How To Practice - The Way To A Meaningful Life". In this awesome book, Dali Lama explains several types of meditation based upon his own extensive experience. I could never do it justice, you must read it to appreciate the profound understanding this man has via looking deeply into himself.
His Holiness does not talk about meditation 100% of the time. True. Is he a political figure? Yes, he was born into it. It is his duty. He is president of The Government of Tibet in exile. He is the spiritual and temporal leader of the Tibetan people. Put yourself in his shoes please. This man fled for his life while Chinese communists burned down monasteries, murdered monks and nuns, and utterly destroyed his beloved homeland. Did the Dali Lama have dealings with the CIA? Of course he did! They promised him help in reclaiming his homeland! It was his job to look after his people!
Imagine you are in this position I am about to describe: Men from the most powerful country on the face of the earth come to you. You are still a boy, but you have been thrust into a leadership role. These nearly invincible men promise they will bring the vast and mighty resources of the great United States of America into play, to make sure your people are safe. To make sure Tibet lives on. The reports are coming in every hour of how children are being made to shoot their own parents in the street. Innocent families are being torn apart and murdered. You cry at night. You don't know what to do. These men from the CIA offer the help of the most powerful nation in the world. What do you do? Send them away? This is real man. This really happened. These guys are serious. They have the power to call death itself down out of the sky with the touch of a button. You are a boy. What would you have done differently? Has the Lama system been taken over by China? In occupied territory yes. But their is still the true underground system. The last time the Dali Lama publicly named a reincarnation, the Chinese seized the boy and his family, and they have never been seen since. Do you expect this man to just walk away from his duty? He is under pressures you and I cannot even begin to imagine. When he makes a mistake, people die. If he says the wrong thing, it affects millions. Please, put yourself in His shoes for a minute before you smear him in public. Buddhism has many types, many schools, many branches. Meditation is only part of it. There are the Four Noble Truths. There is The Noble Eightfold Path. 1.Right Understanding The Right Understanding is crucial to understanding the Buddhist belief system, particularly the identification, causes, consequences of, and through these eight steps, the elimination of suffering. The Right Understanding also conveys an understanding of the Buddhist philosophy of the non-permanence of the self. 2.Right Thought To have the Right Thought, a follower should fully understand his purpose in following the teachings of the Buddha, as well as his outlook on the world and world issues. 3.Right Speech The focus of the Right Speech is to avoid harmful language, such as lying or unkind words. It is far better to use gentle, friendly and meaningful words, even when a situation calls for a truth that may be hurtful, despite the follower’s best intentions. 4.Right Action The Right Action forms a list of fundamental ethical behaviors all practicing Buddhists should follow. These are the Five Precepts: 1.To refrain from destroying living beings 2.To refrain from stealing 3.To refrain from sexual misconduct (adultery, rape, etc.) 4.To refrain from false speech (lying) 5.To refrain from intoxicants which lead to heedlessness
5.Right Livelihood Those seeking enlightenment should pick the Right Livelihood to support the other fundamentals of Buddhism. Followers should avoid employment in positions where their actions may cause harm to others, be it directly or indirectly. 6.Right Effort Buddhists recognize that human nature limits the mind at times and causes ill thoughts. Unlike Right Thought, the Right Effort focuses on working to remove the bad thoughts and replace them with positive, more pleasant thoughts. 7.Right Mindfulness The Right Mindfulness, along with Right Concentration, is the foundation behind Buddhist meditation. Monks, or other followers, should focus their minds on their body, emotions, mental workings, and mental qualities, but not on worldly desire and aversion while meditating. 8.Right Concentration Coupled with Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration lays the framework for proper meditation. Rather than focusing on the mental aspects, the Right Concentration gives instructions as to how to work through the steps of focus in effective meditation.
Notice that meditation is at the very end of The Noble Eightfold Path. People have work to do before they can plop down and go deep within. The Dali Lama would be unbalanced if he went around telling everyone to start meditating right off the bat. He must take into account many different kinds of people, from many different stations in life. It is not so simple as you may think. His concerns, duties, obligations and requirements are vast and many. Christ said "do not cast your pearls before swine". Let the reader understand.
In closing, I wish to say that Jeffrey Grupp in my opinion is doing some important work with his investigations and inquiries. On this particular topic however, it is my opinion that he misjudged His Holiness The Dali Lama and Eastern religion in general. I have heard Grupp make similar remarks about Gandhi. To the effect that the only reason India gained Independence is because the Illuminati let them. Grupp gives this group of anemic blue-bloods and their demons too much credit in my opinion. For every action there is reaction. Dark masters, Light masters. Matter, antimatter. Dark matter, clear Light. I love what you are doing most of the time Jeff Grupp. But don't be like Saruman in Lord of the Rings. Saruman, who told Gandalf "against the power of Mordor, there can be no victory". You are a thoughtcaster. Or what you call a telementator. What effect will you have by boldly proclaiming how the dark masters shall rule over us all for 1,000 years? I say thay WILL NOT rule over civilization for the next 1,000 years. And eastern philosophy such as Buddhism and Sanatana Dharma will be assets working against the forces of evil, not with them. Aum shanti shanti Shanti.


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Yes indeed Anonymous, Qui tacet consentit. I thought I would at least get a comment from Grupp or his band of followers. I realize Grupp is extremely busy, but I know some of his fans visit this Patriots Cave. I would expect some kind of feedback from this distinguished and well-read crowd. Pity.

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Get em' Joel! Love it, just like you did AJ.... awesome. Actually made me pop my head up. LOL.

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